Choosing A Future-Facing International School For Your Child

Choosing A Future-Facing International School For Your Child is very important to all parents. Sometimes, it can be a very hard and confusing task for parents to ascertain which international school they should send their child or children to. Since the latest International Labour Organization (ILO) report, which is called ‘Work for a Brighter FutureReport of the Global Commission on the Future of Work, it is now clear to universities and schools that they must render their support to students through future of work transitions and readily embrace uncertainty with innovative learning solutions.

Requiring educational institutions and workplaces in order to think about increasing investment in the capabilities of people’, the report also highlights that “Young people needs assistance to navigate the increasingly difficult shift from school to work.”

Choosing A Future-Facing International School For Your Child

In a bid to serve their students well, international schools need to be future-facing as well as understanding both current and upcoming industry demands. All parents wants the very best for their child/children; one that is progressive, one that broadens their horizons and helps them to excel in their academics while equipping them with practical skills which they will require to succeed in university and beyond.

But as a result of the uncertainty in the future, with globalisation and technological advances that is reshaping our world, parents must opt for an eco-conscious educational institution that has the best intentions for their child/children.

Singapore American School (SAS) is one international school that offers a diverse learning environment for students, it instils values and prepares their students for future career success. Providing an American-style education from pre-school to high school, the school’s holistic nature means learners benefit from a variety of engaging academic and extracurricular activities.

The Singapore American School campus is a sight to behold, which is nestled within the Woodlands of Singapore. The institution boast of 36 acres of open pathways and lush foliage, the school’s natural surroundings are ideal for inquisitive and active students. It is an international institution with a social heart, SAS is dedicated to eco-friendly initiatives and ‘going green’ as their solar panels on campus can produce one million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, and it also integrates two acres of the natural rainforest for the purpose of a living laboratory for science classes. The school also thrives in academic fields by being in the 96th percentile of schools worldwide for having students that earn a three or more on AP exams.

Behind the scenes of SAS, through the eyes of a Superintendent 

Tom Boasberg knows what its like serving as a Superintendent of the 4,000-student Singapore American School and being part of one of the most diverse and academically innovative international schools as well as the world’s largest.

Last year, Tom served as an adjunct lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education and previously served in Hong Kong and Denver as Global Head for Corporate Development for Level 3 Communications, he was also a legal advisor to the Chairman of the Federal Communication s Commission in Washington, DC.

As a parent and a superintendent who have witnessed the school’s environmental commitments and its students development strategies, Tom understand how SAS strengths prepare students for future of work and also shapes them into responsible, career-driuven global change makers.