Bulgaria Long Stay Visa- Requirements, Application and Validity

Do you wish to visit Bulgaria on a Bulgaria long stay visa? Then, it would be best if you had beautiful reasons to do so. For example, if you love history or the mountains, visiting Bulgaria means visiting one of the world’s most historical countries. There are lots of them in Bulgaria. 

We know you are a prospective international student; hence we urge you to try one of the universities in Bulgaria. Although your education is paramount, you will have many exciting things to do while at it. But before then, you will have to find the right type of visa. One of the visa types for visiting Bulgaria is the Bulgaria Long Stay Visa.

This article will explain everything about this visa type. Therefore, stay put as we help you with information on the Bulgaria long stay visa since you plan to stay in Bulgaria for up to six months.

About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country in Southeast Europe. It is among the Balkan countries on the continent. Also, it borders Romania in the north, Serbia and North Macedonia in the west, Greece and Turkey in the south, and the Black Sea in the east. Furthermore, it is a country with many high mountains. Therefore, it is an excellent place for tourism.

Reasons to visit Bulgaria

There are many reasons to visit Bulgaria. But there are top reasons to do so. Here are our top picks for why you must visit Bulgaria. They include:

  1. It is cheap to live in
  2. Enjoy the mountains
  3. Very hospitable
  4. Quality education
  5. Rich culture and history

#1 Cheap and affordable

If not for any other reason, you can decide to get a Bulgaria Long Stay Visa because of the cheap life in the Balkan country. Bulgaria is the cheapest to live in among all the European countries. So, the cost of living is reasonable here. But, the standard of living is still high. That means you will have a lot to enjoy for little money.

#2 High mountains

Of course, while in Bulgaria, you may love to go to the mountains. The greatest of these mountains are the alpine Rila and Pirin massifs. Plus, you will enjoy the cool breeze of the waterfalls in Bulgaria.

#3 Hospitality

Another reason to apply for a Bulgaria Long Stay Visa is hospitality. The people in Bulgaria are welcoming, especially to visitors. So, you won’t find it difficult settling in this Baltic region. Plus, you will have a lot of hotels and restaurants to relax in.

#4 Education

Education in Bulgaria is not only cheap but also of great value. So, your kids will get a quality education for a low price. Also, the schools are welcoming to new residents. That means that your kids will quickly settle down with other kids.

#5 Rich culture and history

One unique thing about Bulgaria is that it preserved its ancient culture and history. Therefore, while in the country, you will have the opportunity to visit certain places. Then, you will learn about the history of this great nation.

Bulgaria Long Stay Visa

Otherwise known as a Type D visa, the Bulgaria Long Stay Visa allows you to stay in Bulgaria for up to six months. However, depending on your type, you can stay in Bulgaria for either six months or 12 months.

Types of Bulgaria Long Stay Visa

Bulgaria Long Stay Visa is of two types. They are;

  • 6 Month Type D visa
  • 12 Month Type D visa

#1 Six-Month Type D visa

This type of Bulgaria Long Stay Visa is for foreign citizens who want to enter Bulgaria and obtain permanent residence. Thus, the holders can use the visa to get permanent residence status in Bulgaria.

#2 12-Month Type D visa

This visa type is generally for students. However, foreigners who are in Bulgaria for research purposes can use it too. In addition, if you are going on a business trip, you will need this visa.

Eligibility for Type D or Bulgaria Long Stay Visa

To be eligible for a Type D visa, you must come to Canada for any of the reasons below. They are:

#1 For employment

You can get this type of visa from the Ministry of Labor. However, you must, first of all, get a job offer.

#2 For business

If you can employ at least ten citizens of Bulgaria, you can get this type of visa. Thus, it is only foreign nationals who contribute to the Bulgarian economy.

#3 For educational purposes

Suppose you get admission into a Bulgarian university. You will need a Bulgaria Long Stay visa which will enable you to study in the country this time.

#4 For skilled professionals

Experts in specific fields can enter Bulgaria with a Type D visa. But they can only achieve this following international contracts that Bulgaria is part of.

#5 For marriage purposes

This visa allows you to enter Bulgaria as a partner to a person with a right of citizenship or permanent residency in Bulgaria.

#6 For company representation

Persons representing their company in Bulgaria can apply for a long-stay visa. First, however, the company must register with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.

Other Types of Bulgaria Long Stay Visa

In addition to the visa types above, there are other reasons to obtain a Bulgaria Long Term Visa. They include:

  • Family relationship
  • Medical treatment
  • Media Representative Accreditation
  • Retirement purposes
  • Foreign Investment
  • Foreign Investment Management
  • Freelance
  • Volunteering
  • Special Protection

Documents you need for Bulgaria Long Stay Visa

You may need many documents to apply for a Type D visa in Bulgaria. All of these documents are very important. Therefore, you must bring all of them. Otherwise, you may not obtain a Type D visa in Bulgaria. They include:

  1. An application for a Type D visa.
  2. Two photos of the same size and color.
  3. Your valid passport with a blank page for visa stamp.
  4. Proof that you have enough financial means to live in Bulgaria.
  5. Medical insurance.
  6. Proof of accommodation.
  7. Police clearance certificate.
  8. Proof of payment for the visa fee.
  9. Translated copies of documents not in Bulgarian.

Steps to apply for a Bulgaria Long Stay Visa

It is usually a long step to apply for a Type D visa In Bulgaria. So, it would help if you got an expert guide. Therefore, we have brought out the best actions to take when applying for your visa to stay long in Bulgaria. Here they are:

Step 1. Fill out an application for Bulgaria Long Stay Visa

First things first, you must fill out an application. In this application, you must indicate your intentions of moving to Bulgaria. Secondly, you must provide personal information like your name and place of birth.

Step 2. Book an appointment with the Bulgarian embassy

After filling out the application form, you will have to contact the Bulgarian embassy in your country. It will help you to book an appointment with them. Otherwise, they may not listen to you.

Step 3. Gather your documents for Bulgaria Long Stay Visa

Remember that all the documents we listed above are essential. So, they must be complete before you can apply. If you miss any paper, it may hinder your ability to obtain a visa in Bulgaria. For this reason, we advise you to begin on time to gather these documents.

Step 4. Go for the Bulgaria Long Stay Visa interview

While attending the interview, go with all the documents, including the application form. Any missing documents will mean that the embassy won’t process your application. Also, make sure that you attend the interview on time. The interview questions usually hinge on your reason for going to Bulgaria and other things.

Step 5. Processing time

It usually takes about a month or two to process your application. However, the process can be delayed depending on factors like missing documents and providing wrong information.

Step 6. Obtain your visa

Once the embassy has processed your application, they will send you a notification. The notification can be via email or text. Whichever way, you have to go and collect your visa. The next step is to put your things together and head to Bulgaria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I apply for a Bulgaria Long Stay visa?

You can only apply for a visa from the Bulgarian embassy/consulate in your country of residence. However, suppose there is no Bulgarian embassy around. In that case, you will have to find the embassy Bulgarians use, even if it is outside your country.

When can I apply for a long-stay visa in Bulgaria?

You must apply for a Bulgaria Long Stay Visa at least three months from the day of your departure.

How long can a tourist stay in Bulgaria?

You can stay in Bulgaria for 90 days or less as a tourist. So, once it is 90 days, you should leave Bulgaria. Moreover, you cannot extend your tourist visa in Bulgaria.


With a long-stay visa, you live in Bulgaria for up to six months. However, this will depend on the Type D visa you have. For instance, you can apply for either a six-month or 12-month Type D visa. But the truth is that with this, you can obtain permanent residency in Bulgaria. Above all, you can legally stay in Bulgaria for as long as your visa can carry you. Then, when it expires, you can extend it.

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