Canada Invited 6,000 Express Entry Candidates In New CEC Draw

The federal government of Canada invited 6,000 more Express Entry candidates to apply for permanent residence on June 10. Only Canadian Experience Class (CEC) was targeted in this draw.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invited immigration candidates with minimum scores of 368.

The new draw was focused on candidates who are eligible for Canadian permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Invited Express Entry candidates have had at least one year of skilled work experience in Canada, as this is a major eligibility requirement of the CEC.

Candidates also have at least an intermediate language proficiency in French or English.

As per administrative requirements, IRCC released a cutoff time for the tie-break rule, whether or not there was any actual tie.

In the new draw, applicants who had the minimum score were only invited if they lodged their Express Entry profile before April 28, 2021, at 05:45:14 UTC.

Canada has been conducting Canadian Experience Class-only draws with historically low score cut-offs.

The previous Canadian Experience Class draw only required candidates to have a score of 380.

At the time, it was the lowest for a CEC-only draw since the record-breaking February 13 draw.

Canadian Experience Class candidates with scores as low as Seventy-Five got invitations in that draw.

IRCC keep prioritizing candidates in Canada amidst talk of easing travel restrictions

Since the beginning of 2021, Canada has been prioritizing candidates who are more likely to be already residing in the country.

With the ongoing travel restrictions in place, immigration candidates who were approved overseas after March 18, 2020, may not be allowed to travel to complete their permanent residency landing.

Federal government officials have not given a concrete date as to when the border will reopen to international travel,

But has stated that the easing of restrictions will come in phases.

Also, the health minister suggests the 14-day quarantine will be the first to go for travelers who have been fully vaccinated.

Canada is planning to admit record-breaking numbers of new immigrants over the next three years, even in the midst of current travel restrictions.

In 2021 alone, 108,500 newcomers are supposed to come through Express Entry-managed programs.

The massive number comes from the historic February 13 draw where Canada invited every CEC-qualified candidate in the pool, a total of 27,332 people.

According to IRCC, about eighty-seven percent of those invited that day applied for Canadian permanent residence before the 90-day deadline.

PNP-only and CEC-only draws have very various score requirements.

This is because PNP candidates automatically get an extra 600 points added to their score.

CEC candidates are not competing for invitations from other immigration programs.

As a result, the immigration department takes more off the top allowing for cutoff scores to dip into the lower levels.

How to get permanent residence through Express Entry?

The first major step to immigrating to Canada through the Express Entry system is to see if you are qualified for one of the Federal High Skilled programs.

The Express Entry controls and manages the applications for Federal High Skilled programs, which include the:

Some PNPs also utilize the Express Entry system to invite immigration candidates to apply for a provincial nomination.

If you are qualified for Express Entry and enter your profile into the pool, you will receive a score based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

The CRS awards you points based on your education, age, skilled work experience, official language skills, and other factors.

The immigration ministry invites the highest-scoring candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence through regular Express Entry draws.

After you apply, an immigration officer at IRCC makes a decision on your application.

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