Top Ten Cities in Nunavut for Newcomers

As a newcomer in Nunavut you will find it interesting to know about the cities in Nunavut to visit.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, it’s no wonder that it has a diverse range of landscapes, cities, towns, people, and cultures. There are three territories and 10 provinces in the country, each with its own culture to discover. This article will focus on top cities in Nunavut, a Canadian territory.

Nunavut, Canada’s northernmost territory, is less well-known among newcomers than the country’s major cities, yet it provides excellent employment and lifestyle prospects.

This area, located in Canada’s northernmost corner, is noted for its indigenous culture, cold weather, and magnificent tundra scenery.

As a newcomer in Nunavut you will find it interesting to know about the top nine hamlets and the only city in Nunavut to visit. This article will give you the best information you need.

Where is Nunavut?

The territory is the largest and Northern most territory in Canada.” Nunavut means ‘our land ‘in Inuktitut. Inuktitut is the most widely spoken language in Nunavut followed by English and French – both of which are official languages.

This territory consists of the mainland and islands scattered across its boarders. It has a population of just over 36000 people with the city of Iqaluit as its capital.

Cost of Living in Nunavut

The cost of living in Nunavut is considerably high. This is because most of the consumer goods are flown in from the main land to other parts. This takes a toll on the cost of products.

The rate of employment is also unattractively low here. The main industries in this territory are fishery, government employment, and resources. Contributing to its local economy are Inuit art, tourism, and export.

However, the amazing communities of Nunavut have their peculiarities and similarities. Let me take you on a short trip around the best places in Nunavut to live in.

Nunavut has 25 municipalities which are hamlets. Only Iqaluit, the territory’s capital is a city.

IQALUIT Iqaluit, located on the south coast of Baffin Island is the only city in Nunavut. It is home to over seven thousand residents. Iqaluit is a very cold region up north and it is Nunavut’s fastest-growing province in Canada. This is a very warm and friendly community.

You may not have a variety of stores, restaurants, and recreational places, but there’s always some fun going on. Fun activities include comedy hubs, art exhibitions, and tournaments. The residents here also love to hunt.

The cost of living in this city is higher than the national average. Fresh food produce is far from reach-this is because it takes longer for food to be transported in to the city.

Here, there are no public transportation systems. Housing can be a little more difficult and expensive to find.

Top Five Best Hamlets and Cities in Nunavut

Rankin Inlet

Rankin Inlet is located on the northwestern Hudson Bay. This area is the largest hamlet in Nunavut by population with over 2000 residents.

The cost of living in Rankin is only 1% higher than the national average but 11% lower than the Nunavut average. Housing here is much cheaper.

This hamlet is flooding with artisans and houses the only Inuit fine-arts ceramics production facilities in the world. The settlement has two convenience stores, some restaurants, a park, and a gallery for your convenience.


This is a small predominantly Inuit community located on the northern Baffin Island in Nunavut Canada. It has a population of fewer than 2000 people.

Pond inlet is a very exciting place to be in especially for visitors. Tts great Arctic features gives rise to so many recreational adventures.

Activities like skiing, snow bowling, dogsledding and boating are only a few of its richness. It has a unique theatre group, teeming wildlife, and exceptional scenic destination. This is quite the pictures que center.

This community enjoys excellent infrastructure and the cost of living is below the Nunavut average. It has warm residents and a blend of modern and cultural vibes. Whether you are looking to visit or settle,  is the place for you.


Naujaat means “nesting place for seagulls” in local Initiktuk language. It is located on the shores of Hudson Bay at the south end of the Melvin Peninsula.

It has a population of over 1000 people only. This hamlet is located exactly on the Arctic circle. It is home to a rich variety of wildlife.

The cost of living is 9% lower than the Nunavut average and 3% higher than the national average withcostofutilitiestakingthelead.Transportationofgoodsisbyairandsealift.

Recreational activities in Naujaat include hiking, kayaking, riding and of course bird watching. There are amazing landscapes, arctic tundra, and amazing local wildlife.


Kinngait was formerly known as Cape Dorset until February 2020. It is located on the Dorset Island Near Foxe Peninsula. Its population is only a little over 1400 people. This Hamlet is the capital of Inuitart.

The locals in this community are masters of carvings and Inuit prints. They are renowned world wide for their achievement in the innovation of the ‘Dancing Bear’. This form of art has contributed immensely to the local economy by means of export and tourism.

The cost of living like other hamlets is very affordable. It is 11% lower than the Nunavut average and only 2% higher than the national average.

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Five Cheapest Hamlets and Cities in Nunavut


This Is the largest hamlet by landmass in Nunavut which spans between 212.22 sq mi. The city is the westernmost community in Nunavut located at the mouth of the Coppermine River in the Kitikmeot region. It has a population of just over 1500 people.

It is a settlement with strong cultural awareness, warm and hardworking residents. The main occupations in this hamlet are hunting and fishing. Some wild life can also be observed here.

The hamlet engages in tourism and mining as well. There is a very scenic historic park which is very well routed during the summer.

This is a small community, hence there are very few vehicles seen on the road. Majority of the resident opt to walk to their destinations. The cost of living on the hamlet is very affordable and more than10% lower than the national average.


This hamlet in Nunavut is the smallest by land area. It spans an area of 0.88 sqmi. Kimmirut means ‘heels ‘and is located on the shore of Hudson Straiton Baffin Island’s MetaIncognita Peninsula.

Known in the past as Lake Harbor, the Soper region has been designated a heritage river on account of its enduring cultural significance. This is home to very peaceful, warm, and traditional residents.

This land is a very attractive tourist destination. Visitors can enjoy its rich arts and culture, nearby Territorial park, and a lot more. The cost of living in this Hamlet is very much affordable. It is 9% lower than the Nunavut average and only10% higher than the national average.


Grisefiord is the smallest hamlet in Nunavut by population with only over a hundred occupants. It is one of the coldest regions of the world located on the southern tip of Ellesmere Island.

There are no connecting roads on the Ellesmere Island hence the use of a small airstrip. The little economy thrives on local hunting and supply. Tourism is also developing as people often come to see the wild life around the Island.

The cost of living is 9% lower than the Nunavut average and 4% higher than the national average. While housing is the cheapest to find, utilities are more expensive here. Supply only comes by large ships once a year. Grisefiord is one of the most peaceful and safest places to live in.


Pangnirtung is an Inuit hamlet also located on the Baffin Island. It has a population of over 1400 people. The hamlet is powered by diesel generators and there are two schools in Pangnirtung, kindergarten and high school. There is also a sports center for recreation.

Like other communities without land access toother cities, travel is by air. Residents also prefer the use of SUVs and pick up trucks.There’s basic medical facilities in the hamlet.

Cambridge Bay

Cambridge Bay is located on Victoria Island Kitikmeot region of Nunavut Canada. It has a population of fewer than 2000 people.

Educational Services range from kindergarten, elementary, high school, and a public library. You can also find a public museum here. One of the major occupations in this Hamlet is fishing. Commuting from place to place is easy- there are three taxi services.

Commerce is very promising in this settlement. There is a good number of restaurants and fast food services, convenience stores and a range of small and upcoming business. They are lots of tourists visiting year in year out.

The cost of living in Cambridge Bay is 13% lower than the Nunavut average and 2% higher than the national average.

For a very cultural and yet relaxing experience, Nunavut is the destination for you.

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Nunavut

These are the are the top ten tourist attraction centers to visit and appreciate nature in Nunavut territory of  northern Canada :

  • the Northwest Passage
  • Iqalugaar juup Nunanaga Territorial park
  • Ellesmere Island
  • PondInlet
  • Cunning hamlet
  • Sirmilik National Park
  • WestBaffin Eskimoco-Operative Limited
  • Auyuittuk National Park
  • Naujaat (repulseBay)
  • Iqaluit

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