Top 5 Cities in Saskatchewan Province to Live in

Are you coming to Saskatchewan to study, work or to start a new life? Here are the best places to live in.

If you have a thing to live in one of the fun-filled and populated cities in Saskatchewan, reading this article will give you insights into the best places in the province.

Saskatchewan is among the three (3) Prairie Provinces in West Central Canada. The province has a total land area of 651,900 Kilometer Square.

Additionally, Saskatchewan province shares a border with the United States of America. Its provincial capital is Regina.

In the year 2019, the population of Saskatchewan was 1,174,000. By now, it should have risen about the figure since international students and immigrants keep entering the province.

Besides, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan makes use of “306” and “639” as its area codes. You can also get the lowest cost of living in Saskatchewan.

Why live in Saskatchewan?

Students, workers, and other foreign nationals come to the Canadian province of Saskatchewan due to what the community has to offer.

Besides, Saskatchewan province has a lot to offer to newcomers such as an affordable cost of living.

The following are reasons why you should live in Saskatchewan.

  • First, there are many cities and towns in Saskatchewan Canada with low cost of living. Therefore, you will be able to spend less living in Saskatchewan than most Canadian provinces.
  • Second, the province of Saskatchewan has several manufacturing industries. They manufacture a large variety of products, and then distribute them nationwide and internationally.
  • Third, Saskatchewan has numerous tourist attraction locations such as shopping malls, movie theaters, spas, bowling alleys, casinos, art galleries, water parks, golf courses, specialty museums (science museum & history museums), game & entertainment centers, nature & wildlife areas, historic sites, farmers markets, wineries & vineyards, escape games, and so on.
  • Fourth, Accommodation is available at a low cost in Saskatchewan, Canada. Another advantage of living in Saskatchewan is that Health care services are availed at a low price.
  • Fifth, Saskatchewan is the only Canadian province that charges a very low sales tax of 6%.
  • Six, public transits within Saskatchewan are cheap because its major cities are not far from each other.
  • Seven, living in Saskatchewan offers easy reach to public libraries where you can access textbooks, eBooks, journals, DVDs, and more.
  • Eight, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan has numerous volunteering opportunities.
  • More so, Saskatchewan is widely known as the fifth largest manufacturer of oil in North America.
  • In addition, the province of Saskatchewan is premier as regards to agriculture
  • Finally, Saskatchewan avails most of the potash used worldwide

How many cities in Saskatchewan

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan has seventeen (17) cities. These include Flin Flon, as well as Lloydminster, which shares borders with other Canadian provinces.

Obviously, Saskatchewan will definitely be included when talking about the best cities in Canada to live in.

Below are list of cities in Saskatchewan in alphabetical order.

  1. Estevan
  2. Flin Flon (Shares border with Manitoba)
  3. Humboldt
  4. Lloydminster (Shares border with Alberta)
  5. Martensville
  6. Meadow Lake
  7. Melfort
  8. Melville
  9. Moose Jaw
  10. North Battleford
  11. Prince Albert
  12. Regina
  13. Saskatoon
  14. Swift Current
  15. Warman
  16. Weyburn
  17. Yorkton

Biggest cities in Saskatchewan by population

Check out the Biggest cities in Saskatchewan by population

Here is each population of major cities on the Saskatchewan map.

Cities in Saskatchewan Canada Estimated population
Saskatoon 245,000
Regina 214,000
Prince Albert 36,000
Moose Jaw 34,000
Swift Current 16,600

Top 5 Cities in Saskatchewan Province to Live in

Living in Canada has a wide range of benefits, most especially if you live in Saskatchewan.

Here are the top 5 Cities in Saskatchewan to Live in.

  1. Saskatoon
  2. Regina
  3. Prince Albert
  4. Moose Jaw
  5. Swift Current


Founded in 1882, Saskatoon is a very large city in central Saskatchewan founded in 1882. It is widely known as the largest city in Saskatchewan.

Generally speaking, Saskatoon is the best city in Saskatchewan to live in. It inhabits the highest population in the province.

More so, its name, Saskatoon originated from the Saskatoon berry, which refers to edible berries. Saskatoon is also known as Bridge City.

Furthermore, the population of Saskatoon residents is currently more than 245,000.  Saskatoon is also the economic and cultural center of activity in central Saskatchewan.

Great places to visit in Saskatoon, SK

You can always visit these amazing places in Saskatoon, SK.

  • River Landing
  • Saskatoon Sports Tourism
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Remai Modern Museum
  • Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo
  • Wanuskewin Heritage Park
  • Western Development Museum (WDM)
  • Ukrainian Museum of Canada
  • Deadlock Escape
  • The Prairie Lily
  • Nutrien Playland at Kinsmen Park
  • Gabriel Dumont Park
  • The Weir
  • Persephone Theatre, etc


As the provincial capital of Saskatchewan, Regina is the second-largest city in the province.

Presently, Regina’s population is more than 214,000. This population is the eighteenth largest in Canada.

In addition, Regina has located Southcentral Saskatchewan and has a land area of about 180 Kilometer Square. Regina also serves as the commerce and culture center of activity for the region.

Places to see in Regina, Saskatchewan

Below the place you should try to see if you find yourself living, studying, or working in Regina, SK.

  • Stone Hill Castle
  • Regina Floral Conservatory
  • Wascana Park
  • Great Excursions
  • RCMP Heritage Centre
  • Saskatchewan Science Centre
  • Regina Rolling Robot Tours
  • MacKenzie Art Gallery
  • Visitor Information Kiosk
  • Candy Cane Park
  • Kiwanis Waterfall Park
  • Prairie History Room
  • Royal Saskatchewan Museum, and more

Prince Albert

This city is the third-largest in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Besides, there are about 36,000 people living in Prince Albert, SK.

Furthermore, Prince Albert is located in central Saskatchewan. The city is frequently known as the Gateway to the North. This is because Prince Albert leads to northern Saskatchewan.

If you are deliberating on a city to live in Saskatchewan, coming to Prince Alberta will let you enjoy a city of many lakes, forests, museums, amusement parks, resorts, etc.

Above all, Prince Albert has a land area up to 65.68 Kilometer Square.

Fun-filled places to visit in Prince Albert

Below are amazing places and tourist attraction centers you can visit in Prince Albert, SK.

  • Prince Albert Dance Fitness
  • Vintage Power Museum
  • Little Red River Park
  • District 8 Escape
  • Prince Albert Historical Museum
  • Kingsmen Water Park
  • The Mann Art Gallery
  • Silver Hills Golf Resort
  • Grey Owl Cabin
  • Prince Albert Farmers Market
  • Saskatchewan River Forks Recreation Site
  • Diefenbaker House Museum
  • Rotary Museum of Police & Corrections
  • Evolution of Education Museum,
  • Northern Lights Casino, and so on

Moose Jaw

This city dwells the fourth largest population of Saskatchewan. Furthermore, the estimated population of Moose Jaw is 34,000.

Truly, Moose Jaw is the industrial and transportation center of activity for south-central Saskatchewan. The city focuses more on distributing farm products.

Places to see in Moose Jaw

The following are nice places open to international students and students in Moose Jaw, SK.

  • Tunnels of Moose Jaw
  • Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village and Museum
  • Connor Park
  • Yvette Moore Gallery
  • Tatawaw Park
  • Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre
  • Crescent Park
  • Phyllis Dewar Pool
  • Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site
  • Mac the Moose, among others.

Swift Current

As the fifth biggest city in Saskatchewan, Swift Current has a population of about 16,600.

Additionally, the city has a land area of 24.04 Kilometer Square. You will find several unique places to visit in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

Tourist attractions in Swift Current

Here are beautiful places you can always visit in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

  • York Hotel
  • Get a Clue
  • ArMy Paintball
  • Elmwood Park
  • Market Square
  • Riverside Park
  • Living Sky Casino
  • Chinook Parkway
  • The Sputtergotch Toy Company
  • Swift Current Museum & Visitor Centre
  • Mennonite Heritage Village
  • Art Gallery of Swift Current
  • Saskatchewan Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Swift Current Aquatic Centre
  • Frontier Bowling Lanes, etc.

Immigrating to Saskatchewan

If you seek how you can live and work permanently in Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) serves this purpose for entrepreneurs and foreign skilled workers.

Besides, SINP will help you to get a nomination, as well as to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for your Canadian permanent residency.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) programs

SINP has three (3) programs, which you use to become a permanent resident of Canada.

They include;

  • International Skilled Worker: This program is ideal for foreign skilled workers who are willing to reside and work in Saskatchewan.
  • Entrepreneur and Farm: This program is suitable for foreign nationals with an intention to establish a business, acquire or run a farm in Saskatchewan.
  • Saskatchewan Experience: If you are already working and residing in Saskatchewan province, you can use this program to facilitate your immigration.

However, each of these SINP programs has eligibility requirements that must be met by applicants.

In conclusion, you need to meet Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) minimum requirements in order to get a Canadian visa for entry.

With this article, you will not need to arrive to see the cities in Saskatchewan before you know where you belong.

FAQs about the top 5 cities in Saskatchewan province to live in

Q. What is the capital city of Saskatchewan?

Ans – Regina

Q. What are the major cities in Saskatchewan Canada?

Ans – Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, as well as Swift Current

Q. What is the best place to live in Saskatchewan?

Ans – Weyburn

Q. What is the cheapest city in Saskatchewan?

Ans – Weyburn

Q. Which are the best cities in Ontario Canada?

Ans –

  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • Burlington
  • Oakville
  • Waterloo

Q. Which are the best cities in BC Canada?

Ans –

  • Fort St. John
  • Whistler
  • Delta
  • Squamish
  • Victoria
  • Kelowna
  • Penticton