Canada Government To Funds City Of Toronto Initiative To Address Temporary Housing For Asylum Claimants

Canada government has announced that it will support the City of Toronto with $17 million in funding to aid an initiative to address housing and relieve pressure on its shelter system due to the multiplying number of asylum claimants.

The City of Toronto will carry out the initiative, through arrangements with neighbouring cities that are willing to work together to enhance the region’s combined capacity to provide temporary housing support to asylum claimants.

Through this collective effort, the City of Toronto will provide reception and interim shelter to families before conveying them to neighbouring municipalities if necessary. At this point, Toronto has established arrangements with the regions of Durham and Peel Durham and the City of Hamilton.


“The federal government of Canada appreciates the leadership that Toronto and partner cities are demonstrating to tackle challenges associated with temporary housing for asylum claimants in the region. Cooperation among all organs of government is important to finding effective solutions to temporary housing needs for asylum claimants and to supporting the capability of cities and regions to respond as people seek Canada’s protection.”

– Honourable Bill Blair, Minister for Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction.

“I want to appreciate the Government of Canada and our partner cities for collaborating with us to ensure we have temporary housing for asylum claimants in the region. This ingenious initiative shows the importance of cooperation to addressing complex issues and helping those in need.”

– City of Toronto Mayor, John Tory,

Though the number of asylum seekers crossing the border into Toronto continues to drop every year, the province was host to over 70% of those who crossed in between official ports of entry in 2017 and 2018. Our governments have worked collectively to manage our border and create the necessary infrastructure to safely process claims.

The funding provided to the City of Toronto will help tackle the extraordinary costs incurred by the province associated with the influx of migrants in 2017 and 2018.

Canada federal government continues to maintain the integrity of its borders while also meeting our international commitment to maintaining a refugee protection system that is based on fairness and compassion.

Source: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.