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Colombia Student Exchange Visa – Application and Documentation

Is it your dream to learn the Spanish language in Colombia? Do you want to do an exchange program or post-graduate course at any Colombian university? Then, you will need a Colombia Student Exchange Visa. Many international students find it difficult when they apply for this visa. It is not because it is hard to obtain. But because they lack information on what to do.

Colombian universities are among the best in the world. For this reason, many international students, especially from Africa, South America, and Asia, choose to study in them. However, they encounter a general problem. That is, how to get the correct visa to learn in Colombia.

Whether you want to acquire a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, or to learn Spanish in Colombia, you must apply for a visa. But, do you know the right thing to do? Do not worry! We got you covered.

Hence, the essence of this blog post. You will learn how to apply for a Colombian Student Exchange Visa, the requirements, validity, processing fees, and time, among others.

What is Colombia Student Visa?

Colombia Student Visa is for international students who wish to study at a Colombian university or college. The visa allows them to live and study in Colombia for one year. However, you can renew your permit annually until you complete your education in Colombia.

Types of Colombia Student Visa

There are three types of student visas in Colombia according to the type and duration of your studies in the country. Therefore, before you apply for your study permit, you must have them in mind. They include:

Migrant (M) visa: For international students who enroll in a Colombian university for undergraduate studies. However, the university must be government-approved.

Visitor (V) visa: If you are in Colombia for an exchange program, a postgraduate study, or a  language course in Spanish, the correct study permit for you is Colombia Student Exchange Visa. It also applies to international students who are in Colombia for internships.

Requirements for Colombia Student Exchange Visa

if you have decided to visit Colombia for either a language course or internship, the next thing is to look for the requirements for this visa. You can contact the Colombian embassy in your country. However, to make things simple for you. So, we have organized all the documents in simple terms for you. They include the following:

#1. Passport

Your passport is the first on the document checklist. It must be valid for at least six months from your departure. Also, it must be in good condition with a blank page for the visa stamp.

#2. Colombia Student Exchange Visa application form

You will need to complete an application form. In the forme. You must provide the following information. They include:

  • Your name
  • Your nationality
  • The purpose of your travel
  • the duration of your stay in Colombia

#3. Photos

You need two 3cm x 4cm of the same color. You must also take the passport on a white background.

#4. Acceptance letter from a Colombian university

Another document you need for a Colombia Student Exchange Visa is the acceptance letter from a government-approved university. It will state the course of study and the duration of your studies in Colombia.

#5. Document to prove the number of hours per week

In addition to your acceptance letter, the university must also send a file indicating the number of hours you spend on your studies. You must spend a minimum of ten hours per week.

#6. Proof of financial means from your sponsor

Your sponsor must present a bank statement showing enough money to sponsor your education in Colombia. The minimum amount must be ten times higher than Colombia’s minimum wage.

#7. Proof of Scholarship

If you are on a scholarship program, you must show evidence of your scholarship. Any official document from the giver can serve.

#8. Proof of the existence of your university in Colombia

Another document you must get from your university is proof of the status of the university. So, your university in Colombia must send a document to show that it is government-approved.

#9. Health insurance

You will need travel insurance to get your Colombia Student Exchange Visa. It must cover the cost of your medical treatment while in Colombia.

Steps to apply for Colombia Student Exchange Visa

Step 1. Find out the nearest Colombian embassy near you

First of all, look for the location of the Colombian embassy or consulate around you. Some embassies do not allow online applications. Therefore, you must visit the embassy in person to submit your application.

Step 2. Contact the embassy about your Colombia Student Exchange Visa

Once you know the location, you must contact the embassy to find out when you will submit your application, especially if the embassy does not allow online applications. Also, find out the requirements for Colombia Student Exchange Visa.

Step 3. Convert all your Colombia Student Exchange documents into PDF format

You must convert all your documents into PDF format. However, if the embassy does not allow online applications, you will submit the documents directly to the embassy in person.

Step 4. Fill out an online application form

You can now fill out an online application. You can do this on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The information you need includes your name, nationality, the duration of your travel, and the purpose of your visit.

Step 5. Select Colombia Student Exchange Visa as visa type

After filling in the information, you must select the type of visa you need. Of course, you will choose Colombia Student Exchange Visa as your visa type.

Step. 6 Upload the PDF format of the documents for your visa

The next step is to upload all the documents you converted into PDF format. You must attach them to your application before submitting them for processing.

Step 7. Select the Colombian embassy or consulate of your choice

You must also select the Colombian embassy to process your application. However, if you are in Colombia, you will choose the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the plec to collect your visa.

Step 8. Select the method of payment for the Colombia Student Exchange Visa

You can select any of the following payment options. However, the payment method you choose will depend on where you are. They include:

  • Online using PSE Electronic Service Provider
  • Servibanca ATM if you are in Colombia
  • Colombian embassy
  • Banco GNB Sudameris in Bogotá if you are in Colombia

Step 9. Wait for processing

The processing time for your visa is about five days. The Colombian embassy or the Ministry of Foreign affairs will contact you once your student permit is ready. Then, you can go o the embassy to collect your visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I apply for a Colombia Student exchange Visa?

You can apply for your student exchange visa from the Colombian embassy in your country. However, if you are a resident of Colombia, you can use the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How much is the Colombia Student Exchange Visa?

The cost of a Student Exchange Visa is 52 euros for citizens of European countries and Cuba. Apart from them, others will pay a visa fee of 72 euros.

What is the validity of a student visa in Colombia?

The validity period of a Colombia Student Exchange Visa is two years. However, it can vary depending on the duration of your studies in Colombia.

Can I use my student visa for medical treatment in Colombia?

Your travel insurance covers your medical treatment in Colombia. However. If you want to visit the country for treatment, you can apply for a Colombia Medical Treatment Visa. It will allow you to receive treatment from a recognized Colombian hospital and doctor.

 Does a student visa allow me to work in Colombia?

No, you can’t work in Colombia with a student visa. To work in Colombia, you must apply for a Colombia Work Visa. It will allow you to work for a Colombian employer for up to two years.

What is the difference between migrant and student exchange visas in Colombia?

A Colombia Migrant Student Visa allows holders to study for a degree in a Colombian university. Alternatively, a Visitor Student Visa or Student Exchange Visa permits you to attend non-degree programs in Colombia.

Is Colombia a safe country for foreigners?

Colombia is a safe and peaceful country for visitors. The residents are very welcoming. Thus, you can settle down with your family in Colombia. Moreover, international students can interact with other international students. Plus, there are many fun things to do in this South American country.


In summary, international students can obtain a Colombia Student Exchange Visa if they meet the requirements. However, you can look for experts to guide you on the application. It is because, without an expert guide, you may become confused about what to do. Thus, you may make a mistake that may lead to visa denial.

Above all, contact the Colombian embassy to enquire about the visa. In addition, you can still use the Ministry of Foreign affairs if you are a resident of Colombia. You will get every information you need from the Colombian embassy in your country of origin or residence or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombia.

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