Canadian Citizenship Act Amended

Canadian Citizenship Act Amended.

The amended Canadian Citizenship act helps makes it easy for immigrants to apply for Canadian citizenship.

The Canadian Citizenship act is the Act of the parliament which separates the Canadian citizenship from the British Nationality. The Canadian Citizenship act makes it easy for immigrants to get their permanent residence. the Canadian Citizenship Act was modifies in June 2017 when introducing Bill C6.

Permanent residents who spend time in Canada as a foreign worker or international student before getting the permanent residence may count a portion of this time towards the residency they require.

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The new Canadian citizenship regulation are

1) Applicants must file Canadian income taxes if required to do so under the income tax act.

2) Applicants must be present for three out of five years before applying.

3) Applicants between the ages of 18 and 54 years must meet the language and knowledge requirements for citizenship.

4) Applicants must not be physically present for 183 days in four out of the six years proceeding their application

5) Immigrants granted Canadian Citizenship can seek for job elsewhere, they must not live in Canada.

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7) Only two decision makers exist in cases regarding Citizenship revocation.First is the Minister, and the second is the Federal Court of Canada. The choice of the decision-maker for any case is dependent on the reasons for revocation.

8) The new act gives the citizens the opportunity to seize any fraudulent document

9) the new Act helps Temporary residents count each day they were physically present before being promoted to the status of  permanent resident.

10) Minors without non-Canadian parents can apply for Canadian citizenship.