CANDIDATES INVITED – British Columbia’s Booming Job Sector

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Tech pilot allows B.C immigration officials to speed up immigration processing for technology occupations that are most sought for. There are 32 occupations identified in the B.C technology scene and candidates are issued invitations to apply every week. Employers of tech companies get access to a unique service where applications are allocated on the next working day in one of the recognized occupations, this service is assured.

British Columbia

The British Columbia PNP Tech Pilot is recognized for ranking applications that come in for technology sector for prevalent B.C categories. This therefore means that candidates will have to adhere to the fundamental obligations of each B.C immigration class, that includes an employment offer from a British Columbia employer.


Committed/ exclusive concierge service: Employers in the technology sector have entrance to key immigration information.

Weekly invitations to candidates applying for the tech sector: Tech employers have the opportunity of getting timely access to highly qualified candidates in the 32 identified tech occupations.

Priority Processing: Committed B.C Provincial Nominee Program Tech team and next working day assignment of applications for tech sector in the 32 key occupations.

Great Outreach: There are events and sessions specially designed for tech employers. The engagement is focused and the reach is extraordinary.

On April 25 2018, British Columbia immigration officials carried out a draw under the B.C Provincial Nominee Program. The draw invited 29 candidates to apply.

Express Entry system required a minimum score of 89 points for international graduates and skilled workers. It was 84 points for the international graduate and provincial skilled worker stream. Although there were no invitations for semi- skilled/ entry- level workers.

There are various provincial streams and the previous draw from B.C PNP invited 225 candidates to apply through those streams. The general draw was conducted on April 18, 2018, it was a non- tech draw.

The minimum score was 89 points for international graduates and skilled workers through Express Entry while the provincial skilled workers should score 84 points. Semi-skilled/ entry level workers were required 55 points.

British Columbia immigration introduced the B.C PNP Tech Pilot in 2017, and intended to attract skilled workers in key technology occupations. B.C has also been carrying out certain B.C PNP draws for tech workers since May 2017.

The province targets is to utilize the tech workers who are searching for alternatives to the United States ever since Donald Trump took over as president. With strict immigration regulations in the U.S, Canada is definitely the next choice!

A popular provincial nomination guarantees selection under the Express entry, valued 600 CRS points. The B.C PNP also puts out the scores immigrant required of  candidates to promise an invitation for immigration to Canada.

An international graduate needs 30 points lesser than a skilled worker, be it Express Entry Canada or Provincial stream. For entry-level or semi- skilled workers, the score is much lower.