Canada Announces Several Major Changes To Help International Students

The Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has just announced several major changes to help international students pursue their education in Canada.

International students offer many social and economic benefits which are why Canada seeks to welcome them to the country. Before the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, Canada received over 640,000 international students.

In a news publication issued today, IRCC said that it will assist international students as follows:

  • IRCC will prioritize the processing of study permits for foreign students who have lodged a completed application online so that their permits are processed quickly.
  • IRCC is launching a temporary 2-stage approval process for students who can not yet submit a completed study permit application and who wish to start their Canadian educational program online. This temporary process is available to international students who want to begin their program this fall and who submitted their study permit application by September 15, 2020
  • IRCC is also allowing international students begin their Canadian studies online while they are still overseas and having that time count towards their Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) eligibility as long as they have lodged a study permit application and if at least fifty (50) per cent of the program is completed in Canada.

While IRCC has not announced this, the first bullet of their news release strongly shows that those who have already submitted a completed study permit application should expect IRCC to process the application in the near future, and in time for the September 2020 academic session.

Why IRCC Is Helping Foreign Students

IRCC says it is issuing out these measures to help international students begin their programs in time for the fall 2020 academic session.

IRCC is aware that the global coronavirus crisis is creating uncertainty for students. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted IRCC’s ability to process study permits.

However, these new changes will help international students begin their programs online this fall at a Canadian post-secondary institution.

There are many benefits to IRCC’s changes.

Benefits To International students

Foreign students can take comfort in being able to kick-start their Canadian program online which will protect their health and safety and make them achieve their various study, career, and immigration objectives.

If they want to begin their Canadian studies this fall, IRCC will do its best to process their study permit as soon as possible. Even if the student is not able to submit a completed study permit application, IRCC will approve of them if they meet the criteria outlined below.

International students want to come to Canada due to their high-quality education. In addition, they are attracted by the possibilities of working in Canada during and after their studies, and potentially obtain Canadian permanent residence to become the Canadian citizens of the future.

IRCC’s new policies are aimed at helping international students to pursue such goals.