Categories Of Canadian Permanent Residence

Canada and Australia receives the highest number of immigration per year. Getting a Permanent Resident status in any country is like rocket science, most especially time consuming, challenging and in Canada, things are no different. Over 200,000 individuals get their PR status in Canada, the criterion for which frequently gets altered. See below for the six Categories Of Canadian Permanent Residence.

Individual should endeavour to read every nuance of the paperwork filling it. Any dishonesty or mistake will immediately be caught out by the system as a result of which getting the residency will prove to be an impossible task. In case you are not sure of which category to apply fort you PR, you can apply under any of the six categories listed below:

There are six categories of Canadian permanent residence:


Education is one useful basis on which a federal skilled worker applicant will be accepted or not. In May 2013, foreign educational credentials was assessed by a designated Canadian organization; it help to determine the Canadian equivalent of foreign credentials. If you have questions about the education requirement, our full-service Canadian immigration law firm can provide comprehensive assistance.

Language Skills

Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires Federal Skilled Workers to prove their language abilities in one of Canada’s official languages ( English or French ). The maximum amount of points that can be awarded under the Language Skills Factor are 28; it is contingent on the applicant’s ability to speak English or French. Aptitude in a first language (English or French) can be awarded up to 24 points, and 4 points are awarded for a second language (English or French). Either one of Canada’s two official languages can be used by the Federal Skilled Workers Applicant as a first or applicant’s second language.

Work Experience

This is an important factor awarded by Canadian Immigration Officers. This is one important element that will be considered when determining if a Skilled Worker applicant will be accepted or denied on their application for Canadian Immigration. While it is not determinative, if the Federal Skilled Worker applicant has zero experience there will likely be an automatic refusal. If you have any questions about the skilled work experience requirements, a Canadian immigration attorney from our law firm can answer your questions.


Depending on applicant’s age, Citizenship and Immigration Canada awards Federal Skilled Worker Applicants points depending. Our Canadian immigration law firm has many years of experience and can answer any question regarding age factor points.

Arranged Employment

Skilled workers that have been made a full-time permanent offer in Canada may qualify for a fast-track options under the Federal Skilled Worker Category. If a Canadian employer makes an offer of full-time permanent employment in Canada to a foreign skilled worker, the Canadian Immigration process can be expedited. This gives access to the foreign skilled worker to promptly start working for the Canadian employer.


Adaptability Factors are meant to indicate to Citizenship and Immigration factors which may be expected to improve the Foreign Skilled Worker applicant’s ability to become economically established in Canada; Ten (10) is the maximum points that can be awarded in this category. There are various combinations that are among 6 possible adaptability factors; this include previous full time work in Canada. You immigration cremated objectives can successfully be accomplished by our full-service Canada immigration law firm.

Other categories may include:

Skilled Worker Immigration:

This is the most common category under which individuals apply for their permanent resident status in Canada. Scores are calculated based on an array of considerations such as a person’s age, education, experience and heath etc. Evaluation is also made based on the person’s criminal record and background check as well. Each of these factors will determine the final tally of scores. Low scores in any of the categories, chances are that the individual’s overall score will be affected as well. The most important consideration in this category pertains to the candidates’ skill, age and background.

Business Class Immigration:

Majority of people who wish to attain Permanent Residents choose to apply under this category. The Business Class Immigration Category further falls into three subcategories which are very specific in nature. These are:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self Employed Persons

These individuals get their scores based on a number of criterion pertaining to their abilities, net worth, experience and intention. If the board sees that the individuals business is unlikely to flourish in Canada then chances are that his scores too will be rather poor.

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