5 Canadian Ski Resort Jobs of 2023

In the coming winter season, operators would soon be advertising for Ski Resort jobs. You only need to prepare your CV and apply for these different jobs. Therefore, it is advisable to apply only for the next season.

So, get ready to pick on the juiciest job opportunity in the ski resort and enjoy the time to the fullest.

Below is a comprehensive guide to everything you would like to know about the different roles you can apply for, the complete recruitment process, and tips to get through the interview process effectively.

You Can Apply For The Following Jobs 

Chalet Host

This is an essential and challenging job to do. The job will surely test your cooking skills. The job description expects you to cook a delicious three-course dinner for about 10-20 guests.


The job will be interesting for cooking lovers. The job will give you some excellent experience catering to a large number of people. Aside from that, you could earn a reputation for being a great cook. The best part is the ‘tips’ you get to receive from the guests if your food can entice them.


Chalet Hosting is quite a stressful job that is meant for hardworking people. Their day will start early, at 7 am, no matter what happens. Thus, it could be a more relaxing job to do. Besides, you may have to deal with many guests, including irate or rude ones who may not appreciate your services at all.


This is another job profile you can undertake at a ski resort is that of childcare. In this job, you may need some childcare qualifications, as many parents sometimes wish to keep their kids in safe hands while they enjoy the mountains.


As a nanny, you get many options for playtime in the mountains when you want to entertain kids.


The bartender job is one of a ski resort’s most sought-after job profiles. Of course, you will enjoy the advantage of free drinks. But, bar experience is a significant requirement for this job as resort bars are the most happening during seasons.


This is the most wanted and attention-grabbing job profile in the ski resort. After all, everyone wants to befriend the bartender who can get them some free booze.


The negative side of this job profile is the late nights and anti-social working hours. You will need to be ready for the night no matter what happens.


Plongeur job profile requires you to perform all the menial jobs in the resort kitchen. From washing up to organizing the cutlery for the chef, Plongeur has to perform all the small acts.


If you are an introvert who does not want to work hard, this job profile is for you. Plus, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the mountains without public interaction.


The wages need to be better.

How Do You Get A Job At A Ski Resort?

If you have decided to work in a ski resort, the next step is to begin the essential planning. We are going to guide you on what to do! This article will take you through the essential steps in order to work in a ski resort.

  • Begin planning by carrying out a job search; look at the jobs available, your accommodation, and the money you spend. For northern hemisphere resorts, job advertisements usually come up around early as July for a November / December start. For southern hemisphere resorts, jobs usually come up around February for a June / July start.
  • Obtain Your Visa: Every country has its criteria for working visas. Applying well ahead of time is essential as the visa process can be long and cumbersome. The easiest countries to obtain a working visa for ski jobs include Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.
  • Once you have chosen your ski resort and got your work visa underway, you will have to apply for the job you desire to do throughout the season. Here is a list of jobs you can apply for on the mountain.

Applying online

You can begin your application online, which is easier and does not take your time. Also, most resort companies start advertising positions online in July and August. So the best thing is to start your application online so you can also organize an online interview because some resort companies prefer to conduct interviews online (Skype), especially for those not who are not residents of Canada. Others will only pursue applications from people who are already in Canada.

You are also advised to apply for a work permit, especially if you are already in Canada. This is because there are hundreds of applications, and understandably, some employers are wary of making job offers in advance to people who still need to get a work permit. This is because they are still determining if you will get a work permit on arrival, and some may cancel their trip at the last minute. Be prepared to look for work in person – going to ski resort job fairs is the easiest way to do this.

Job fairs

This is an opportunity for employees looking for ski resort jobs since they will be presented with numerous job opportunities. The good thing is that you can get job offers on the spot. Thus, you can skip the task of job seeking.

Most Canadian ski resorts hold job fairs in October and November. These are usually held at the resort and are an opportunity to meet with hiring managers from multiple departments in the same location.

Applying in person

You can also decide to apply for ski resort jobs in person. Many people employed may not be able to turn up on the first day of the resort opening, so you still have a chance to secure a job if you apply in the first week.

As the season draws closer, applying for ski resort jobs in person is essential. Most resort jobs will be filled a week before opening day. There are, however, always staff members that do not work out (or do not even turn up for their first day!), so be sure not to give up.

The period after Christmas is another hiring season, as there is a high dropout rate after the holidays are over. However, many employees do not return after Christmas, so if you did not get employed at the opening of the resort, you still have an opportunity after the Christmas holidays.

What Aspects Do Employers Search For?

All the major recruitment companies employing these ski resorts look for three main things in a potential candidate:

  • Professional attitude,
  • Enthusiasm for the job,
  • And, of course, confidence.

Also, some other requirements are punctuality, politeness, and a basic understanding of the job profile. Finally, always remember to keep your CV up to date to show off your skills to employers.

Interview Process

Usually, every company has its recruitment process. However, some employers go for group assessment days. During these, applicants are asked to perform different individual as well as group tasks. These tasks judge their teamwork, communication, and public speaking skills.

Internships for Ski instructors in Canada

The best way to secure ski season employment in Canadian resorts is to join a ski or snowboard instructor internship scheme, which gives you time to learn more about skiing.

This internship program allows competent skiers and snowboarders to enjoy an instructor training program that can earn employment within a snowsports school.

The programs may vary for each snowsports school; however, you would usually expect the following:

  • Training from highly qualified instructors
  • International Instructor Certifications
  • Resort or staff accommodation
  • A season-long lift pass
  • A paid instructor job offer or interview

To be eligible for a ski/snowboard instructor internship in Canada, you must have already been approved for the IEC working holiday program and have at least three weeks of on-snow experience.

Canadian ski resort accommodation for foreigners

The first thing that crosses the mind of skiers, especially foreigners, is how to find accommodations. It is believed that finding accommodation at a ski resort is a bigger task than getting a job that is close to the truth. Hence, you may need a guide on how to secure good accommodation at a ski resort.

Finding a ski resort accommodation

Staff hoStaff at the larger resorts are always limited in number due to the large number of skiers available. The problem with the accommodations is that they are always costly ($400-#700 per person) and are usually located on-hill. This makes getting staff accommodation available; getting a spot can be pretty competitive.

Some of the staff housing facilities are always isolated at some resorts.

Private accommodation

Some ski resort workers prefer to rent private accommodations in town when the accommodations could be better or when it is impossible to get accommodation at the resort. This can range from accommodation provided by a non-resort employer (this is more common in Whistler and Banff), shared housing, or a private apartment/house rented from a private landlord.

Apart from private landlords, you can still rent accommodation from private companies that offer accommodations specifically for ski season accommodation for working holidaymakers.

The essential factor when searching for accommodation is to do an early search. Then, if demand is so high, you can arrive in September, organize and secure accommodation at that time and then wait it out until the season starts.

Here are some valuable resources for finding accommodation for your ski season in Canada.

  • Pique Classifieds (Whistler)
  • Castanet (Big White)
  • Crag and Canyon Classifieds (Banff)
  • Kijiji (Multiple locations
  • PadMapper (Multiple locations)
  • Craigslist (Multiple locations)


In conclusion, skiing is a great sport, and Canadians have many great ski resorts to choose from. You can find a job at one of these resorts with the right skills in 2023. So get out there and hit the slopes!

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