Canada Immigration Fraud – Thousands Suspected

Thousands of people have been suspected to be involve in Canada Immigration Fraud. It was recently reported by CTV News that the RCMP and Canadian border control have recently discovered that thousands of so-called Canadian “citizens” are fraudulently living in Canada. Their revelations come in the wake of a Montreal investigation.

The Scheme

A number of “consultants” are providing foreign nationals with everything they need to become citizens of Canada illegally. They offer:

  • Fake addresses
  • Fake receipts
  • A chance to run fraudulent businesses

A building which was documented as the homes of hundreds of people led to the discovery of one “consultant.” Another revelation showed a door behind which was ‘a brick wall’. An immigration lawyer was quoted saying that while most people are fully aware that they are pursuing immigration illegally, others are just naive.

All of these services come at a cost: more than $20,000 per client. However, it was reported that thousands of “permanent residents” currently reside outside of Canada while their agents help them defraud the system. It has gotten to the notice of the authorities there are more than 10,000 cases of immigration fraud being perpetrated at present by people from “100 different countries”, many of which are now being dealt with swiftly.

The Consequences

As a result of their findings, immigration authorities have revoked citizenship from hundreds of people. While many more have been denied applications for citizenship, or because of the recent crackdown, they gave up their application for permanent residency.

In answer to the problem of immigration fraud, Canada Immigration authorities will be licensing legitimate immigration consultants in order to further limit fraud.

The government stresses that most of Canada’s immigrants achieved their status without committing fraud and are decent people who entered the country legally.

The Regular Route

To enter Canada as a permanent resident from another country, applicants are expected to:

  • Speak English or French adequately
  • Be sponsored by an employer or close family member
  • Have sufficient money to be economically independent
  • Not possess a criminal record
  • Possess skills in a field which lacks skilled workers

Canada Immigration Fraud is an offense that is punishable by law.

You can also see how to report fraud in Canada.