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Colombia Investment Visa – Documentation, Validity and Fees

Are you an entrepreneur, investor, or self-employed professional looking for a safe and profitable place to invest your money? Are you interested in either buying property or starting a business in Colombia? Then, a Colombia investment visa may become handy. In a country that’s growing faster than most others in Latin America, obtaining a Colombian investment visa is one of the best residency investment options available to you.

Colombia is one of the most stable and wealthy countries in Latin America. The economy has been growing steadily over the past decade, and it’s now ranked as the second-fastest growing economy in Latin America.

Similarly, it has made strides in recent years to become a more welcoming place for foreign investors. Thanks to its vast economic growth in recent years. Foreign investors can now use this visa to get residency in Colombia if they intend to make sizable real estate investments or purchase real property there. For the need for detailed planning and guidance for obtaining a Colombia investment visa.

Therefore, this blog post will be fully concentrated on enlightening you with the eligibility criteria for EU counties and non-EU countries. In addition, we will also look at document requirements, validity, fees, and investment options for obtaining this type of visa.

About Colombia Investment Visa

The Colombian investment visa allows foreigners to stay in the country for up to three years while carrying out investment activities that meet the investment of the country. It is renewable and usable in establishing your temporary or permanent residency.

Similarly, this visa is available to anyone outside Colombia who meets the Colombia visa requirementsincluding entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals.

To be eligible for the Colombian Investment Visa, you must invest at least $100,000 in a Colombian business or project. You must also have a valid passport and demonstrate that you have the financial resources to support yourself during your stay in Colombia.

Most importantly, this Investment Visa offers several benefits to intended investors who wish to invest in Colombia. These benefits include simplified residency and work permits, access to social security and healthcare programs, and tax exemptions on income earned from investments in Colombia. In addition, you can bring your family members to live with you in Colombia.

So if you’re looking to invest in Colombia, be sure to check out this new investor visa. It will help you get a long-term residency in one of Latin America’s vast economies and investment potential. Here is why you should invest in Colombia.

Why Colombia is a Good place for Investments

For starters, in the investment industry, you are already aware that location is one of the ideal things to consider while looking for a safe and profitable place to invest your money. Colombia is not a bad choice either. Colombia is a great place to invest your money for a variety of reasons.

#1. Colombia has a Stable Economy

The Colombian market is growing rapidly, making it an attractive place to invest money now and in the future. Also, the country h a very favorable tax regime for businesses, with low corporate taxes and no capital gains tax. Similarly, the infrastructure is improving all the time, which makes doing business here easier and more efficient.

#2. The Colombian government offers several incentives for investors

This includes an investment visa that allows you to live and work in Colombia. However, you will have to have to be eligible. By this, we mean you are required to make an investment worth at least $100,000. Investors can obtain a visa easily, and there are many opportunities in various industries.

Additionally, Colombia offers tax incentives and investment visas that make it easy for foreign investors to get started.

There are also numerous opportunities for advancement in various industries in Colombia, so investors can feel confident that their money will be well-spent.

Colombia is a good place to buy gold.

Gold has long been seen as a valuable commodity, and for a good reason. Not only is gold rare and challenging to come by, but it also doesn’t corrode or tarnish. Many people choose to invest in gold for these reasons as a way to protect their money. Hence, Colombia may be a good place to invest in gold. The reason is that the country has several programs that make it easy for foreigners to invest in gold, including an investment visa program. In addition, the Colombian peso is currently weak against the dollar, making gold even more affordable.

#3. Colombians are warm and welcoming

When you think of Colombians, the first thing that likely comes to mind is their warmth and hospitality. A trip to this South American country is an opportunity to experience a new culture and make friends for life. Hence making the country an enjoyable place to live and do business.

#4. Colombia such an attractive destination is the incredible natural beauty

From the snow-capped peaks of the Andes to the Amazon rainforest, there is something for everyone. The country is also home to some of the world’s best beaches, making it a popular vacation spot. So if you’re looking for a new place to invest your money, consider Colombia – you won’t be disappointed!

The cost of living and doing business in Colombia is also low, making it an attractive option for investors.

#5. Easy access to North American markets (Colombia is located just 3 hours away from Miami by plane)

Another benefit of investing in Colombia is its proximity to the United States; it’s just a two-hour flight from Miami. In addition, the cost of doing business in Colombia is relatively low compared to other countries in the region.

#6. Colombia’s Security Situation is not as bad as you think

We advise you to consider considering safety in Colombia in the security situation. Some areas of the country are more dangerous than others due to ongoing conflict between the government and rebel groups. Therefore, it’s crucial to do your research and understand which areas are safe and which ones are not. However, some cities are considered safer than others. Bogota, for example, is considered to be safer than Medellin. This is because Bogota has a larger population and a more established infrastructure. Additionally, it has a lower crime rate than many other cities in Colombia. 

Finally, the cost of living in Colombia is much lower than in most other countries, making it a more affordable place to do business.

All these factors make Colombia an attractive place to invest, and I believe that more businesses will start taking advantage of the opportunities the country has to offer in the coming years.

How to Get a Residency with a Colombia Investment Visa

The Colombian investment visa is a great opportunity for those looking to get a residency in Colombia. This is because you have various investment options to choose from. In addition, there are a few different ways to qualify for it.

  • First, you can invest in a Colombian business. This could be anything from starting your own business to investing in an existing one. You’ll need to show that you have the capital necessary to support your investment, and you’ll also need to meet certain other requirements, such as having no criminal record.
  •  Make capital Investments in Colombian government debt or social-cultural projects. This could be anything from funding a new school or hospital to sponsoring a music or arts program. Again, you’ll need to show that you have the financial resources necessary for this contribution.
  • Your investment can be made in several ways, including through the purchase of property, the creation of a new business, or the expansion of an existing business.
  •  To ensure that you fulfill the eligibility requirements for the visa, you’ll need to show that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family while you’re in Colombia. You’ll also need to provide evidence of your investment of at least $100,000 in Colombian pesos or its equivalent in another currency.
  • The visa is useful for three (3) years and can be renewed for another two years if desired. You will be able to live and work in Colombia during that period.

Types of Colombia Investment Visa

There are different types of Colombia investment visas depending on the amount of money an investor is willing to invest. Each type of investment visa has its requirements and benefits. Hence we will be looking at the three most common types of investment visas in Colombia:  

The capital investment visa is for people who want to invest at least $100,000 in Colombian pesos or its equivalent in another currency. The real estate investment visa is for people who want to invest at least $250,000 in Colombian pesos or its equivalent in another currency in real estate.

Resident Investor’s Visa

This type of visa is available to foreign nationals who want to make an investment in Colombia of at least $100,000. They can also gain residency after investing in real estate or government debts. In addition, after making your investment, this visa allows you to stay in the country for up to three years, and you can apply for permanent residency when you have lived in Colombia for two years.

Eligibility Criteria for Investor Visa

In Colombia, the eligibility criteria for an investor visa are set out in Decree No. 2200 of 1995. To be eligible for a resident investor visa, you must fulfill the resident investor’s visa requirement. Hence you must be able to demonstrate

  • There are no restrictions on the nationality of the investor, so long as they meet all other requirements and must have resided in Colombia for at least two years in the five years preceding the application.
  • That you have a worth of at least US$100,000.
  • The investment can be in any legal form, including real estate, public debt, shares, or a contribution to a Colombian company.
  •  Invest at least US$40,000 in a Colombian company or project approved by the Colombian government.
  • The investment must also create jobs or promote technological innovation in Colombia.
  • You must also provide documentation of your financial assets, including bank statements and investment certificates. This proves that you have enough money in your bank account for the investments.

Business Owner visa

This visa is for investors who want to start a business or purchase a business in Colombia. The minimum investment required is $30,000.

Eligibility Criteria for Business Owner Visa

The main requirement for a business owner visa are as follows:

  • The business must be registered in Colombia and operational for at least two years.
  • The business must also have at least five employees.
  • Additionally, the visa applicant must have at least USD 60,000 in capital to invest in their Colombian business.
  • The visa is good for two years and can be renewed as long as the business continues to meet the requirements.

Retirement or Pension Visa

This visa is for retirees who want to move to Colombia. You can look at it in this dimension. With a Colombia investment visa, you can invest retirement savings in Colombia. The minimum investment required is $200,000.

Eligibility Criteria for Retirement Visa

To be able to sign up for the retirement visa, you must be over 55 years old and have at least $1,000 per month in pension income.

Who Do Not Need to Apply

Foreign investors who wish to put their money in Colombia’s economy. If you are a foreign investor from EU countries, you do not need to apply for an investment visa. However, your visa entry is limited to a period.

Who Needs to Apply

However, if you are a foreign national from a non-EU country, you will need to apply for a visa. You will also need to meet all the requirements and follow the application processes.

Documents Required to Obtain a Colombia Investment Visa

The specific documents needed vary depending on your nationality and the type of visa you are applying for. Hence they are as follows:

  • Photocopy the general data page of your valid passport: This requires you to present a color or a black and white photocopy of either the first page of your valid passport, which indicates your biographical data.
  • If you are a citizen of the United States, Canada, or the European Union, you will need to provide a notarized copy of your passport
  • Submit proof of Legal entry: you will be required to submit a photocopy or scan copy of the last entry/exit stamps into Colombia.
  • Submit a scanned copy or photocopy of the previous Colombian visas you held.
  • You have to submit a white background Passport-style face photo, sized 3 cm wide X 4 cm tall. The maximum file size for online applications is 300 kb .jpg.
  • health insurance certificate policy that covers the medical expenses of at least 57 legal minimum wages (approximately $13,500), death coverage of 5.7 minimum wages (approximately $1,350), and coverage for repatriation of remains of 17 legal minimum wages (approximately $4,000).
  • Submit a criminal record. This document is expected to be duly apostilled, legalized, as well as being translated into Spanish by a certified translator.
  •  An invitation letter from a Colombian company or individual. This letter should detail your role in the company or project. And how you will be contributing to the Colombian economy.
  • You will be required to provide paperwork for your financial assets. This includes bank statements and investment certificates confirming that you have at least $100,000 in assets that can be used to invest in Colombia.
  • You must submit a medical certificate detailing that you are free of any contagious diseases.
  • Other nationalities may also be required to provide additional documentation such as birth certificates and letters of recommendation from previous employers.
  • Make sure that you collect all the required documents before submitting your application, as incomplete applications will not be processed.

How to apply for a Colombia Investment Visa

To apply for a Colombia investment visa, you will need to

  • Gather the necessary documents and submit them to the Colombian consulate or embassy in your country of residence.
  • The documents you will need to provide include your passport, application form, proof of investment, police clearance certificate, and medical certificate.
  • You will also need to provide a copy of your criminal record if you have one.
  • The process of applying for a Colombia investment visa usually takes between two and four weeks.
  • Once your application is approved, you will be granted a temporary residence visa which will allow you to stay in Colombia for up to one year.
  • After one year, you can apply for a permanent residency visa, allowing you to stay in Colombia indefinitely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it cost to apply for a Colombia Investment Visa?

When it comes to getting a Colombia Investment Visa, there are a few costs that applicants need to be aware of. The first cost is the visa application fee, which is currently set at USD 260.00. Additionally, applicants will need to pay for their biometric enrollment, which costs an additional USD 25.00. Finally, once the visa has been approved, applicants will need to pay a reciprocity fee of USD 100.00.

How long is a Colombia Investment Visa Valid?

A Colombia Investment Visa is valid for three years. It can be renewed for an additional three years, for six years. After six years, the visa holder must leave the country for at least one year before they are eligible to apply for a new visa.

How long does it take to get a Colombia Investment Visa?

It usually takes a Colombian embassy or consulate five working days to process a visa application in Colombia. However, the visa processing time may sometimes take longer. Therefore, the Embassy of Colombia in Washington, D.C., recommends applicants apply for visas at least 30 days before departure.


A Colombia investment visa is your fast track to a Colombian residency by investment. We have delivered just as promised. Other investments option will help you get the visa if you would love to learn more about the Colombia visa.

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