Canadian Government To Accept 300,000 New Immigrants
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Canadian Government To Accept 300,000 New Immigrants

Canadian Government To Accept 300,000 New Immigrants.

The Canadian government has made it clear that they will accept about 300,000 new immigrants in 2018 to help keep the economy in shape.

New immigrants will be accepted in Canada. the plan to accept new immigrants in Canada will help reflects a new multi-year approach to immigration planning. Experts has checked this new scheme and has come to the conclusion that it will allow for better preparation and integration. This was stated by the minister of immigration Canada. About 300,000 new immigrants will be accepted this moved from the 260,000 which were earlier accepted. This increase is because of employers who wants to use the immigrants to meet their company’s business growth or target.

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Minister Hussen at a conference in June 10, 2017 has said that new immigrants will always be welcomed and the process/time it takes to get Canadian Citizenship will be easier as they need more permanent residents.

According to Hussen, immigrants contribute to economic growth and keeps the country globally competitive which makes the plan of bringing in new comers very beneficial to the citizens.

Every year, the old/seniors retires reducing the amount of people working which gets things slow in the economy as such immigrants are needed to fill the vacuum.

The Express Entry system of Canada makes the government to first invite eligible candidates to apply for permanent Citizenship using a comprehensive ranking system. There is also a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) which enables other immigrants settle.

The aim of the government her is to process most of the applications within a very short p[eriod say 6 months.

The minister has also said that the level of immigrants in Canada will never go down.

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