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Camosun International Scholarship, British Columbia, Canada

Camosun International Scholarship for graduating seniors in Canada is open for all students who meet the eligibility requirements.

There are many advantages, including Camosun International Scholarship, British Columbia, Canada, which serves as supports to registered students at Camosun College.

Camosun College was set up in 1971. Besides, Camosun College is a public post-secondary institution with two (2) campuses in Victoria, the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Additionally, Camosun College campuses are sited in Lansdowne and Interurban, Victoria, BC, Canada.

Camosun College also offers a vast number of credentials, applied learning, and study programs including the University Transfer program, Academic Upgrading & preparatory, co-op and career services, apprenticeship, etc.

Why study at Camosun College?

When you study at Camosun College Victoria BC, you’ll be opportune to get many benefits such as;

  • A wide selection of study programs to choose from.
  • Learning is one of the biggest public colleges in British Columbia.
  • Studying and living in Canada’s friendliest city, Victoria, BC.
  • Victoria, BC is also supportive of young professionals.
    Availability of various study options such as full-time, part-time, online, in-class/face-to-face, blended delivery, as well as off-campus learning.
  • Moderate weather that is easy to cope with.
  • Training in small-sized classrooms containing not more than 40 students.
  • Availability of clinical and fieldwork placement, co-op/internship, as well as apprentice training, which enhances your adeptness and work experience.

Camosun College Student Services

When you undergo study at Camosun College, you’ll be able to benefit from various services for students as demonstrated below.

Camosun College Academic Support services

  • Help Centres
  • Academic Advising
  • Camosun College Bookstore & Printshop Services
  • Library
  • Online Learning
  • Technology Support
  • Writing center & Learning Skills
  • Office of the Ombudsperson
  • Centre for Accessible Learning.

Camosun College Health & Wellness services

  • Counseling
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Office of Student Support
  • Fitness and Recreation
  • Sexual Violence Support & Education
  • Prayer and Meditation Space.

Camosun College Enrolment Support

  • Registration
  • Camosun College Admissions
  • Transfer credit
  • Criminal record check
  • Assessment & testing
  • Student records & transcripts
  • Tuition & fees
  • Financial aid & awards.

Camosun College Campus Life services

  • Orientation & Transition
  • Campus Security
  • Athletic & Exercise Therapy (AET) clinic
  • Camosun College Dental clinic
  • Massage Therapy clinic
  • Camosun College Parking and Transportation
  • Cafeterias and restaurants.

Camosun College study areas

Below are the study areas of Camosun College programs

  • Business
  • Natural Sciences
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Human Services
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Sports & Exercise
  • Health Sciences
  • University Transfer programs
  • English as a Second Language & Academic Upgrading
  • Practical English & Career Exploration
  • Post-degree programs.

Camosun College Programs and Courses

Camosun College provides an extremely long list of study programs throughout various studies like Arts, Business, Sciences, Sport and Exercise Education, Engineering & Technology, and Health & Human Services.

Additionally, there are up to 160 programs available for enrolment at Camosun College Victoria BC.

Therefore, you can easily apply for your preferred credential, including advanced certificate, advanced diploma, associate degree, certificate, degree program, diploma, or post-degree diploma.

Here are some of the programs offered by Camosun College Victoria BC.

  1. Academic Upgrading, Certificate
  2. Accounting and Finance, Advanced Certificate
  3. Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, Diploma
  4. ” Tourism & Hospitality Management, Post Degree Diploma
  5. Arts and Science Studies, Diploma
  6. Athletic & Exercise Therapy, Bachelor’s Degree
  7. Basic English as a Second Language, Certificate
  8. Biology, Associate of Science Degree
  9. Building Employment Success for Tomorrow, Certificate
  10. Business Administration, Bachelor’s Degree (Accounting Major)
  11. ” ”, ” ” (Human Resource Management & Leadership Major)
  12. ” ”, ” ” – Marketing Major
  13. ” ”, Certificate
  14. ” ”, Diploma (Accounting Option(
  15. Business Administration, Diploma (Finance Option)
  16. ” ”, Diploma (General Management Option)
  17. ” ”, ” (Marketing Option)
  18. ” ”, Post-degree Diploma (Accounting Option)
  19. ” ”, ” ” (General Management Option)
  20. ” ”, ” ” (Human Resource Management & Leadership Option)
  21. ” ”, ” ” – Marketing Option
  22. Certified Dental Assistant, Certificate
  23. ” Medical Laboratory Assistant, Certificate
  24. Civil Engineering Bridge to UBC, Advanced Diploma
  25. ” ” Technology, Diploma
  26. Comics & Graphic Novels, Certificate
  27. Community, Family and Child Studies, Diploma
  28. Computer Network Electronics Support Technician, Certificate
  29. ” ” ” Technician, Advanced Certificate
  30. Criminal Justice, Diploma
  31. Dental Hygiene, Diploma
  32. Digital Communication, Certificate
  33. ” Production, Writing, and Design
  34. Early Learning and Care, Diploma
  35. Economics, Associate of Arts Degree
  36. Education Assistant and Community Support, Certificate
  37. Electrical & Computer Engineering Bridge to UVic, Advanced Diploma
  38. ” Engineering Technology – Marine & Industrial, Diploma
  39. Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology – Renewable Energy, Diploma
  40. Engineering Transfer (First Year Engineering), Certificate
  41. English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Certificate
  42. ” Language Development
  43. ”, Associate of Arts Degree
  44. Environmental Technology, Diploma

Other Camosun College Courses

  1. General Arts, Associate of Arts Degree
  2. ” Science, Associate of Science Degree
  3. Health Care Assistant – ESL, Certificate
  4. ” ” ”, Certificate
  5. Hospitality Management, Diploma
  6. Information and Computer Systems Technician, Certificate
  7. ” ” ” ” Technologist, Diploma
  8. Interactive Media Developer Technician, Certificate
  9. ” ” ” Technologist, Diploma
  10. Kinesiology, Diploma
  11. Massage Therapy, Diploma
  12. Mechanical Engineering Bridge to UBC, Advanced Diploma
  13. ” ” ” ” UVic, Advanced Diploma
  14. ” ” Technology, Diploma
  15. Mining Engineering Bridge to UBC, Advanced Diploma
  16. Music Creativity and Performance Foundations, Certificate
  17. ” Performance, Diploma
  18. Office Administration, Certificate
  19. Practical Nursing, Diploma
  20. Pre-Social Work, Associate of Arts Degree
  21. Psychology, Associate of Arts Degree
  22. Public Administration, Diploma
  23. Sport and Fitness Leadership, Bachelor’s Degree (Exercise & Wellness Specialization)
  24. ” Management, Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma
  25. University Transfer
  26. Visual Arts, Diploma, among others.

Documents and certificates required to apply for Camosun College admissions

You are mandated to provide the following documents and certificates before you can be considered for Camosun College admissions.

  1. Valid passport. (Scanned copy of your passport biographic data page)
  2. A valid Canadian study permit
  3. High school or post-secondary education certificates and transcripts of study. (translation required if not in the English language)
  4. Proof of English proficiency

Camosun College requires its international students to provide the result of a valid English proficiency test.

Hence, you can use any of the following English proficiency test scores to apply at Camosun College.

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): internet-Based Test score of 78 overall (no sub-score below 19)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS): IELTS Academic score of 6.0 overall (least sub-score of 6.0)
  • Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) assessment: CAEL CE score of 60 overall (no sub-score less than 60)
  • Cambridge English tests: C1 Advanced score of 174 overall (no sub-score less than 169)
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic): Minimum score of 54 overall (no sub-score less than 50)
  • Duolingo English Test: Least score of 105 for a majority of certificates and diploma programs, including BBA (with exemption to Nursing and some other Health-related programs).

Moreover, post-degree programs (all majors) require a minimum score of 115. This is also applicable to degree programs at Camosun College Centre for Sport and Exercise Education.

  • GTEC Computer-based Test score of 1200 overall (Least scores in various English skills; Writing = 270, Listening = 335, Speaking = 260, Reading = 325).

Camosun College tuition fees per semester

Duration of study Fee per semester ($ Canadian Dollars)
Tuition (for 5 courses) 7,595
Non-instructional Fees 246
Student Benefits Plan 278
Subtotal 8,119
Other fees
Medical Insurance (basic medical coverage) Ranging from 300
Books and supplies (varies based on course selection) from 1,000
Co-op Term Tuition (if applicable) 1,570
English Language Development (ESL)
Duration of study 4 months
Tuition fee 5,440 (For the majority of ESL courses)
Non-instructional Fees 246
Student Benefits Plan 278
Subtotal 5,964
Other fees required by Camosun College students
Medical Insurance (basic medical coverage) Ranges from 300
Books and supplies (depends on the course) from 100

However, you can opt for Camosun International Scholarship, British Columbia, Canada if you feel that the above fees are too expensive.

Camosun International Academic Advancement Scholarship

This scholarship consists of five (5) awards, which are only offered to international students at Camosun College Victoria BC.

Furthermore, Camosun International Academic Advancement Scholarship is awarded yearly to full-time international students who have been studying at Camosun College for at least one year.

More so, each awardee of the Camosun International Academic Advancement Scholarship is rewarded with “$1,000 Canadian Dollars”. Besides, this scholarship is funded by Camosun International.

Additionally, international students who applied for Academic Advancement Scholarship are ranked and selected based on outstanding academic performance and community involvement.

Application deadline: 1st of May, 2023.

Eligibility requirements for Camosun International Academic Advancement Scholarship

  • Firstly, you must have a valid Canadian study permit
  • Secondly, you are expected to be an international student at Camosun College Victoria BC
  • Thirdly, you must have a minimum Grade Point Average of 7.0 (A-)
  • Besides, it’s mandatory that you’ve completed not less than 2 full-time semesters in any Camosun College program before the 1st of May, 2023.
  • Furthermore, you must provide a record of your volunteering works and evidence of active participation in the community.

Documents required to apply for Camosun International Scholarship

  • Application form for Academic Advancement Scholarship
  • Reference Letter provided by the supervisor of your volunteering work/community project.
  • A single-page cover letter that entails your volunteering work(s)/community involvements.

Moreover, you’ll be notified by the 31st of May if you were considered for Camosun International Academic Advancement Scholarship.

Benefits of Camosun College career

You’ll enjoy several benefits when hired for any Camosun College job.

Such benefits include;

  1. Top-notch health benefits
  2. Encouraging and cooperative co-workers
  3. Employees achievements are recognized and rewarded
  4. Competitive salaries
  5. In-house training
  6. Lower tuition fee if you intend to further your studies at Camosun College
  7. Access to fitness and recreation centers located within Camosun College Victoria BC campuses.

FAQs about Camosun International Scholarship, British Columbia, Canada

Q. Where are Camosun College campuses located?

  • Camosun College Lansdowne Campus:

3100 Foul Bay Rd.,

Victoria BC V8P 5J2

  • Camosun College Interurban Campus:

4461 Interurban Rd.,

Victoria BC V9E 2C1

Q. How much is Camosun College’s application fee?

Ans – $100 Canadian Dollars

Q. How do I send supporting documents to Camosun College?

Ans – Via [email protected]

Q. How can my transcript get to Camosun College Victoria BC?

Ans – Send by courier.

Q. How do I contact Camosun College Victoria, BC?

Ans – Camosun College phone number: (250) 370-3000.
Toll free number: +1 (877) 554-7555.

Q. What credentials are offered by Camosun College?

Ans –

  • Advanced Certificate
  • ” Diploma
  • Associate Degree
  • Certificate
  • Degree
  • Diploma
  • Post-Degree Diploma
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