College Of The North Atlantic, Stephenville, Canada

College of the North Atlantic is a post-secondary educational and skills training institution located in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. It is a higher academic institution established in 1997. It is located in Stephenville with a population range of 2,500-9,999 inhabitants. CNA is created from five (5) different colleges which are Eastern College, Cabot College, Central Newfoundland Community College, Westviking College, and the Labrador College. The College also has seventeen (17) different campuses located in a different location which include Stephenville, Baie Verte, Bonavista, Burin, Clarenville, Carbonear, Corner Brook, etc.

CNA also is home to students from all parts of the world. International students are attracted by the college’s high-quality education, affordable costs, serene and friendly environment, scholarships and student support services, and the acceptability of its diplomas and certificates.

The school places a high premium on the contribution that foreign students make towards the development of intercultural communications and understanding throughout the college and the community. This page will inform about College Of the North Atlantic library, jobs, scholarships, tuition fees and courses.

College Of The North Atlantic Map And Location

Stephenville is the town where the College of the North Atlantic is located. This city is a town in Newfoundland and Labrador. Around 1848 and 1870, the city was known as the Acadian Village which consisted of mainly the Roman Catholics. It grew from a very small city to a modern city. The Roman Catholic church was the first educational institution in the city.

This church was established in 1848 by Bishop John T. Mullock. The nightlife in this city is second to none as entertainments are found most nights of the week. The city has numerous indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities. It has a Regional Aquatic Centre which provides residents with a full range of aquatic activities. the Stephenville Theatre Festival attracts visitors all over Canada.

College of The North Atlantic Programs

College of the North Atlantic offers nearly a hundred (100) full-time program offerings and more than Three hundred (300) part-time courses for some 25,000 students annually. Below are the programs offered at the college:

  • Applied arts
  • Business
  • Engineering Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Industrial Trades
  • Natural Resources
  • Tourism Studies.
  • Academics

College of The North Atlantic Scholarships

The College of the North Atlantic Awards Program provides a significant contribution to the education of international students through the encouragement and recognition of high academic performance, leadership and volunteerism and by providing a measure of support to those who may experience financial problems in completing their programs of study.

CNA provides an opportunity to students in many programs to compete for a variety of scholarships, bursaries, awards and prizes. Awards are generated by the generous contribution of our donors who represent numerous companies, organizations, and individuals. Both local and international students are encouraged to apply and should know that awards are granted based on academic performances and other specific criteria. While some awards are granted to high academic achievers, many awards are designated to well-rounded students who are performing satisfactorily in their field of study and who have shown leadership, community/college involvement and school spirit.

College Of the North Atlantic Jobs

Employment opportunities are always available to both local and international students. You could visit the school website and click on the career section. The jobs posted on the platform are students of CNA. You may also contact one of the students’ service professionals listed on the website for more information with career planning, interview skill, resumes and so on

College Of the North Atlantic Tuition Fees

Below are the details of tuition fees paid by international students at the college.

Program Fees

  • Application fee – $100.00 per program
  • Confirmation fee:  $97.00 per academic year.
  • Tuition – Regular Semester (15 weeks) – $3300.00
  • Tuition – Intersession (up to 7 weeks in duration) – $1650.00
  • Out of Sequence/Trades Programs – $220.00 per week
  • Distributed Learning Courses – $825.00
  • Technology fee for Distributed Learning Courses – $100.00
  • In-class course (part-time) – $825.00

Equipment/Materials fees

  • School of Academics – Regular Semester $135.00 / Intersession $67.50
  • School of Applied Arts – Regular Semester $135.00 / Intersession $67.50
  • School of Business – Regular Semester $65.00 / Intersession $32.50
  • School of Engineering Technology – Regular Semester $210.00 / Intersession $105.00
  • School of Health Sciences – Regular Semester $210.00 / Intersession $105.00
  • School of Information Technology – Regular Semester $65.00 / Intersession $32.50
  • School of Industrial Trades – Regular Semester $210.00 / Intersession $105.00
  • School of Natural Resources – Regular Semester $210.00 / Intersession $105.00
  • School of Tourism Studies – Regular Semester $135.00 / Intersession $67.50

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Supplementary Fee – $25.00
  • Re-read Fee – $25.00
  • Resource Camp Fee – $60.00 per day (covers food & lodging when students are taken off-campus for part of their program – not tuition)
  • Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Cheques – $25.00 each
  • Replacement Identification (I.D.) Cards – $15.00
  • Deferred Evaluation Fee (Distributed Learning) – $65.00
  • Replacement Parchment – $25.00
  • Graduation Audit Fee – $50.00
  • Certifications within the program of study
    • First Aid – $125.00
    • Mask Fit Test – $35.00

Please Note that tuition fees can be reviewed from any time.

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