Can I Apply For Australian PR Without Any Consultants?

Australia is the dream of many oversea migrants seeking for greener pastures elsewhere abroad. But going through the application process can be somewhat quite cumbersome and expensive if one hire an immigration lawyer.

This page will attempt to answer the question ” Can I apply for Australian PR without any consultants?”.

To put the answer straight, You can apply for Australian PR with any consultant, but you shouldn’t. There are a lot of paperwork and legal documents that you need to prepare along with your transcripts. thus, It’s always better to take consultation and proceed.

Therefore, we suggest you should always hire a consultant before starting your PR process.

Here are the reasons:

  • Australian immigration rules and procedures are often complicated. Hence a novice lacks knowledges of technicalities as well as thorough knowledge of Immigration Industry, it is better to get a representative consultancy which can handle your immigration case.
  • An immigration consultancy not only helps you with your case, but also offers you additional benefits, such as Job connections or assistance in Australia. Having a Job offer prior to your immigration is not mandatory. But, having a job offer is an add advantage which can get approval of your EOI sooner.
  • A immigration consultancy handle your documentation and ensure that each and every document is submitted well in time. Without a hired consultant or agent you are most likely to miss the deadlines of submissions.
  • An Australian immigration consultant is knowledgeable with every flunctuations that is there or will be coming in the industry. hence, they can handle your case more effectively. Keeping yourself updated with the latest information all the time won’t be possible as a family person.
  • A immigration consultant also provides you with services of Skill assessment reports, IELTS assistance and study material, etc. so that you can migrate to the country of your dreams without any stress.

Although there are few cases of applicants who were successful in applying for Australia PR without hiring a consultant, the process can be sometimes very confusing and you may not know where to begin or what to do.

It is suggested that you get an immigration consultant who has good experience and are registered under MARA.