Canada PR Process And Requirements For 2019

Are you wishing to come to Canada in 2019? Are you ready to apply for Canada PR? Well, considering the frequent changes in immigration policies of advanced countries, you might want to be up to date with Canada PR process and requirements for 2019.

As thousands upon thousands of immigrant aspirants are already planning to come to Canada this year, the utmost priority of every newcomer should be to familiarize himself or herself with the current rules and requirements to apply for Canada PR visa.

This article will enlighten you of the process and requirements to apply for permanent residency in Canada in 2019.

Canada PR process requirements for 2019

There are several ways of obtaining Canada PR but the major pathway to  Canada PR is through Federal Express Entry. Obtaining PR through Express Entry will ultimately allow you to permanently live, study and work in Canada and also enjoy some other benefits as Canadian citizens.

The Express Entry system of Canada still remains the fastest and popular route for getting permanent residency in Canada. When applying for permanent residency in Canada as a skilled professional or worker, you must have some key things available, i.e. your educational qualification, working experience, birth certificate, etc.

But most of these document is only required when you go through the first stage. It is until when you receive the invitation to apply (ITA) in let’s say Federal Express Entry of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), that you need these documents.

Documents Required To Apply Canada PR 

To begin the PR process, and create a profile on Federal express entry system or Provincial Nominee Programs (as the case may be) of Canada, you will need to provide the key documents, i.e.

  • Language Proficiency test (i.e. IELTS) result documents required with at least CLB 7 score in the Express Entry system. The language proficiency may vary depending on the stream you select, in case you are applying in a provincial nominee program.
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report required from recognized assessing body, like WES (World Education Service).

Both the above-mentioned documents are compulsory to apply in the Federal Express Entry system as well as for the Provincial nominee programs (PNPs) of Canada.