CELPIP Test Booking for Canadian Immigration

If you applying for any Canadian immigration program, CELPIP test booking can help you meet some of the important requirements.

To begin with, Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is an examination delivered by Paragon in order to evaluate the speaking, writing, listening and reading skills of foreign nationals who desire to study, work or immigrate to Canada.

Furthermore, CELPIP is equally important as other Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requirements to fulfill your intention to come to Canada.

Of course, Paragon strives to make CELPIP to be among the most preferred English language tests for foreign nationals in becoming international students, permanent residents and citizens of Canada.

Besides, CELPIP has up to 70 test centers within Canada and overseas, including United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Philippines and India.

Evidently, CELPIP has a similar test format to IELTS.

CELPIP Test Types

Generally speaking, there are also two (2) CELPIP test types, which include CELPIP General Test, as well as CELPIP General LS Test.

CELPIP General Test

Specifically, CELPIP General Test is ideal for foreign nationals who are applying for Canadian permanent residency in order to immigrate to Canada.

Besides, CELPIP General Test cost is CAD $280, including tax. Based on CELPIP test format, your writing, reading, speaking and listening proficiencies in English language will be assessed and assigned a score.

Above all, you have only 3 hours to complete all aspects of the test.

CELPIP General LS Test

Of course, you can book CELPIP General LS Test in order to process your citizenship in Canada  for CAD $195.

Unlike CELPIP General Test, CELPIP LS test will only assess your speaking and listening proficiencies in English language.

Obviously, you can complete CELPIP General LS test in one hour and some few minutes.

CELPIP Score Chart

The table below illustrates various levels of CELPIP, as well as its equivalent to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).

View Table for CELPIP Score Chart
CELPIP test level 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 M NA
CLB level 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 0, 1, 2

However, subsequent to your CELPIP test booking, you can use the table to serve as your CELPIP CLB calculator, which enables you to know your score level to CLB.

However, subsequent to your CELPIP test booking, you can use the table to serve as your CELPIP CLB calculator, which enables you to know your score level to CLB.

CELPIP Language Test for Canadian immigration

In particular, you are advised to check CELPIP upcoming test dates in order to have foreknowledge of each test schedule, location, cost, as well as seats’ availability.

Most of the time, CELPIP booking test is usually closed one working day before test date or when a certain number of foreign nationals have applied for the test.

IRCC’s immigration programs that you can book CELPIP test for

Certainly, CELPIP English test has numerous advantages to temporary workers, skilled workers, caregivers, entrepreneurs and other foreign nationals,

Thus, you can use your CELPIP result to proof your English skills in order  to immigrate to a province or territory in Canada.

However, you can use CELPIP test result for a wide range of immigration programs as illustrated below.

Express Entry

If you are a skilled worker, you can immigrate to Canada after CELPIP test booking and taking.

Undoubtedly, immigration for skilled workers is possible through Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), as well as Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Provincial Nominee Programs

Certainly, each Canadian province and territory has a nominee program that allows foreign nationals to be nominated for PR.

Thus, you need a valid English language test like CELPIP to live, as well as to work permanently through nominations within a Canadian province.

Family sponsorship

As a permanent resident, you can take CELPIP test online or on paper in order to sponsor the immigration of your family members, spouse, common-law partner, dependent children, adopted child, parents & grandparents, etc.

Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Pathway

If you are currently a temporary resident in Canada, you may be eligible for this pathway in order to get a PR for you and your family members.

Besides, a valid English test result is often needed to apply through this pathway.

Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers program

If you are a skilled worker, the province of Quebec may greatly demand your skill.

Hence, a CELPIP test booking can help you meet the language requirements for Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers program.

Start-up Visa

With Canada’s start-up visa, you can set up a business and employ others. Indeed, a set of conditions needs to be satisfied in order to get the visa to immigrate to Canada.

Self-Employed Immigration Program Canada

Undoubtedly, you can become a self-employed immigrant in Canada by satisfying some cultural or athletic activities requirements.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)

Even though some small communities in Canada are ready to assist foreign nationals to become permanent residents, you still need to conform to the set standards.

At the same time, you must meet specific conditions such as possessing a valid language test results, and be willing to foster the community’s economy.

Health-Care Workers Permanent Residence Pathway

This pathway provides an opportunity for eligible refugee claimants to immigrate to Canada.

Therefore, you must have worked during COVID-19 pandemic in Canada’s healthcare sector.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)

Indeed, you can become a permanent resident simply by graduating or working in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island or New Brunswick.

Although it is required that you have a fulfill certain requirements, including language proficiency test result (CELPIP, IELTS, PTE, etc)

Permanent Residence Pathways for Hong Kong residents

This pathway has two (2) streams that facilitate the immigration of eligible Hong Kong residents who are working in Canada.

In this situation, you must have completed studies from a post-secondary institution in Canada or should possess Canadian work experience.

Moreover, a valid language test result is required to qualify for this pathway.

Agri-Food Immigration Pilot

If you have the intention to work a specific agri-food job in Canada, you can immigrate using a CELPIP test result to meet the language requirements.


Via Home Child Care Provider Pilot Program and Home Support Worker Pilot Program, you can immigrate to Canada when you possess a valid language test result such as CELPIP, IELTS, CAEL, PTE, etc.

In addition, these programs require you to work as a caregiver who cares for children, elderly, sick and disabled persons in Canada.

CELPIP Test Booking Procedure

Here are procedures you can follow to book and take CELPIP test for immigration.

Book CELPIP Test

Generally, CELPIP test booking is necessary to register for the examination at a test center.

Moreover, you are required to choose a test center and register a date for the examination.

Specifically, if it is your first time taking the test, you may need to seek knowledge about CELPIP exam so that it will not seem strange to you.

Prepare for your CELPIP General Test

Since you are taking the CELPIP exam to immigrate to Canada, you need to examine yourself by practicing your English speaking, reading, listening and writing abilities.

Therefore, you can get some CELPIP self-study materials, as well as test preparation programs to aid your preparation for the test.

Wait for your test result

After CELPIP test booking and taking, you can check the result via the internet between 4 to 5 days.

Generally speaking, it is important that you check CELPIP test results as you need its details to fill out the immigration program’s application form.

Thus, you need to sign in to your CELPIP account in order to access the result. You can view your CELPIP test result anytime for a period of two (2) years.

On the contrary, since Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada needs the original result hardcopy, you have to request for your CELPIP official score reports for $20 Canadian Dollars.

Additionally, CELPIP official score report is downloadable in PDF format from your account as soon as the result is ready.

However, you can only access the official result from your CELPIP account for two (2) years, which is its validation period.

At length, the result will expire and you can no longer access it via the account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does CELPIP test cost?

  • CELPIP General Test: $280 Canadian Dollars (incl. tax)
  • CELPIP General LS Test: $195 Canadian Dollars (incl. tax)

How do I contact CELPIP?

  • CELPIP Toronto address: 801-180 Bloor St. W. Toronto, ON M5S 2V6 Canada

Phone number: +1 (647) 793-8278

  • CELPIP Vancouver address: 110-2925 Virtual Way, Vancouver, BC V5M 4X5, Canada

Phone number: +1 (778) 327-6854

Toll free number: 1 (800) 958-5186 (North America only)

Fax: 1-(604) 253-1287

Email: [email protected]

CELPIP website: www.celpip.ca

Can I take the CELPIP test online?

Indeed, you can CELPIP is absolutely computerized and taken at their test center.

Where can I do CELPIP test booking in Calgary?

  • Precise Solutions Calgary
  • English Testing Canada – Calgary
  • Stafford House – Calgary

Where can I do CELPIP test booking in Winnipeg?

  • Heartland International English School
  • Herzing College Winnipeg

Where can I do CELPIP test booking in Toronto?

  • Paragon Testing Enterprises Toronto

Where can I do CELPIP test booking in Surrey?

  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University – Civic Plaza
  • DIVERSEcity – Newton, Surrey

Where can I do CELPIP test booking in Regina?

  • Regina Open Door Society
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic Regina

Where can I do CELPIP test booking in Montreal?

  • Concordia University
  • ALC Montreal
  • ILSC Montreal

Where can I do CELPIP test booking in Vancouver?

  • ELS Vancouver
  • Paragon Testing Enterprises Vancouver
  • Ashton Testing Services
  • International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC)

Where can I do CELPIP test booking in Saskatoon?

  • International Women of Saskatoon (IWS)

Where can I do CELPIP test booking in Brampton?

  • Precise Solutions Brampton
  • Xyna International School – Brampton

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