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Best 6 Colleges in Saskatchewan Province, Canada

Get key information on some of the best colleges in Saskatchewan and their average tuition.

One of the most prominent reasons for immigration in to Canada is for tertiary education. Saskatchewan, a province in Canada, with at least two world class institutions, is no stranger to such immigration exercises.

If you’re here, and you’re an intending immigrant, then you are probably looking for information on the best colleges in Saskatchewan for international students, and what sort of opportunities await them.

Different colleges in Saskatchewan offer various courses, programs and opportunities for students. Saskatchewan has some of the best nursing schools in Western Canada. Some of these include Post Graduate diplomas, scholarships, bursaries and grants, some of which are sponsored by the Ministry of Advanced Education in Saskatchewan.

The Ministry of Advanced Ed is known to provide student loans, part time support, or even full waivers in the form of non-repayable funding. They do this by partnering with private colleges in Saskatchewan to provide affordable educational opportunities and study aids.

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Six Best Colleges in Saskatchewan

  1. University of Saskatchewan;
  2. University of Regina;
  3. First Nations University of Canada;
  4. Luther College at the University of Regina;
  5. St. Thomas More College;
  6. Campion College at the University of Regina;

#1. University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is a non-profit-based institution in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Not only is the institution one of the best colleges in Saskatchewan, it is also one of the best colleges in Canada to study Medicine. Furthermore, the school is well known for its prominence in Medicine and medical-related courses of study. It offers various levels of certification including Bachelor’s degrees, Masters, Doctorates, etc.

The school has up to 17 faculties and colleges, offering up to 58 kinds of degrees to students from over 100 countries. This, in addition to the grants and funding opportunities available, make the University of Saskatchewan a choice institution for international students.

Finally, the school has quite the open hand. Like it’s counterpart mentioned before, it has a high acceptance rate of up to 80 – 90% applicants per year; making it one of the least selective schools out there.

The tuition here costs between 7,600 CAD and 12,500 CAD; with the later being the International tuition.

#2. University of Regina

The University of Regina is a vast institution. It has maintained a standard over the years, making it one of the best colleges in Saskatchewan. This school is home to about 16,000 students, with over 50 nationalities within, confirming it a friendly option for international applicants.

With 10 faculties, and 25 departments, this University offers a range of undergraduate courses from Engineering and Applied Sciences to the social sciences and arts.

Furthermore, there are a good number of available Graduate and research courses available in the University of Regina.

University of Regina (or U of R as it is more popularly known), is best known for it’s graduate/research school, and it’s high acceptance rate. Every year, the University of Regina accepts around 80 – 90% applicants, making it one of the least picky schools in the business.

U of R’s 109 years experience are definitely not wasted. Finally, the tuition fee in University of Regina is about 8400 CAD; a decent price for a public college in Saskatchewan.

#3. First Nations University of Canada

Like the University of Saskatchewan, the First Nations University of Canada is one of the non profit-based private colleges in Saskatchewan. They are located in the city of Regina and are what is known as a federated college. Therefore, the FNUC admission processes and their other academic activities are conducted in line with the requirements of their parent institution.

The University offers a range of courses, from Business Education to Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts. In addition, there are also corresponding Master’s degrees available for the branches of education listed above; e.g. Master of Linguistics, Master of Indigenous Social works, etc.

FNUC has a tuition fee of about 6200 CAD. Hence, it is a great choice when searching for cost-sensitive colleges in Saskatchewan. The selection process here is based on past results and prior academic performance.

#4. Luther College

Luther College at the University of Regina is basically an offshoot of the University of Regina. It is another non profit-based college in Saskatchewan, officially recognized by the Ministry of Advanced Education in Saskatchewan. Students in this institution are regarded as students of the University of Regina; hence they pay the same tuition with the University of Regina.

Luther College enrolls students for degrees in courses leading to Bachelor’s degrees, a diploma, or other general certificate courses. They are a small Christian-Lutherian institution, hence, have quite a low acceptance percentage compared to the others mentioned before.

This college is also friendly to international students considering the tuition prices and the availability of bursaries and scholarships. If you intend to school in Saskatchewan, this should probably be in your list as well.

#5. St. Thomas More College

St. Thomas More College is a Catholic offshoot of the University of Saskatchewan. The official term used is it is a federated college, hence students here are also students of the University of Saskatchewan. Therefore, we can say for a fact that they pay the same tuition as the said University.

This college focuses on the liberal arts; that is, humanities and the social sciences. The school offers courses leading up to Bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and other like certification programs.

#6. Campion College

Federated with the University of Regina, Campion College is a Christian-Catholic offshoot of the said university. They are located in the main U of R campus in the urban region of Regina and the students here are also considered as students in the University of Regina.

Courses offered here are in the area of Sciences, Arts or Media Arts, offering a University degree (Bachelor’s degree) at the end of the programme.

Campion College tuition is the same as that of the University of Regina and all Scholarships enjoyed by the students and applicants in U of R are open as well to students of this college. This places the institution at a pole point for international students as well.

Other Colleges in Saskatchewan

Besides the ones already listed above, here are some of the other colleges based in Saskatchewan;

  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • St. Andrew’s College
  • Parkland College
  • Southeast College
  • Eston College
  • North West College
  • Saskatoon Business College, etc.

Average College tuition fee in Saskatchewan

Colleges in Saskatchewan offer value at a decent rate, having an average tuition fee of around 8,000 CAD (Canadian Dollars).

Saskatchewan is easily one of the best states to apply to for undergraduate and post graduate schooling in Canada.

Opportunities like those presented by the Ministry of Advanced Education in Saskatchewan make it so. The list above are some of the best colleges for international students in the province of Saskatchewan and we hope the information is helpful.