Can I Change My Visa Status While In Canada?

Many tourist or visitors who are on a temporary visit to Canada sometimes wish to continue their stay or change their visa status while in Canada.

Are you currently residing in Canada on a visitor or temporary resident visa? Do you wish to know whether you can change your visa status while you are in Canada? This article will enlighten you more about what you can do…

Actually, it will be very difficult for an individual to change visa status especially temporary resident visa (TRV) to work permit. But nothing is impossible!

How To Change Visa Status In Canada

It is completely illegal for an individual to be working in Canada (without a work permit) with a temporary resident visa or as a visitor. If you continue staying in Canada and start working without a permit and SIN (Social Insurance Number), you will surely be on the wanted list of IRCC and the result will be very bad for you.

Albeit, an individual visiting Canada can apply to change their temporary status from Visitor to Worker (Temporary Resident Visa) from inside Canada. But, that individual must get a Work Permit. No one has the right to stay in Canada as a worker without a Work Permit.

But typically, work permits require a job offer from an employer and a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) from Human Resources Skills Development Canada.

Next, the person must apply for a work permit. Sometimes, the processing time for a work permit may surpass the person’s permitted time to stay in Canada as a visitor.

This means the person may have to leave Canada before a work permit is approved and their status can be changed.

Although the visa status change process can be initiated in Canada, the person has to be prepared to leave Canada if the work permit process is not completed as at the time his or her visitor or temporary resident visa status expires.

So, in conclusion, It is quite possible to change your visa status while you are in Canada, but there is no guarantee of success. And again, no person can change status from Visitor to Permanent Resident. It is not possible! It can only happen in very specific cases such as refugee status.