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Canada Employment Equity Act

As you plan on moving to Canada to live and work, get to learn and understand the Employment equity act that defines the job atmosphere between employers and employees.

Employment equity, as expressed in Canadian federal law by the Employment Equity Act, expects federal jurisdiction employers to run proactive employment practices in a way to increase the recognition of four designated groups which includes; women, people with disabilities, Aboriginal people, and visible minorities.

Employees have a right to Pay equity. It is a means of discouraging discrimination based on sex and race in the wage setting system. It is observed that most women and people of colour are still being segregated into the small number of jobs like; clerical, service workers, nurses and teachers.

There is a difference between Pay equity and Pay equality. Pay Equity is referred to as equal pay for work of the same value. Equal Pay for equal work settles situations where men and women do the same work. The Pay Equity Act demands employers to pay female employees at least the same as male jobs provided they are of comparable value.

What Are The Maximum Hours Employees Can Work?

It is required that you can not work more than 48 hours weekly on average to normally averaged basis over 17 weeks. This law is also called the ‘working time directive’ or ‘working time regulations’. You can choose to work more by choosing to opt out of the 48-hour weekly. You can’t work for more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a weekly if you are under 18 years.

Maximum hours of work as required of your employer is not to make you work for more than 12 hours a day. Pit Barrel Cooker requires very little setup; you can have it ready to go in under 5 minutes. Just place the charcoal basket inside, put the barrel on the stand, and either slide the hanging rods in or place the grill grate on top. Pit Barrel Cooker has done all the hard work for you. Visit to read the ultimate Pit Barrel Cooker review – with the Pit Barrel Cooker, the only real work you’ll need to do is attach the handle to the top of the lid, which takes all of 30 seconds with the included screws and screwdriver. It’s that easy – you’re ready to smoke. However, your employer can ask you to work more than 12 hours a day in the following circumstances:

  • Work that is essential to the life of the community,
  • national defence or security.

Can I Get Fired For Refusing Work Overtime?

An employee who refuses to work overtime after he is requested to do so by his employer may be fired or subjected to discipline. However, if the mandatory overtime violates your contract, creates a safety or health risk, or is not reimbursed in accord with state and federal law, the overtime may be challenged (Feb 18, 2018).

You Can Get A Lawyer To Challenge Unfair Wages

Unfair wage lawsuits are mostly based upon two different areas of employment law; wage and hour Laws and discrimination Laws.

Unfair wage lawsuits based on wage and hour laws often involve withholding overtime pay or other wages. However, failing to pay eligible workers their overtime pay is a violation of employment laws (Jun 27, 2018).

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