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Are you a Brazilian living in Canada and would wish to know your way around the embassy for important or official reasons? You may have to drag a seat and move closer. This article is specifically for you.

Brazilian Embassy in Canada normally offers Consular services Brazilians in Canada. Before you travel, make sure you know how to find the Brazilians Consulate nearest to your destination and understand the services it can and can’t provide.

What is an embassy?

Generally, an embassy is the prime representation of one country in another. Embassies are usually situated in the capital territory of the host country. However, it is not always so in some cases.

For instance, the capital territory of Benin is Porto Novo, but its seat of government is in Cotonou. The major reason for establishing an embassy is for the two governments to have a point of contact.

In addition, the person who oversees an embassy is an ambassador. An ambassador acts as the chief spokesperson for their country in the host country. Establishing an embassy is to enable a free flow of communication and relationship between two international territories.

In addition, they promote their culture and foreign policy within the host country. As well, they promote the rights of their citizens who live and work in the host country or are mere visitors.

On the other hand, a consulate is an establishment that acts as an extra diplomatic representation in larger countries. This means that country may not have a consulate even though it has an embassy.

Embassies and consulates are great tools used by governments to maintain a high level of interaction with other countries. In other words, they enable the government to consolidate political alliances, maintain cultural and trade relationships and make travels between citizens of their territory to become smooth.

About Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth-largest nation in the world. It forms a huge triangle on the eastern side of the continent with a 4,500 miles (7,400 kilometers) coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. What’s more, it enjoys a healthy boundary with each of the South American countries except Chile and Ecuador.

In addition, as one of the largest, most multicultural countries in the world, Brazil positively radiates beauty. With its vast Amazon jungle, heavenly tropical beaches, sparkling cities, and carnivals, Brazil is one of the best countries you should try to visit.

Brazilian Embassy in Canada

This is the Brazilian Embassy in Canada. It’s location is at 450 Wilbrod Street in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Brazil also operates consulate offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. The ambassador of Brazil to Canada is Denis Fontes de Souza Pinto.

The Embassy of Brazil, Ontario runs a range of different consular services to local, international and Brazilian citizens in Canada. However, the Brazilian Embassy in Ontario is the only Brazilian diplomatic mission in Canada.

Contact Details

Ontario office: 

450 Wilbrod St, Ottawa ON K1N 6M8

+1 613-237-1090

Consulate General of Brazil in Vancouver:

666 Burrard St Ste 2020, Vancouver BC V6C2X8

+1 604-683-4421

Consulate General of Brazil in Toronto:

77 Bloor St W, Toronto ON M5S 1M2

+1 416-922-2503

Duties of the Brazilian Embassy in Canada

The Brazilian Embassy supports the citizens of Canada through the various consular services if they:

  • Need general or specific information about the Brazilian economy, culture, sports, education, among others
  • Information about requirements and process of obtaining Brazilian citizenship
  • Specific contacts and information in Brazil
  • Are interested in applying and getting a Brazilian visa

Visa and Passport Services at the Brazilian Embassy

The embassy only issues Brazilian passports and visas to citizens that are either in Canada or Brazil. By and large, the process of issuing the passport or visa can span two weeks. If you need a passport or visa in this regard, you can contact the office for more information.

Global Brazilian Representation

Generally speaking, the Brazilian Embassy in Ontario is one of the major diplomatic and consular representations of Brazil worldwide. On the other hand, Brazilian Embassy in Ontario is one of the 402 foreign consular and diplomatic representations from around the world in Canada.

Canadian Embassy in Brazil

There are five various representations of Canada in Brazil.

  • Canadian Embassy in Brasilia
  • Canadian Consul in Belo Horizonte
  • Canadian Consul in Recife
  • Canadian Consul in Rio de Janeiro
  • Canadian Consul in Sao Paulo

The Head office is at 1 Westmount Car, Westmount · 514-499-0968

Canada ETA for the Citizens of Brazil

Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is made available for more than 50 countries, including Brazilian citizens. However, if you are a Brazilian citizen and wish to go to Canada to obtain an ETA before departure, you belong to a special category for receiving the ETA.

This is because you must meet a particular requirement before you can qualify for electronic authorization. In essence, together with other requirements, you must hold a Canadian visa in the past ten years or must have a valid US non-immigrant visa.

Furthermore, you can only qualify for Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization if you travel by air only. If your travel takes place by land or sea, it means that you need to visit the nearest Canadian diplomatic mission and apply for a consular visa.

How to apply for a passport at the Brazilian embassy in Canada

The Brazilian passport is an official document issued to the citizens of Brazil.

It is generally issued by the Brazilian government through the Brazilian Federal Police. Also, with the new facility in place, a Brazilian passport is valid for 10 years.

 Eligibility to get a Brazilian passport for both adults and children

For you to qualify for a Brazilian passport, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a Brazilian
  • As an adult applicant, you must be above 18 years of age
  • For a child’s passport, the age has to be less than 18 years

Documents You will Need to Obtain a Brazilian passport

You must provide the following while applying for a Brazilian passport:

  • A state-issued ID card or any other official identification
  • Federal Revenue Secretariat certificate registration certificate
  • Voter registration certificate
  • An application form that is to be printed (you can find the page online)
  •  Parent’s consent, identity and marriage certificate are needed when applying for a child’s passport.

Steps to apply for a Brazilian Passport

To apply for a Brazilian passport, you must follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of the authority issuing the passport.
  • Fill the online form; ensure to input the necessary details.
  • Print the application form
  • Pay the required fee.
  • Schedule a passport appointment at the Federal Post Office. You can do it online.
  • Visit the Federal post office at the appointed time and apply along with the supporting documents
  • Your digital photo will be taken on the spot, so no need to go with a passport
  • You will need to give biometric data that is photo / signature / fingerprint

All these, you can do at the Brazilian embassy in Canada.

How to get a job at the Embassy of Brazil in Canada

As of the time of writing this article, there is no employment opportunity available at the Canadian embassy. In addition, the Embassy only accepts and views applications that are submitted specifically when an employment opportunity is advertised.

When there are available job opportunities, they are usually listed on the website. Also, the Embassy of Brazil in Canada does not assist in looking for and/or finding jobs in Canada.


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