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Cambodia Study Visa – Application, Funding and Eligibility

If you’re like most international students, looking to acquire a quality education in Cambodia that won’t break the bank. You may be interested in studying at one of the world-class universities in Cambodia, Phnom Penh, or Siem Reap. However, you’ll need to get a Cambodia study visa regardless of your preferences. Now that you realize it, you need a lot to do to obtain a Cambodia study visa. So, where do you even start?

You don’t have to worry because this guide provides everything you will need to apply for a Cambodia study visa.

In addition, you will learn about the application requirements for a Cambodia study visa. The funding and necessary conditions are bounding the Cambodia study visa application.

About Cambodia

Cambodia has a lot to offer students in terms of higher education. However, the country has several universities that provide various courses, making it difficult to choose the best one.

In Cambodia, when it comes to the accredited institutions offering full-time courses for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The Royal University of Phnom Penh, the University of Puthiasastra, and the University of Cambodia ranked the top three best universities in Cambodia.

These universities admit international students who wish to enroll in full-time courses shaped according to their area of expertise.

And let’s not forget that you will need a Cambodia study visa to study in any of these scholarly universities in Cambodia.

We might have said lots of things at a time, making the study visa for Cambodia look a bit more confusing than it appears to be. So, we figured we could start with the basics first so that you can get a grip of what we mean.

Who Needs a Visa to Cambodia?

It would help if you had a visa to visit Cambodia on conditions. These conditions are your nationality, duration of your stay in Cambodia, and the purpose of your visit to Cambodia.

Supposed you are a national from the countries eligible to visit Cambodia without a visa; you don’t need a visa. Either tourism (30 days maximum)or an ordinary visa (30 days plus). This, of course, depends on your purpose of visit and duration of stay.

In contrast to those above, foreign nationals who don’t have visa-free access to Cambodia will need to obtain a visa in advance.

Cambodia Visa Types

There are two categories of Cambodian visas: the tourist visa, the Cambodia ordinary visa, or E class. The ordinary visa is further divided into the various E-class visa extensions.

So which one of them is easier to apply and doesn’t cost much of a fee, you may be wondering!

  • Tourist visa (T- Visa)– foreigners who wish to travel to Cambodia for tourism will need to obtain an evisa for tourism (if required). The tourist visa is valid no longer than 30 days only for single entries.
  • E-class or “ordinary” visa – The E-class visa must be applied for in advance (not online). It can also be extended from a few days to expiration to a period of one year (12 months). And the visa fee will cost you roughly $36 for a single entry and $275 to $300 for multiple entries depending on the officer.

In addition, the student visa (ES) is one of the extensions of the Cambodia ordinary visa( E- class visa). And the student visa extension is the right type of visa for international student who wants to study in Cambodia. This is because it is valid for one year (12 months).

What About International Students?

The Cambodia visa is not required for foreign students from countries eligible for a Cambodia visa-free- free access within a 30days period.

Consequently, international students aiming to study in Cambodia may need to apply for a visa. However, suppose they are not from any of the visa fee countries. Then, even if students need a visa, they must understand the type of visa they need. And the validity of the visa type is suitable for their purpose, which is studies.

What is a Cambodia Study Visa?

A Cambodian study visa is one of the E- class visa extensions of the Cambodia visa types. It gives international students access to study in Cambodia for up to one year while carrying out their studies.

Since this is a visa extension from the E- class visas, the Cambodia student visa cannot be applied online. It is a study pass issued upon arrival when you present a valid passport, letter of acceptance, and other document requirements. However, we shall not dive into that now. But sure enough, we will review the document requirements later in this article.

Who Can Apply?

All international students who wish to study in Cambodia will need a study visa or pass(if required) to study in Cambodia.

Also, students who require a visa to stay in Cambodia must apply for an ordinary Cambodian visa. Then a study visa upon arrival. You can obtain a study extension after staying in Cambodia for 30 days.

Do I need a Visa in Advance?

Absolutely yes, you will need a Cambodia ordinary visa (E-class) to study in Cambodia, but only if required.

However, the conditions of this visa are that you will apply for a visa in advance (not online) and the student visa extensions after arrival in Cambodia.

In this case, students will need to apply for a study visa on arrival, extending their stay time in Cambodia up to one year.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Cambodia Study Visa?

Enrolling in any designated learning institution in Cambodia will require you to either obtain an entry visa in advance or a study visa on arrival.

Either way, you will need to meet the eligibility requirements for a Cambodia study visa which we have categorized and summarized as follows;

  • You shall obtain a Cambodia visa only if you are an international student from visa-required countries.
  • You must meet all the requirements for a Cambodia visa to obtain the student visa (ES) on arrival.
  • The institution you want to study in Cambodia must be an authorized institution.
  • Students must provide an acceptance letter from the designated institution in Cambodia
  • The acceptance letter provided shall contain your name, the institution of study, the course of study, and the course duration.
  • Students must pay all payable fees, including the tuition fee valid for the study duration.
  • Students must have adequate funds in their account, which will sustain them throughout their studies in case they don’t find a side job.
  • You must enter Cambodia through the authorized port of entry only, and you will need a booked return ticket. This will prove that you will leave Cambodia after your study visa expires.
  • Your health status must be stable. Provide health insurance coverages, if any.
  • Students must be ready to comply with and abide by the immigration laws of Cambodia as well s the laws of the society.
  • If you need to work while studying, you will also apply for a visa and meet Cambodia’s work visa requirements.

What Document Requirements Do I Need to Study in Cambodia?

Students who wish to study in Cambodia must provide the following documents.

  • a Cambodia visa ( if required).
  • Proof of identity, such as a valid passport or other travel ID. A passport photo is no longer necessary. Your passport will help you obtain a study visa on arrival at Cambodia’s authorized port of entry.
  • Banks statements and pay slips to prove that you are financially stable.
  • Health insurance certificate
  • Booked tickets to Cambodia and a return ticket.
  • A letter of invitation in advance if you plan to take on employment opportunities while studying in Cambodia.

Where Do I Apply?

Students who require an entry visa for Cambodia to obtain a student visa can obtain an entry visa through the following route or means:

  • The Cambodia Embassy for visa required, students from Afghanistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Sudan will need to apply for an entry visa in advance at the Cambodia embassy.
  • At the land crossing border- if by cancel you live in the neighboring countries of Cambodia and you wish to enter the country by land, .you can obtain an entry visa at any of the authorized borders or checkpoints you are entering through. Do not enter Cambodia without a visa if you are required to. It is illegal and may attract punishable offenses.

How to Apply for a Cambodia Study Visa

  • Go to the nearest Cambodia Embassy and obtain an application form for an ordinary Cambodian visa(if required)
  • Complete the application form with your correct detail
  • Arrange all the required documents.
  • Attach all required documents to the application form you have completed and submit to the embassy.
  • Pay the visa fee and wait for the visa to be processed.
  • Collected the Cambodia visa once it was ready.
  • When the visa is ready, set off to Cambodia through the authorized port of entry only with your valid passport in hand and backup copies of the required documents just in case.
  • When you arrive at the port of entry, identify yourself by submitting your Cambodian visa. A valid passport, letter of acceptance, and course of study. And other previously required documents for reconfirmation.
  • ⦁ The immigration officer examines your documents and confirms them genuinely. Then gives you a study pass before authorizing you into the country.

Can I Apply Online?

International students aiming to study at any designated institution in Cambodia can not apply for a study visa online. The reason is that a Cambodia study visa is obtained only at the authorized port of entry on arrival in Cambodia.

However, you can apply for the Cambodia tourist visa online (evisa) If your want to visit Cambodia for tourism. The tourist visa is valid for 30day for a single entry.

How long Does it Take to Get a Visa?

It takes three to five business days to process a Cambodian visa. Hence students traveling to Cambodia will need to plan their trip. This is because the visa will be ready in a few days, and your flight must be booked in advance to set off.

Note that if you don’t want to start studying right away for any reason. We advise you to stay in Cambodia for about two weeks with the ordinary visa before extending it for more than 12 months. Then, when you are ready, you will still have enough time left for your studies.

How Can I Extend My Stay in Cambodia?

Furthermore, if you wish to extend your stay in Cambodia for study reasons, you may have obtained a visa in advance.

Therefore, it is only natural that you get an ES extension visa (student visa)that will allow you to study in Cambodia for 12 months.

International students like you must follow these due processes to extend their stay in Cambodia for study reasons:

  • You will need to book an appointment at the Cambodia local immigration office.
  • Also, you will have to fill out an application for an extension of visa with your details correctly(it is unlikely)
  •  Arrange all the required documents, including the letter of acceptance and a valid passport( a passport photo is no longer necessary)
  • The documents required must be attached with the visa extension form and submitted to the immigration officer
  • Depending on the officer, you will need to pay a renewal fee of $30 for single entry extensions and $275 to $300 for multiple entries extension of stay, Plus a $6 processing fee.

How Much Does it Cost to study in Cambodia?

Obtaining a Cambodia visa for study purposes will cost you about $30 to $36 single entry and an extension or renewal fee of $257 to $300 for multiple entries.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best Major to study in Cambodia?

Several different majors are popular among students in Cambodia. The most popular majors tend to be business and accounting, as these are fields that offer a lot of opportunities for growth and advancement in the country. Other popular majors include engineering and computer science, as these fields are also in high demand in Cambodia.

Which university is best in Cambodia?

Choosing the best university in Cambodia can be daunting for international students. First, with so many universities to choose from, it’s important to narrow down your options. Then, choose the school that best fits your needs. To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best universities in Cambodia for international students.

The International University of Management (IUM). The Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) and the National University of Management (NUM). Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC)

Can Foreign Students work in Cambodia?

It is possible to work in Cambodia while studying. You will only need to obtain a Cambodian work visa in advance. This will authorize me to work while studying in Cambodia.

However, the documents you provided during the visa application will include an invitation letter from your employer and some other documents you will need for a Cambodia visa.


As of the time this blog post was concluded, all of the information provided above on the Cambodia study visa are tailored for all international students who wish to study in Cambodia. Therefore, the information this blog provides will guide students who wish to study in Cambodia. And the Students should be able to; apply for a visa to Cambodia for study purposes with the correct documents requirements and pay the required fees applicable.

See you soon in Cambodia!

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