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Can I Work and Study in Canada as an International Student?

As an international student, you can gain invaluable work experience and supplement your spending allowance with part-time student jobs. So yes! you can work and study in Canada.

While also studying in Canada, you can help your spouse or common-law partner get a work permit. And after you graduate as an international student from any recognized institution of learning in Canada, you can also work temporarily or stay permanently in Canada.

However, in order to be able to work and study in Canada, you must apply for admission into a Canadian Higher Institution and obtain their acceptance letter and afterward get a Canadian study permit. You must also supply sufficient evidence that you can pay for your tuition and living expenses before arriving in Canada,

There are several work permit programs for international students and their spouses/common-law partners that allows working in Canada possible.

Opportunities for International Students in Canada

On-campus Jobs

As international students, you are permitted to work On-Campus without a work permit while in the course of your studies.

But to be allowed to work as international students, you must possess a valid study permit and must be a full-time student at a Canadian college or university or at a private college or university that operate under the same rules as public institutions and can legally award degrees under the provincial law and also as a matter od importance have a Social Insurance Number.

Off-Campus Jobs

You are permitted to work Off-Campus without a work permit while in the course of your studies as international student. On the condition that you have a valid study permit as full time student in a Canadian college or university .

Your academic programme (be it vocational or professional) should last a minimum of Six months and culminate into a diploma, degree or certificate.

You are only allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during your regular academic session and full time during summer or winter break or holidays.

What Next after your studies are completed?

If you want to continue living in Canada after graduation, you can apply for Post-Graduation Work Permit which allows students to begin their careers in Canada.

As a matter of fact, the recent changes to the Express Entry selection system have made it much easier for international students to obtain permanent residence.

There are also several provincial immigration programmes which are aimed specifically at international students.