Cambodia Work Visa – Application And Requirements

With many new industries in Cambodia and many international companies setting up their branches in Cambodia, Cambodia has become the number one place to look for jobs. However, ex-pats who want to work in this Country must obtain a Cambodia Work Visa.

Of course, your work permit will grant you access to the country as a foreign worker.

This article will provide the information you need to obtain a visa to work in Cambodia. In addition, it will explain the application process, requirements, validity period, processing time, and fees.

What is a Cambodia Work Visa?

All foreigners in Cambodia who want to work in the country must obtain a Cambodia Work Visa. It allows them to work for an eligible Cambodian employer. You can apply for a Cambodia Business Visa if you want to visit the country for business-related purposes.

Types of Cambodia Work Work Permit

There are two types of Cambodia Work Permit. They Include:

  1. Temporary Work Permit
  2. Permanent Work permit

Temporary Work Permit

The temporary work permit is for foreign workers who want to work in Cambodia for a short period. Mostly, it is for specialists, workers, labourers and service workers.

Permanent Work Permit

It is for investors and foreign workers who have Cambodian spouses. It allows them to live and work in Cambodia without restrictions.

Cambodia E- Class visa

E- Class visa is the type of visa that allows visitors to stay in Cambodia for 30 days. However, if the visitors want to stay longer, they can extend the permit.

Types of Cambodia E- Class visa

#1. EB visa – It is the easiest visa for workers in Cambodia staying in the country for more than 30 days for business startups, freelancers and investors.

#2. EP visa– For foreigners coming to Cambodia for the first time to look for jobs and business.

#3. ER visa – For foreign workers who want to retire in Cambodia.

#4. ES visa – For international students who get admission to a Cambodian university or college.

#5. ET visa– For professionals, specialists and technicians working in specific trades or industries.

#6. EG – For all foreigners searching for work in Cambodia.

Eligibility for Cambodia Work Visa

Before you apply for a visa to work in Cambodia, you must meet the following conditions. They include:

  1. You must have a valid job offer from a Cambodian employer.
  2. You have to be physically fit for the job.
  3. You will have a residency permit in the country.
  4. You will have a valid passport of at least six months.
  5. You must be free from any contagious diseases.

Documents for Cambodia Work Visa

You will need the following documents to apply for a visa to visit Cambodia for employment. They include:

#1. Application form

You will need an application form for Cambodia Work Permit to provide some details. The information you must give out in the application includes your name, nationality, address and the purpose of applying for a permit.

#2. Incorporation certificate

You must provide the incorporation address of your company in Cambodia. Therefore, your employer must send it to you.

#3. Passport

Another document you need is a valid passport of at least six months. It must also be in good condition and have at least one blank page.

#4. Photo

You will need three photos without hats or glasses. They must also be the same in colour and size.

#5. Health certificate from Cambodia

You must also present a health certificate from Cambodian authorities. It will confirm that you rea free from infectious diseases.

#6. Work contract provided by the company

Your company in Cambodia must give you a job contract specifying your role in the company. In addition, it must provide information about your salary every month.

#7. Insurance policy

You also need an insurance policy certificate from Cambodia. It will be able to cover your stay while in the country.

#8. Employer information

Another document is information about your employer. Therefore, you must provide information like your employer’s name, contact address and residential address.

#9. Copy of ID

You must also bring a copy of your national ID card. The ID will act as proof of your nationality.

#9. Copy of passport

Another document you need to acquire a Cambodia Work permit is a copy of your passport.

#10. e- visa copy

You will also need an e-visa before you obtain a visa to visit Cambodia as a worker.

#11. Academic details

You must also provide your academic credentials. It can be your certificates, diplomas and certifications.

#12. Employee role in the company

You will bring a document providing your role in the company. It will describe all the duties you will perform for your employer. In addition, it must indicate how many hours you will work every day.

#13. Employee present address

You also need to provide all the current addresses of your employer. In addition, you will include the contact number and email address.

#14. Businesses address

In addition to the address of your employer, you must also add the business address. The street number must be visible.

#14. Tax patent with the proper Stamp of the company

It will help to prove that the company is up to date with tax payments. It must have an official stamp of the company.

#15. Foreign and local employees list

Another document you need for a work permit is the employee list of your company. It must show the ratio of foreign to local workers. The usual average is 9 to 1.

Steps to apply for a Cambodia Work Permit

The steps to apply for a Cambodia work permit are simple. You can either apply at a Cambodian embassy or consulate or obtain a visa upon arrival at Phnom Penh Airport.

However, you can follow the steps below to get your visa. They include:

 Step 1. Fill out the Cambodia Work Visa application form

Firstly, you must complete an online application for your work visa. The application must contain all the details about you, including your name, place of birth, nationality, the time of your travel and the duration of your stay.

Step 2. Collect the documents for Cambodia Work Visa

Secondly, gather all the documents you require for your visa. Make sure you don’t miss any required documents. Otherwise, you will not receive your entry permit.

Step 2. Submit your e-visa or work visa application form at the Cambodia embassy or apply at Phnom Penh Airport

Thirdly, submit your e-visa application form and other documents at a Cambodian embassy or consulate in your country of origin. However, you can apply at Phnom Penh Airport if applicable.

Step 3. Pay the fee for Cambodia Work Visa

Thirdly, make your visa payment. Then, submit the proof of payment to Cambodian authorities at the embassy or airport.

Step 4. Receive your Cambodia Work Visa

Fourthly, collect your visa from the Cambodian embassy or consulate. Or, if you applied at Phnom Penh Airport, take it from the immigration officers at the airport.

Step 5. Apply for a Cambodia work permit

Fifthly, once you get to Cambodia, apply for a work permit. It is the only document that allows you to work in the country. Apart from that, your work visa will expire after 30 days. It means that you need a work permit or residence permit to continue living in the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a work permit and a work visa in Cambodia?

A work permit is a document that allows you to work in Cambodia. Thus, without it, you cannot work in the country. On the other hand, a work visa allows you entry into Cambodia.

How long is a Cambodia work visa valid?

A Cambodia work visa is valid for 30 days. Meanwhile, you can apply for a work permit once you arrive in Cambodia. It will last for 12 months. And you can renew it once it expires between 1st Jan and 31st Mar.

How long does it take to process a Cambodia Work Visa?

Usually, it takes between three and seven days to process your work visa to Cambodia. However, you can apply for an entry visa between five and seven days before you intend to travel to Cambodia.

How long does it take to process a Cambodia Work Permit?

Generally, it takes between 15 to 20 days to process a work permit. But you must apply for it immediately after you arrive in Cambodia.

When can I renew my Cambodia Work Permit?

You can renew your work permit between 1st Jan and 31st Mar. There is a punishment if you do not renew it this time.

Where can I apply for a work visa in Cambodia?

You can apply for your work permit at a Cambodian embassy or consulate in your country of origin. Also, you can obtain it at Phnom Penh Airport.


Cambodia Work Visa is necessary because it is the only document that will allow you to visit the country as a worker. However, you still apply for a work permit before you can get employment from a Cambodian company.

Meanwhile, you must contact the Cambodian embassy or consulate in your country of origin to know the requirements for your visa application. Above all, they will guide you on how to apply for an entry visa to Cambodia as a worker.

However, our guide will give you all the information you need while applying for your Cambodia work permit or visa.

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