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Career Characteristics Of Architect Jobs

Career characteristics of architect Jobs predominantly involve office-based work and out of office visits to both clients and sites. Though there may be considerable travel within a working day, work overnight is rear.

Necessary safety equipment like protective boots and headgear must be worn on site. Self-employment or freelance is common, especially for experienced architects. A company car may not be offered, but mileage for site visits may be payable.

While it’s common to complete a recognized degree programme in order to qualify, there are also practice-based routes available such as registering with the statutory Architectural body, in order to legally use the title ‘architect’.

In the UK, chartered architect status is available by membership with RIBA, although it’s not a legal requirement to be registered with RIBA in order to practice.

The standard entry method into the architecture profession takes at least seven years in training and higher education. Graduates or architects with non-accredited or international qualifications in architecture may undertake an assessment for equivalence with the Architects Registration Board.

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Skills For Architect Jobs
You will be required to show:

  • good design and drawing skills to prove your passion for architecture,
  • a strong imagination and create in three dimensions,
  • strong analytical skills, accuracy, and focus on detail,
  • an aesthetic interest in buildings and the built environment – exposure to Building Information Modelling (BIM) can be an advantage,
  • sound communication skills, written and oral, with the ability to effectively relate with a range of other professionals,
  • fine organizational and negotiation skills,
  • good teamwork and leadership skills,
  • a knowledge about the relationship between people, buildings and the wider environment,
  • a good understanding of construction processes,
  • commercial awareness and business intelligence,
  • good mathematical skills,
  • project management skills,
  • computer-aided design skills and excellent IT skills.

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