Bryan College Of Applied Health & Business Sciences In Toronto, Canada

Bryan College Of Applied Health & Business Sciences was established in 1940 in Toronto, a capital city of the province of Ontario, southeastern Canada. Toronto has the most populous metropolitan area in Canada and, as the most important city in Canada’s most prosperous province, it is the country’s financial and commercial center. Bryan College was formerly known as Elmcrest College of Applied Health Sciences and Spa Management.

The college has built its reputation on the competency and success of its graduates. The institution dedicates time to each student’s academic and personal growth to ensure they all succeed academically. This is achieved through an exceptional learning environment with small classes and individualized instruction. In addition, the institution staff is trained on the most innovative techniques they teach their students.

This makes Bryan College students extremely important and valuable in the marketplace. In addition, the college has received national recognition for its outstanding contribution to the industry.


  • It is the first private career college in North America to receive Ministry diploma approval for a full-time Spa Management curriculum.
  • The first registered private career college in North America wholly dedicated to a Ministry-approved curriculum in the spa and wellness industry is no other but Bryan College.
  • The first training institute in Canada to address the need for top-quality administrative and management staff in the spa industry by providing an innovative curriculum with full and part-time courses is no other but Bryan College.

With ground-breaking training in Massage Therapy, Professional Spa Therapy, Spa Management, and Professional Development, there is no better foundation for a growing career that can take you to places most people only dream of.

Programs Offered At Bryan College Of Applied Health & Business Sciences

  •  Aviation
  • Beauty & Massage
  • Business
  • Communications
  •  Culinary Arts
  • Design
  •  Education
  •  Health Care
  •  Language Schools
  •  Legal Administration
  •  Media Recording Art
  •  Religious Studies
  • Science Engineering
  •  Trades/Automotive
  •  Technology
  • Tourism/Hospitality


Bryan College is located in Toronto, the capital of Ontario, Canada.

Tuition Offered At Bryan College

Tuition and Fee Rates

August 20, 2018 – August 2, 2019

Tuition Amount

Undergraduate credit hour $579.00

Graduate Nursing (MSN and Certificate) credit hour $529.00

Doctorate of Education credit hour $696.00

Graduate Anesthesia credit hour $1,001.00

Simulation Education Certificate credit hour $655.00

Healthcare Management Certificate (HMC) credit hour $566.00

General Fees

Undergraduate (except NURS courses) credit hour $30.00

Undergraduate Nursing (NURS courses only) credit hour $40.00

Certificate credit hour $30.00

Graduate Nursing credit hour $30.00

Doctorate of Education credit hour $30.00

Graduate Anesthesia credit hour $45.00

Semester Fees

Health Professions – Registry exam fees vary by program

Nurse Anesthesia – Clinical fee semester $225.00

One Time Fees

Application Fee – Undergraduate $0.00

Application Fee – Graduate $0.00

Enrollment Fee – Undergraduate $175.00

Enrollment Fee – Post Graduate Certificate $100.00

Enrollment Fee – Graduate Nursing $175.00

Enrollment Fee – Doctorate of Education $175.00

Enrollment Fee – Graduate Anesthesia $1,000.00

Unbound Medicine E-Book – Undergraduate

Nursing $185.00

Graduation Fee $225.00

Books and supplies are additional out-of-pocket expenses. These expenses may range from

$350-$750 per semester, depending on a student’s significance and class load.

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