Canada Medical Service Plan (MSP) for Foreigners

Things To Note About the Canada Medical Service Plan (MSP) for Foreigners. Those who wish to apply for the Medical service plan should not miss this article as it will help in your need.

What Is A Medical Service Plan

The Medical Service Plan is a single-payer health insurance scheme operating under the country’s national Medicare program. It is a scheme in the Canadian province of British Columbia. One can opt-out of the MSP program but those in British Columbia who opt-out from this program will be responsible for all their health care services received during 12 months.

Amount Paid For The Medical Service Plan

The amount paid for the MSP will cost $37.50 monthly for a person and $75 for families with two or more adults. There will be no charge for international students and those under the age of 19.

Those Qualified For MSP

To qualify for the Medical Service Plan, you must be a British Columbia resident that is he must be a Canadian Citizen or have a home in British Columbia.

Method To Check The MSP

One can check the Medical Service Plan account by calling 1 877 405-4909 but before that you must have the account number from your invoice ready.

To qualify for a British Columbia medical service care, you must be a permanent resident there and you must have a medical service plan coverage though the coverage is based on income that is the lower your income, the more you get help to pay for the prescription drugs.

The Medical Service plan covers travel as it will help pay for unexpected medical services while outside British Columbia provided the services are rendered by a licensed physician and insured by MSP.

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