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Canadian Immigration Work Permit Visa

Canada Work Permit Visa can only be obtain if you have an offer of employment before applying for your Canadian work visa. Canada is looking to attract temporary skilled workers to fill positions that Canadian employers are currently having difficulty to fill by a Canadian Permanent Resident or Citizen.

On the condition that you work for the specific employer sponsoring you, a Canadian work permit will be issued on a temporary basis. You  are allowed to apply for a change in your Canada immigration status once in Canada, however the Canada work visa is not transferable and this may deprive your fryou will not be able to stay and work in Canada on your Canadian Visa upon termination of your employment.

Steps your employer must take before applying for a Canadian Work Visa:

  • A confirmation that your position is suitable to apply for a Canadian Work Permit by making an application to Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)
  • The confirmed position must then be offered to you by your employer
  • Afterwards, your employer must then make an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a Work Permit for Canada.

Please be aware that, it is not all employment offers will be considered and HRDC’s role is to confirm that your position will be beneficial to the Canadian Labour Market and you’re staying in Canada is of no threat to Canadian citizens employment opportunities before an application for a Canada Work Permit can be considered.

In summary, employers that requires the skill of a foreign national to address skill shortages in Canada may seek to employ a foreigners by sponsoring a Canadian Visa.

If you have an offer of employment from a Canadian employer, you may be qualified to apply for a Canadian Work Permit.

As you may know, some employers find themselves in a catch 22 situation with the work permit process in which case you may like to consider the Federal Canada Skilled Worker Visa. With this visa, you can gain Permanent Resident status, in which you are entitled to live and work in Canada without the need of an employment offer.

Employers can still sponsor this application if they wish to increase your points total and speed up processing, however it will be issued to you and is not a temporary visa.

Some employers may also have the privilege to sponsor your application under the Province Nominee Program, depending on their location and the nature of the position. This is also a Permanent Resident Visa, but unlike the other, this does restrict you to work in the Province that sponsored your application until you become a Canadian citizen.

We can ensure that your work permit is obtained without much delay and have you living and working in Canada in a matter of days which may depend on your quick response to our efficient Work Permit process. Outdoor wooden saunas, Baths, BBQ grills and wood fired hot tubs

If potential employers insist that you must get your own work permit before applying for their jobs, they either do not understand the processes or would rather you looked at some of the above options.

If your employers do not understand the processes, just explain to them that they need to be involved in this sponsored process and point out the above options.

You can also see how you can check your Canada immigration application status

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