Top 5 Cities in Manitoba Province to live in

Which are the best cities to live in Manitoba?

This post intends to help you learn about the top 5 cities in Manitoba, so you can arm yourself with the right information, as regards which of these cities will be best for you to settle in based on your interest and preferences if you immigrate to Manitoba in Canada.

The province of Manitoba is one of Canada’s three prairie provinces, along with Saskatchewan and Alberta. The province has a population of approximately 1.3 million, thus making Manitoba Canada’s 5th most populous province.

In addition, the province of Manitoba with an area of about 649,950 square km ranks 8th position in size amongst other provinces in Canada.

Designating a City in Manitoba

Nonetheless, in order to designate an urban municipality as a city in Manitoba, the municipality must have a population of at least 7,500 residents. Consequently, following this requirement, there are 10 cities in Manitoba province.

However, we shall be concentrating on the top 5 cities in Manitoba amongst these. The largest amongst these10 cities in Manitoba is Winnipeg, which is as a result, the provincial capital.

Check Top 10 Cities In Manitoba by Size and Population
Rank City Population (2016) Area Population Density
1 Winnipeg 705,244 464.33 km2 1,518.8
2 Brandon 48,859 77.41 km2 631.2
3 Steinbach 15,829 25.59 km2 618.6
4 Thompson 13,678 20.79 km2 657.8
5 Portage la Prairie 13,304 24.68 km2 539.1
6 Winkler 12,660 17.00 km2 740.5
7 Selkirk 10,278 24.86 km2 413.4
8 Morden 8,668 16.37 km2 529.4
9 Dauphin 8,369 12.61 km2 670.7
10 Flin Flon (Manitoba) 4,991 13.87 km2 359.2

Top 5 Cities in Manitoba to Live in

Looking and in search of the best places to live in Manitoba, Canada? You are definitely in the right place. The Canadian province of Manitoba is characterized by natural beauty, friendly residents, in addition to very clean and safe towns and cities.

Additionally, the province of Manitoba boasts one of the strongest nd most stable economies in Canada. Therefore, life in Manitoba is relatively affordable. Similarly, there are lots of prospects for education, small and medium enterprises and career paths in the province.

Furthermore, more than 200 languages are identified and spoken in the province, thus, life in Manitoba is very diverse and interesting.

In the same vein, the province of Manitoba is recognized for the high standard of its free public healthcare and education.

Underlisted are the top 5 cities in Manitoba, Canada

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Brandon
  3. Steinbach
  4. Thompson
  5. Winkler

1. Winnipeg

As of 2016 the provincial capital of Winnipeg is estimated to be one of the most populated Cities in Manitoba with a population of approximately 705, 244 and consequently, ranks as the seventh largest in Canada. The Provincial capital is located at the meeting of the Assiniboine and Red rivers; not more than 110 km north from the international border of Canada and the United States.

As stated earlier, Winnipeg likewise serves as the provincial capital of Manitoba. The city derived its name from the nearby “Lake Winnipeg”. The city of Winnipeg is a hub of transportation, with a much diversified economy, particularly in manufacturing, trade and health care.

Life in Winnipeg, Top 5 Cities in Manitoba

The city is one of Canada’s most popular destinations for tourists and first in the top 5 cities in Manitoba. Winnipeg has a stable economy, good health care system, good educational system  as well as a very friendly environment. It is home to several professional hockey and baseball teams.

Similarly, Winnipeg is a very fine city that provides its residents with employment opportunities as well as varied education options. Cost of living in Winnipeg is quite low, thus, it is one of the cheapest cities to live in, in Canada. Likewise, the city has the highest number of live music performances; therefore, it’s a go-to destination for music lovers.

In addition, the city plays host to numerous cultural festivals, which includes; the Winnipeg folk festival, festival du voyageur, folklorama, and the Winnipeg Jazz Festival.

2. Brandon

Brandon is at the second position on the list of the most populous cities in Manitoba, consequently, it is second placed in the top 5 cities in Manitoba. This city has a population estimate of 48,859 as of 2016.

Meanwhile, Brandon city is located on the shores of the Assiniboine River, just about 214 km west of Winnipeg. Brandon is popular as a regional hive of trade and commerce, therefore, its economy relies mostly on agriculture, food processing, education, transportation, and health care.

Life in Brandon, Top 5 Cities in Manitoba

Colloquially called the “Wheat City” because of its rich agricultural culture and as thriving farming community. As a result of its low crime rate, put at 9,731 per 100,000 people, a stable economy, and an unemployment rate beneath 5%. Likewise, Brandon remains a free community with a very good standard quality of life.

Public schools in Brandon are administered by the Brandon School Division; the province provides its residents with great quality education. The cost of living in Brandon is quite low with cheap housing and low tax rate, a two bedroom apartment cost about CAD853 in rent.

In addition, the city has rich cultural and recreational activities, giving its residents a quality life, these includes several festivals which are hosted yearly, amongst which are the Brandon Jazz Festival, Brandon Festival of Art, and the Brandon folk music festival.

3. Steinbach

The city of Steinbach is third on the list of the most populous cities in Manitoba. Steinbach has a population estimate of 15,829 as of 2016. Steinbach is also Manitoba’s third largest city by area mass. The city is situated 58 km southeast of the provincial capital of Winnipeg.

Historically, Steinbach city’s first settlers were the Mennonites from Russia who arrived in 1874, the city however continues to have a significant population of Mennonites till date.

As a result of its location close to the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies, the city’s economy has continued to develop around agriculture, although numerous commercial and service enterprises also exist. In recent times, Steinbach has grown in population size as a result of the large number of immigrants’ influx which has contributed to its population growth.

Life in Steinbach, Top 5 Cities in Manitoba

Known for its Mennonite Heritage Village, Steinbach is one of the evolving cities in Manitoba with different active enterprises springing up, in addition to a locally generated economy.

Furthermore, Steinbach stands as the economic hub of southeastern Manitoba and a regional shopping hive. Steinbach is cheap to live in and also boasts favorable tax rates and accessible to markets.

The city has a thriving labor market because of its vibrant local economy and job opportunities in the agricultural, manufacturing and processing sectors. Its unemployment is very low, with a rate of only 5.5%.

Similarly, several recreational facilities are open to residents likewise tourists, ranging from arts to sports and lifestyle events.

4. Thompson

Thompson city is located by the Burntwood River, in the Northern Region of Manitoba. The city with a population size of 13,678, is ranked fourth on the list of the top 5 cities in Manitoba, and also, the province’s sixth largest city by area mass.

Thompson city was initially established as a mining town in 1956; however, it is currently a hub of goods and services distribution to the surrounding communities. Similarly, Thompson city is located in the boreal forest region of province of Manitoba; it consequently, offers several outdoor activities to nature enthusiasts.

Additionally, because of its northern location, the Northern Lights can very often be seen from within the city.

Life in Thompson, Top 5 Cities In Manitoba

The city of Thompson is the largest city in the Northern region of Manitoba. Thompson is home to many nature lovers. With more than 11,789 residents, Thompson has proven to be a safe and cheap city to live in.

The major industries in Thompson are engage in nickel mining and processing. In addition, other major employers of laborers in Thompson are Calm Air, Manitoba Hydro and Vale Ltd.

Thompson city has numerous recreational facilities as well as activities to indulge in; such as a ride to the Heritage North Museum and the Pisew falls. Also, accommodation in Thompson is very cheap, a two bedroom apartment cost less than CAD1, 000 monthly.

Life in Winkler, Top 5 Cities in Manitoba

The 2016 population census estimated Winkler to be a city of 14,193 people, therefore, Winkler is a small city and it’s located in Southern Manitoba bordered by the rural city of Stanley. Winkler is the regions center of commerce serving more than 17,000 households. It is the biggest city in Pembina Valley and also 6th largest in Manitoba. It is however, fifth placed in the list of the top 5 cities in Manitoba.

Major employers of labor in this city are the industries, health and education sectors. The unemployment rate of the city is maintained at 4%. Similarly, it has one of the most productive and diversified agricultural sectors in Manitoba. The Harvest festival and Exhibition is held in the city every August. Also, there are no private schools in Winkler; nevertheless, there are four elementary schools and two high schools.

Smallest City in Manitoba

The city of Flin Flon is the smallest amongst the cities in Manitoba. The city has a unique location, straddling the provincial border between Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

A population estimate from 2016 census indicates that Flin Flon has a population of about 5,185 persons. Among this sum, 4,982 lived within the Manitoba’s side of the city, while only 203 persons resided in the Saskatchewan side. Flin Flon as a result doesn’t rank amongst the top 5 cities in Manitoba, or a place of important interest, despite its unique location between Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Additional Top Cities In Manitoba

6. Springfield

This is listed among the oldest and largest rural cities in the province of Manitoba. It contains both an urban development and rural dwelling. Springfield is a relatively cheap place to live, plus it is simple and quiet.

Springfield is a city with about 669,000 people. It is a safe and secure place to settle in as it declares a low crime rate of 4,827 per 100,000 people. A two-bedroom apartment here cost about CAD1, 130 monthly.

Farming is the main economic activity in Springfield, and also the major employer of labor. Springfield displays an unmatched blend of beautiful views, small-town vibe, lenient tax rates and proximity to Winnipeg.  Springfield is also a very diverse community.

7. Selkirk

Selkirk is located on the Red River about 14 miles from the province of Manitoba capital Winnipeg. It’s a small city with about 10,278 residents. The city provides its residents with standard amenities in a bid to provide the quality of life.

Selkirk’s economy booms with tourism, a steel mill, and a psychiatric home. The unemployment rate in Selkirk is beneath 6%. Likewise, Selkirk is a safe haven and a secure place to live, the city has a low crime rate, which is as low as 14 per 1,000 people. Nevertheless, does not rank amongst the top 5 cities in Manitoba.

 8. Portage La Prairie

Portage la Prairie ranks as the fifth largest amongst the cities in Manitoba, boasting a population estimate of 13,304.  Also, it is located along the Assiniboine River, in the Central Plains Region of the province, and its approximately 75 km west of Winnipeg.

Furthermore, Environment Canada reveals that the city experiences a higher number of sunny days during the warm summer months than any other place in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the province of Manitoba cheap to live in?
Manitoba is said to have the most vibrant, strongest and most stable economy in the whole of Canada. Additionally, it has an incredibly low cost of living. With regards to estimates, a family of five which earns CAD75, 000 per year in Manitoba will be approximately CAD17, 000 richer than same family in Ontario.