Caregiver Program an Easy Route To Getting Permanent Residence

Caregiver Program an Easy Route To Getting Permanent Residence. To get a permanent residence using the caregiver program follow the below.,

What Is The Live-In Caregiver Program About

The Live-in caregiver program is a program offered by the Canadian government to serve as a route for foreign caregivers to come into Canada. Those who come into Canada via this means are able to apply for permanent residence only if they have worked in Canada for a minimum of two years.

The Live-in caregiver program is the easiest route to get your permanent residence since its processing time is faster. The caregivers have the choice of either living elsewhere or with their employers.

Eligibility Criteria To Qualify For The Caregiver Program

In order to qualify to using the caregiver program as a route for Canadian Immigration, you must

  • Have worked as a full time worker in Canada for a minimum of two years  as a home child care provider within their four years of arrival
  • Have a valid work permit
  • Have completed a year post secondary Canadian education with a valid credential to show for it.
  • Pass the Canada’s threshold of language ability of either being able to speak English or French
  • Meet the National Occupation Classification 4411 description of a home care provider.
  • Have a license to show that you can practice in Canada
  • Be able to demonstrate CLB 7 as a registered Nurse or registered psychiatric nurse

Individuals under the caregiver program who have not been able to submit their permanent residence application may have the choice of immigration through the Express Entry Selection System. You can also see how to apply for Canada jobs.

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