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How to Get Canada Work Permit from Peru

Working in Canada is not possible without a work permit except on specially specified occasions. Persons working certain jobs in Canada may also not need a work permit. But these kinds of jobs are little compared to the thousands of jobs available for foreigners in Canada.

If you have landed a job in Canada or you are preparing to get one, you will need to apply for a work permit sooner or later. Getting a Canada work permit from Peru should not be a hard process when you understand the techniques and processes involved.

Why Should you Work in Canada as a Citizen of Peru?

As a Peruvian, there are several benefits you can gain from working in Canada.

  1. Higher Earning Potential

Irrespective of the grade of job you are working in Canada, the country has a better payment plan than most other countries of the world. Working in Canada will therefore improve your quality of living than when you are in Peru, even if you will be working the same type of job.

More so, the value of the Canadian dollar beats the Peruvian Sol about thrice. Hence, you will earn more in Canada than in Peru

  1. Quality Work Experience

Canada is a country known for excellence and positive drive. Its inhabitants have a habit of striving for the best in whatever they do.

This is evident from the quality of education and the standard of services delivered by the different organizations in the labor sector.

When you work for a Canadian organization, you get exposed to how to deliver services in the best way possible. Most times, employers help their newly employed personnel get familiar with the job by sponsoring training and relevant courses.

If you work in Canada for only six months, you will have gained a significant amount of relevant work experience which can help you become more productive in subsequent jobs you take.

  1. Pathway to Becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident

There are several ways you can become a permanent resident in Canada and building work experience in the country is one of them.

Many of the Canada PR immigration programs have Canadian work experience as one of their requirements.

Although this may not be compulsory for some programs, including this detail in your profile can grant you leverage and make you rank higher amongst other profiles.

How to Get Canada Work Permit from Peru

Every year, Canada recruits about 100,000 foreigners into its labor force. This includes skilled and unskilled persons from Peru.

To get your Canadian work permit from Peru, you first of all need to know what kind of work permit you ought to apply for. There are two types of work permits in Canada:

  • The close work permit
  • The open work permit

A close work permit, also known as the employer-specific work permit allows you to work only for a specific employer in Canada. You may not change your workplace when using a closed work permit in Canada. This also means that you must have an offer of employment in Canada before applying for a closed work permit.

An open work permit authorizes you to work in Canada, irrespective of the organization(s) you will work for. With an open permit, you can resign from one job and take up another if you wish to. It is not compulsory that you must have an offer of employment in Canada to apply for an open work permit from Peru.

For persons who wish to work in Canada, there are two major employment programs available. These are:

  • The Temporary Foreign Worker (TFWP)
  • The International Mobility Programs (IMP)

You should note that these programs are not classified with the Canadian immigration programs for permanent residency. These two programs are strictly for working in Canada on a temporary basis. You may however decide to apply for pr after you have worked for a while in Canada.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is an immigration program devised by the government of Canada to fill gaps present in Canada’s labor force. Through this program, skilled persons are recruited to take up skilled positions as caregivers, agricultural and tech workers, and so on.

Under TFWP, you can only get a Canada employer-specific work permit from Peru. Hence, you must have a valid job offer in any of the recognized occupations under this program.

Before you apply for the work permit, you must also get the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document from your employer as this is a mandatory requirement to get a Canada work permit under TFWP.

The work permit processing time for streams under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program takes roughly 6 or months or more.

The only exception to this is the Global Talent Stream. The Global Talent Stream recruits foreigners from Peru and other countries to fill highly skilled positions in technology and other occupations contained in the Global Talent Occupations List.

If you apply to get Canadian work permit from Peru through the Global Talent Stream, the work permit will be ready within two weeks.

International Mobility Program

The International Mobility Program (IMP) is a collaborative program of the Canadian government with some other countries.

This agreement is known as the International Trade Agreement and it aims at improving the economic state of participating countries through the exchange of skilled labor.

Countries which do not have an international trade agreement in Canada may not be able to send their citizens to Canada as skilled workers.

For example, since Peru does not have a signed trade agreement with Canada, many Peruvians will not be able to get Canada’s work permit through this program.

However, there are other programs under IMP such as the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) and the Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP) that do not depend on the International Trade Agreement.

How to Get Canada Work Permit from Peru under the International Mobility Program

Under the International Mobility Program, some immigration and work options allow you to get an open work permit while others limit you to only an employer-specific work permit.

If your stream or program requires a closed or employer-specific work permit, it means you must have gotten a Canadian job offer while you are still in Peru. With the job offer, you can then apply to get your Canada work permit.

Irrespective of the kind of Canada work permit you will get from Peru, you do not need to obtain LMIA from your employer to work in Canada through the International Mobility Program.

Before applying for a work permit through this program, ensure you are eligible and that your country is part of the countries in trade agreement in Canada.

IMP is the most applied program for immigrating to Canada to work as a citizen of another country. It takes only two weeks to process any kind of work permit under the IMP and there are many friendly programs and streams available under it. Popular among all IMP programs is the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

This is an open work permit available for anyone who wishes to work in Canada irrespective of the International Trade Agreement.

To get the Canada Post Graduate Work Permit as a Peruvian, you must have studied in a Canadian higher institution of learning that is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

The institution must also be eligible to obtain PGWP for its students. Other kinds of work permit options available under the IMP are:

  • Intra-company transferee (employer-specific work permit)
  • Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP)
  • Openwork permits for a spouse or common-law partner of work permit applicants

The Bridging Open Work Permit is for persons whose previous work permit will expire while they are waiting for the results of their application for permanent residency.

What do you Need to Get Canada Work Permit from Peru?

To apply for a Canada work permit from Peru, you must ensure all the documents you need to submit are available.

For persons applying for an employer-specific work permit, the most essential document is a valid letter of a job offer from a Canadian employer. This letter provides details on your job title, job description, duration, and earnings. In general, the documents you need to apply for a Canada work permit are:

  • Valid job offer letter from your employer
  • Relevant education certificates and/or resume to prove you meet the requirements for the position
  • LMIA letter or the LMIA number (if LMIA is required)
  • Medical examination
  • Valid passport
  • Proof of proficiency in English or French as applicable to the province you will work in
  • Your biometrics
  • Marriage certificate if you are married and the birth certificates of your dependent children
  • Proof of funds to sustain yourself and your family in Canada

FAQs on Canada Work Permit

How Long does it Take to Process Canada Work Permit?
The Canada work permit processing time varies according to the immigration program. Most programs take months to process work permits. A few other programs such as the Global Talent Stream may get your work permit ready within two weeks.
How Much does it Cost to Apply for Canada Work Permit from Peru?
It costs $155 to apply for a Canada work permit online. You will need more than that however to attend to other necessities such as medical examination and biometrics.
Can you Renew your Work Permit in Canada?

Yes. Most Canadian work permits can be renewed. Some open work permits under the International Mobility Program are not renewable.

To renew your work permit, you will simply apply for a work permit extension through IRCC Canada. Note that you should apply to renew your work permit about 30 days before the expiry of the current one.

Also, renew your passport if need be as the validity period of your work permit cannot extend beyond the expiry date of your passport.

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