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Canada’s immigration department, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are updating the list of approved designated learning institutions (DLI).

Each learning institution must have an approved coronavirus readiness plan in place before welcoming foreign students back — a prerequisite to the government’s decision to open the borders to international students on October 20, 2020.

Cindy McIntyre, assistant director, international relations at Universities Canada, said in a media chat that her organization is “very pleased that a good majority of universities in Canada have now been approved to welcome international students”.

However, Languages Canada (LC), an organization of accredited French and English language education providers to nearly 150,000 international students, has pointed out that only fifty-three (53) percent of its member universities have been approved.

Many more are still awaiting approval in British Columbia (BC) and Ontario. A letter to its members said: “While our feedbacks has been well received, more pressure needs to be applied by those directly affected by the inability to welcome back students, particularly in BC and Ontario, where there is the greatest concentration of Langauge Canada members and the largest backlog of plans awaiting approval.”

Last week, Canada released a set of guidelines to follow throughout all stages of the return. If you’re already in Canada as an international student, you may continue studying at any DLI.

How to check approved designated learning institutions in Canada

A total of 1, 548 DLIs are listed on the official IRCC website, across all Canadian provinces across the country except Nunavut. Each of these Learning institutions must be individually assessed before they are listed as ‘approved’ on the official IRCC website.

As of November 17, 427 out of 436 institutions in Quebec have had their coronavirus readiness plans approved. On the other hand, out of the 482 learning institutions in Ontario, only fifty-six (56) have had their plans approved. In British Columbia, eighty-one (81) out of 266 DLIs have approved plans.

While there are plans pending federal government approval, certain Canadian universities may not have lodged their COVID-19 readiness plans for approval yet.

Check if your university is on the new list of approved DLIs here or check for the latest news on the official IRCC site. The next update is scheduled for December. 1, 2020.

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