Candid Advice On Renting A Canadian Apartment

If you are among those first-time renters who have obtained a good job and saved up some money. You are willing to move out of your relatives’ home to what you call yours, there are important things you should consider renting a Canadian Apartment. Please bear in mind that moving out of the house involves paying your bills on time with the highest priority given to the rent bills especially when it comes to spending money.

I present you with the case of Ahmed who is planning on renting a Canadian Apartment shortly as he is able to save up from his new job.

Ahmed wants to move to another apartment and would like a bit of advice about what to observe, else he could get into problems with Renters. He had already heard that if one should sign a lease for 6 months or 1 year and eventually leaves before the lease ends, he could suffer the penalty of paying a month’s damage. Therefore, he wants to know how to play safe.

Response: About renting a Canadian Apartment, Mr. Ahmed, provided you want to sign a lease or rent for 6 or 12 months and you moved from the lease before the end of the lease, you will be responsible to pay damages for the remainder of the lease. However, that depends on the province for the damage deposit or security fee. In BC you pay half a month’s rent, while in Ontario you pay the last month’s rent. For instance, if you are paying $1,000 per month, and had to leave before the end of the lease, you will be paying $1000 rent plus $500 deposit and no court would be involved.

Ahmed then probed further, said, Why would you think a court would be involved in renting a Canadian apartment? He had been informed that the Renter can Sue to court if he moves out before the end of a signed lease.

Response: Absolutely, a landlord has the legal right to take you to court if you breach a lease agreement.

So, if you are new to Canada and want to be prepared, you don’t have to get bogged down by everything that can happen. Most of the time those tough issues don’t happen, so just enjoy the ride and go with the flow.