Chinese Embassy in Canada – Top 10 Citizen Services

Chinese embassy in Canada is specially established for diplomatic relationship between China and Canada.

Do you often wonder if China has an embassy in Canada, or are you a Chinese citizen that is resident in Canada and want to know the services that Chinese embassy in Canada provide?

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Generally speaking, every country in the world has either an embassy or a consular office in another country. Same thing with Canada.

The Chinese embassy in Canada is specially established for diplomatic relationship between China and Canada.

Primarily, the embassy is responsible for its own citizens, living or travelling in the host country(Canada) and also help its own citizens in distress or other emergency situations. In addition, it promotes its own home culture, economy and science in the host country.

What is an Embassy?

No doubt, often times you want to know what an embassy really is. The answer is simple.

An embassy is a diplomatic mission or foreign mission where a group of people from one country or organization present in another state to represent the sending state or organization officially in the receiving state.

The ambassador or High commissioner is the embassy’s top official and serves as the home government’s chief diplomat and spokesperson. In fact, the highest level of the home government usually appoints ambassadors or high commissioner.

And also, when a government acknowledges another as sovereign, an embassy is usually created to maintain diplomatic relations and provide aid to travelers.

About China?

In 1949, the People’s Republic of China was established. It was founded as a socialist state with a centrally planned economy. But, it now has a mixed economy that the government describes as “Socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

China has had nearly 30 years of economic growth, with GDP increasing by double digits and lifting 800 million people out of poverty.

Beijing hosted the Olympic Games in 2008. During that events, it offered a widely acclaimed Olympiad that demonstrated the country’s progress to the rest of the world.

Even though, China’s rapid development has brought plenty of benefits to it people. But, it has also created dozens of new challenges that must be addressed. Environmental concerns and income inequality are examples of such challenges.

In China, for example, an estimated 157 million people, largely in rural western China, live on less than $1.25 per day. Although, the government, on the other hand, is committed to addressing these issues.

Interestingly, China is now regarded as one of the most powerful countries on the planet. It is the world’s most populated country, with a population of nearly 1.3 billion people. In absolute terms, it possesses the world’s second largest economy.

China has a total of around 161 Embassies and 67 Consulates around the world, including Canada.

Below, you can connect with any of the Chinese consulates or embassy in Canada for detailed information on services provided by any Chinese diplomatic or consular post.

Addresses of Chinese Embassy in Canada

The Chinese embassy is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Actually, China purchased the property on St. Patrick Street in 1972, shortly after the two countries established diplomatic ties.

At first, the Sisters of Good Shepherd had erected the structure and used it as a convent for several decades. It was purchased for $1.6 million by the Chinese government.

In the mid-1980s, a massive expansion of the structure was completed. The embassy is situated in the Lower Town neighborhood, with the rear of the embassy overlooking Rideau River. Below is the official address of the Chinese Embassy in Canada.

Ambassador: Cong Peiwu



Tel: 001-613-7893434/7910511

Fax: 001-613-7891911/7891414


E-mail: [email protected]

Addresses and contact details of Chinese Consulates in Canada

In addition, the People’s Republic of China also maintain four consulates-general in Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario; and Montreal, Quebec.

Consulate general of China in Montreal

The Chinese consulate general in Montreal is located at 2100 Ste-Catherine West, 8th floor, and may be reached at (514) 419-6748 or consulate [email protected] by phone or email. The embassy in Ottawa supervises the Chinese consulate general in Montreal.

Consulate general of China in Calgary

The Chinese consulate general in Calgary is located at 1011 6th Avenue S.W., Suite 100, and can be reached by phone at 403 537 6903 or by email at chinaconsul cal [email protected] The Chinese consulate general in Calgary is overseen by the Chinese embassy in Ottawa.

Consulate general of China in Toronto

The Chinese consulate general in Toronto is located at 240 St. George Street and can be reached through phone at 416-964 7260 or email at chinaconsul tor [email protected] The embassy in Ottawa supervises the Chinese consulate general in Toronto.

Consulate general of China in Vancouver

The Chinese consulate general in Vancouver is located at 3380 Granville Street and may be reached at 604 734 7492 or 604 736 5188 by phone. The embassy in Ottawa supervises the Chinese consulate general in Vancouver.


Normally, on Canadian and Chinese public holidays, the consulate general’s offices may be closed. Please confirm opening hours with the consulate general.

Also note that, the consulate general’s opening hours may be affected due to the continuing Covid-19 outbreak.

Addresses of Canadian Consular in China

Just as the Republic of China, Canada also maintains an Embassy in China. The embassy of Canada in Beijing is located at 19 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Chao Yang District and can be contacted by telephone on (10) 5139-4000 as well as by email [email protected] and [email protected]

Also, the consular section, which shares premises with the embassy, can be reached by email [email protected]

In addition to its embassy in Beijing, Canada maintains three other diplomatic representations in China. The Consulates in Chongqing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai are among these missions.

Top 10 Services Provided by Chinese Embassy in Canada

The following is a brief listing of services that are offered at the Philippine Embassy in Canada.

  1. Notarize certain documents.
  2. Legalization of documents.
  3. Attestation of documents.
  4. Power of attorney.
  5. Issuing emergency travel documents..
  6. Registration of marriage, birth, and death.
  7. Authentication of documents.
  8. Consular registration.
  9. Dual citizenship application.
  10.  Process passport and visa applications.

How to Apply for Passport at Chinese Embassy in Canada

For Chinese citizens in Canada, the China Visa Service Center provides pick-up and return services for Chinese passport applications. The service process is as follows:

What is the procedure for applying?

  • Gather all necessary documentation (Visit the Chinese Embassy website for detailed information).
  • Submit your application and receive a pick-up slip at a Chinese consulate.
  • Bring the pick-up slip and our Order Form to our local office or mail them to us.
    Click here to see a list of our locations and find out which one is closest to you.
  • As soon as your passport is ready, CVSC will pick it up and FedEx it to you.
    $79.00 per shipping address.
  • All other service costs, government fees, and shipping expenses are not included in the fees.

Where to apply for Chinese visa for Canadian and Chinese citizens

The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa and the Chinese Consulates-General in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary accept applications for Chinese visas, passports, document notarization, and authentication from Canadian citizens.

Please submit applications to the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa if you live in Ottawa or the provinces of Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, or Prince Edward Island.

Also submit applications to the Chinese Consulate-General in Toronto if you reside in the provinces of Ontario or Manitoba.

You may submit applications to the Chinese Consulate-General in Vancouver if you live in the Yukon Territory or the province of British Columbia.

If you live in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Alberta, or Saskatchewan, you can submit applications to the Chinese Consulate-General in Calgary.

Philippine Embassy in Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I submit my visa application?

If you have a regular passport, you should apply for a visa at the Visa Center in the nation where you are legally residing.

Also, holders of diplomatic and service (official) passports, as well as applicants eligible for China’s diplomatic, courtesy, and service visas, as well as applicants seeking a visa to China’s Hong Kong or Macao Special Administrative Regions, should continue to apply directly to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General.

Is it necessary for me to set an appointment in order to apply for a visa?

In most cases, applications submitted without an appointment will be rejected. Before submitting your application to the Visa Centre, you should schedule an appointment by email. In addition, present your appointment information to the receptionist upon arrival, and you will be assigned a queue number on a first-come, first-served basis.


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