Brock University Scholarships For International Students

Brock University Scholarships are open for all international students entering their first year in the undergraduate programs. It is one of the best institutions in Canada. The University offers a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as professional degrees.

Brock University is a non-profit higher education institution that was founded in the year 1964. It is located in St.Catharines, the largest city in Canada’s Niagara Region and the sixth-largest urban area in Ontario.

Suppose you are deliberating about traveling to Canada for any program whatsoever but feeling frustrated about how to settle your tuition fee and other relevant expenses. In that case, you can stay relaxed as Brock University Scholarships are also available for international students.

Around 2016/2017, Brock University added more scholars’ entrance scholarships to benefit its students. There was also an increase in donors and bursaries to provide financial assistance to international and domestic students.

The University is one of the leading Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) in the historic Niagara region.

They provide an extremely long list of undergraduate programs, advanced research, and post-graduate studies, including doctorate degrees.

They also offer co-op, career, and experiential education, which will help you acquire more experience and assess your skills.

Thus, studying at Brock University will give you an academic experience beyond comparison and can help you achieve your aspirations.

Brock University co-op programs

Brock University Canada has 40 co-op programs for international and domestic students. Their co-op programs will enable you to gain more work experience in less than 12 months in the relevant field.

Hence, you can opt for your preferred co-op program as about 15% of full-time students of Brock University are engaged in a co-op program.

Brock University ranking

According to US News, Brock University was ranked No. 1204 in the Best Global Universities and No. 30 in the Best Global Universities in Canada.

Documents required to apply for admission at Brock University

After receiving an acceptance letter from Brock University, you must prepare the following documents on your arrival in Canada.

  • Before anything else, you should never forget your acceptance letter from Brock University.
  • Proof of funds
  • A valid study permit or Port of Entry letter of introduction that conforms to the travel exemption
  • Proof of an English language proficiency test (Such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, CAEL, and so on)
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to undergo and provide the results of an immigration medical examination that was done between 2 to 3 months before traveling to Canada. The result must also indicate that you are harmful to COVID-19.
  • You are also required to download the ArriveCan Application. The app needs to be availed with your contact and travel information, quarantine plan, and COVID-19 symptom self-assessment. You will have to tender the ArriveCAN receipt upon your entry to Canada. If you booked a room in any government-approved hotel, your ArriveCan App should be updated with information on the hotel accommodation.
  • Ultimately, you may be required to provide a Brock confirmation of enrollment letter stating your intent to study in Canada.

However, you are required to download the COVID Alert App, developed by the Government of Canada. It is also mandatory that you wear a face mask all through your journey.

Faculties in Brock University Canada

Brock University has a vast selection of programs under seven faculties. This includes;

  1. Faculty of Education
  2. Humanities
  3. Goodman School of Business
  4. Faculty of Social Sciences
  5. Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts
  6. Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
  7. Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Brock University programs for undergraduates

Brock University provides 120+ programs to both its domestic and international students. Thus, examples of their undergraduate programs are;

  1. Applied Linguistics
  2. Child & Youth Studies
  3. Communication, Popular Culture, and Film
  4. Economics
  5. Geography and Tourism Studies
  6. Labour Studies
  7. Political Science
  8. Psychology
  9. Social Justice and Equity Studies
  10. Sociology
  11. Sustainability Science and Society
  12. Women’s and Gender Studies
  13. Biological Sciences
  14. Biotechnology
  15. Chemistry
  16. Computer Science
  17. Earth Sciences
  18. Mathematics and Statistics
  19. Neuroscience
  20. Physics
  21. Accounting
  22. Finance, Operations, and Information Systems
  23. Marketing, International Business, and Strategy
  24. Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, and Ethics
  25. Canadian Studies
  26. Classics
  27. Dramatic Arts
  28. English Language and Literature
  29. History
  30. Modern Languages / Literature and Cultures
  31. Music
  32. Philosophy
  33. Visual Arts
  34. Health Sciences
  35. Kinesiology
  36. Nursing
  37. Recreation and Leisure Studies
  38. Sport Management, and so on.

Brock University graduate programs

Brock University avails up to 50 graduate programs to international students. Among these are;

  1. Accountancy (MAcc)
  2. Applied Health Sciences (Ph.D.)
  3. Education (MEd CBP & Research)
  4. Management (MSc)
  5. Applied Disability Studies (MADS)
  6. Applied Health Sciences (MA/MSc)
  7. Educational Studies (Joint Ph.D. Program)
  8. Mathematics and Statistics (MSc )
  9. Philosophy (MA)
  10. Political Science (MA)
  11. Interdisciplinary Humanities (Ph.D.)
  12. Professional Accounting ISP (MPAcc)
  13. Public Health (MPH)
  14. Applied Linguistics – TESL (MA)
  15. Applied Linguistics – General (MA)
  16. Child and Youth Studies (MA)
  17. Child and Youth Studies (Ph.D.)
  18. Business Administration & Public Health (MBA/MPH) Concurrent Degrees
  19. Professional Kinesiology (MPK)
  20. Social Justice and Equity Studies (MA)
  21. Studies in Comparative Literature and Arts (MA), etc.

Brock University Scholarships for International students

Brock University makes provision for several scholarships and bursaries for its international students. This includes automatic admission awards.

For session 2020/2021, Brock University has set aside more than $4,000,000 for its award programs. In addition, you are eligible for Brock University scholarships as a prospective international student of Brock University.

Brock Scholars Awards

Brock Scholars awards are available to international students from various countries. You are not required to apply for this award as it is automatically granted to entering students. It is also renewable to students.

In addition, Brock Scholars Awards are usually offered to entering students based on their admission average. However, you need to surpass 80% before you can be considered for any of the awards. Your grade will be approximated to the nearest 10th of your percentage.

Automatic scholarships for new students at Brock University

Admission average (Required grades in %) Award funding ($)

93.0 & more 16,000 or 4,000 per year

90.0 – 92.9 10,000 or 2,500 per year

85.0 – 89.9 6,000 or 1,500 per year

80.0 – 84.9 4,000 or 1,000 per year

However, getting an automatic scholarship won’t require you to submit any form of application. It is usually offered to entering students based on their academic average, starting from 80%

How to confirm your scholarship acceptance to Brock University

  • Firstly, you need to show a response to your admission offer before the deadline stated by the Brock University registrar’s office
  • Then authorize the release of your name, program, study year, as well as likeness, such as your photo
  • More so, you are required to register for a full-time course

Scholarship disbursements to international students at Brock University

Once your scholarship has been approved, it will be directly applied to your tuition fees. Thus, the fees you’re expected to pay to the University will be reduced.

This occurs before lectures commence in September. Brock University does not allow you to use a scholarship as your initial payment for tuition fees.

List of some Brock University Scholarships for international students

Awards Award Value ($) Faculty Program Award type Donor

Department of mathematics graduate award 145.00 Mathematics and science Mathematics & statistics Entrance Chair, department of mathematics

Dr. Jack Lightstone and Dr. Dorothy Markiewicz Entrance Scholarship 10,320.00 All faculties All programs Entrance Dr. Jack Lightstone and Dr. Dorothy Markiewicz

Edgar and Irmgard Penner Scholarship 5,965.00 All Faculties All Programs Entrance Mrs. Irmgard Penner

Goodman Entrance Scholarship 3,000.00 Goodman School of Business All Business Entrance Mr. Ned Goodman and Famil

Gordon R.Finlay Scholarship 785.00 Faculty of Mathematics and Science Chemistry Continuing Mr. Steven M. Hoskin

International Society for Electrophysiology Kinesiology(ISEK) John V.Basmajian Memorial Graduate Award 715.00 Faculty of Applied Health Sciences All Applied Health Sciences Continuing Dr. David Gabriel

Provost’s Brock University International Bursary 1,965.00 All Faculties All Programs Continuing Dr. Murray Knuttila

Thompson-Harrison Scholarship 1,605.00 Faculty of Mathematics and Science Physics Continuing Estate of Bernard Harrison

Vandenhoff Glassblowing Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Chemistry 1,105.00 Faculty of Mathematics and Science Chemistry Entrance John Vandenhoff Glass Blowing Inc.

Hence, if you want to apply for any of these scholarships, you are required to use Brock University OneApp. It is an application that was set up for all scholarships and bursaries. Through OneApp, you are allowed to apply for numerous scholarships and bursaries at the same time.

You are only permitted to submit a OneApp to Brock University every year. However, you can modify the details in the submitted OneApp at any time since Brock University is yet to assess your application.

In this regard, you can visit Brock University’s website to know the date your OneApp will be assessed and not subject to changes.

Brock University Library

As an international student of Brock University, you can also access various learning materials and library services. These include library pickup services, bookable study spaces, archives & special collections.

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How To Apply For The Brock University Scholarships

To apply, you must meet all the institution’s necessary requirements, fill in your details online, and submit them.

FAQs about Brock University Scholarships for International Students

What is the ranking of Brock University in Canada?

AUS News has ranked Brock University as No. 30 in the Best Global Universities in Canada. They also ranked the institution as No. 1204 in the Best Global Universities.

Does Brock University offer scholarships?

Yes. Brock University offers a wide range of bursaries and scholarships to its international students through OneApp.

What average do you need to get into Brock University?

To be admitted into Brock University, you must pass at least a 70% admission average. Besides, there are vast numbers of programs that require a higher admission average.


In conclusion, the Brock University Scholarship for International Students offers students the opportunity to attend one of Canada’s most prestigious universities with lower tuition rates. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, visit the website or contact the admissions office for more information.