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Colombia student visa – Application Documentation and Funding

The Colombia student visa is aimed at international students who want to enlist in an academic program in Colombia. It is a specific visa type to facilitate learning for foreigners who dream of schooling in any of the institutions in Colombia.

Colombia is an excellent school with a lot of opportunities. The city is a great place to live with many recreational activities to keep students active. There’s no limit to the possibilities for academic growth in Colombia.

This article will teach you the types, academic programs, funding, documentation, and how to apply for a Colombia student visa. Stay with us!

Why Study in Colombia?

The educational programs in Colombia are rich. Every year, many international students travel to Colombia to study at public and private universities. They attend to earn an undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree, college certificates, or other certificates for short courses.

There are various testimonies of students feeling comfortable with the academic training and environment offered by the country’s institutions. However, the Colombia student visa is essential if you plan on studying in the country for more than six months.

Types of Colombia student visa

Without a doubt, there are two categories of the Colombia student visa. Migrant (M-9) visa and Visitor (V) Visa.

#1. Migrant (M-9) visa

The Migrant (M-9) visa is a visa type that is meant for individuals who wish to study a degree program (such as a bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree) in Colombia. Depending on the length of your study, you can use this Visa for about one year. However, there is no opportunity for you to work as you study.

Peradventure you leave Colombia for over six months without returning, your visa will be deactivated, and you will lose its validity. The cost for applying for the Migrant (M-9) visa is $67.

#2. Visitor (V) Visa

This Visa type is for students who want to carry out non-degree programs like Spanish (or any other languages) in Colombia. Moreover, you must remember that once you have this visitor visa, you can no longer apply for any other type of visa in Colombia. However, you may be lucky to obtain another Visa type if you go to a foreign Consulate in another country for an application.

According to visa agencies, this Visa is valid for six months. However, students wanting to study Spanish may have an exception of a year visa.

The academic program for the Colombia student visa

Not all academic programs can get selected for the Colombia student visa. The qualified programs include:

#1. Intern or Trainee

Interns or trainees are eligible for the Colombia student visa, with the validity of two years. First, however, the activity you propose as a student at Columbia will be checked.

#2. Academic exchange, studies in art or crafts, and postgraduate

You are eligible for this Visa if you intend to advance in your arts or crafts training. Also, you can participate in an academic exchange program or engage in a different educational program at the postgraduate level.

#3. Students of primary, secondary, media, and undergraduate

Suppose you want to attend preschool, middle school, primary, secondary or undergo an undergraduate study. In that case, you can proceed to apply for a visa. This Visa type is valid for 36 months. Although if the duration of your study is less than this period, the visa validity may be lower.

Note: Before you can apply for a visa, you must have been accepted into any academic program in Colombia with at least 10 hours duration per week. Students looking forward to programs better than this period cannot obtain a student visa.

If you are admitted to the institution, you must demonstrate evidence of resources or sufficient funds to cater to your academics. However, you can tender your sponsorship letter if you gain a scholarship from an organization or body.

Funding for the Colombia student visa

To study in Colombia, you need to demonstrate economic solvency, illustrating that the money you have is greater than the legal minimum wage in Colombia. Also, you can give evidence of bank statements for the past six months with no translation from the bank. On the other hand, you can show a credit card statement.

Documents required for the Colombia student visa

There are various requirements for the student visa, and here we have the documents you need for the visa.

#1. Photocopy of Passport: A photocopy of the very first page of your valid passport that gives information on your biographical data. The copy can either be in black, white, or color

#2. Evidence of Legal Entry: Copy the page of your passport showing the last stamp of departure or entry to Colombia.

#3. Photocopy of Previously Issued Visa: Peradventure you’ve been offered a visa for Colombia before, you can provide a copy of the visa to be submitted along with your application.

#4. Admission Letter: Because you’d be going to Colombia for studies, you have to provide a letter of enrollment or certificate of admission to study in higher education, undergraduate school, elementary, or high school in Colombia.

#5. Proof of Economic Solvency or Financial Sponsorship: You need the authorization of your parents and the designation of the individual responsible for your welfare in Colombia. Note that minors need to get authentication by the Colombian notary.

#6. Passport photo: Also, you need a passport photo or digital visa photo taken against a white or off-white background. The picture has to be a size of 100kb maximum jpg file size. It would be best to take it with no hat, white shirt, or earrings.

How To Apply for Colombia Student Visa?

Applying for a Colombian student visa is quite a simple and easy process. However, it would be best to get some things right to get the visa successfully, and we’re here to help. Check below for the five straightforward steps to apply for the visa.

Step one: Enroll into an educational institution in Colombia

The first thing to obtaining a student visa is to check for the institution where you would love to run your program in Colombia. Then, you can apply for a course of study in the institution and pay the application fee.

Suppose you meet the minimum requirements for admission and are offered the opportunity to school in the institution. In that case, you can proceed to the next step. You will be given a letter of acceptance from the institution. Then, you must submit at the embassy or consulate for Colombia in your home country for the student visa application.

Step two: Get the visa application form

Here you need to go online to obtain the visa application form at the website of the ministry of foreign affairs. The information you need for this form is quite general. They include your name, surname, date of birth, passport number, the purpose for travel, etc.

Once you fill out the form, you can submit it along with the other scanned documents you requested.

Step three: Pay the initial visa fee

It is noteworthy that there are two different times you can make payments for the Colombia student visa. The initial fee is the cost of your application which is about $16, and it has to be submitted along with the application form.

Step four: Get a response from the embassy

You will undoubtedly get feedback on your application after submitting it. The response can either be inadmissible, rejected, required, or approved.

If your application is rejected, you missed one or two requirements for the visa. Therefore, you cannot proceed to travel to Colombia for your studies. However, if you get a response that states ‘Required’, you have to send more documents to the consul to support your application.

On the other note, if your application is approved, it means that it went well and you met all the requirements for the visa. So, you will get a student visa to study in Colombia.

Step five: Pay the second visa fee

You can only pay for the second visa fee if your application is approved. After paying, you can proceed to the Colombian embassy or Consulate in your home country with the hard copy of acceptance and all documents you submitted online to get your passport stamped.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a student visa for Colombia?

To get a student visa for Colombia, you must provide documentation that you are enrolled in an accredited school and have the financial resources to support yourself while in the country. You will also need a valid passport and proof of your return ticket.

Can international students work in Colombia?

Yes, international students can work in Colombia with a valid student visa. There are several opportunities for students to find work, including through the university, private companies, or government organizations. Students should research their options and consult with the appropriate authorities to learn about the specific requirements for working in Colombia.

Is a Colombian visa easy to get?

Yes, a Colombian visa is easy to get. There are a few different types of visas that you can apply for, depending on your purpose for visiting the country. The most common type of visa is the tourist visa, valid for up to 90 days.

Do students in Colombia wear uniforms?

There is no standard school uniform in Colombia, but many students do wear uniforms. The most common type of uniform is a white shirt and navy blue pants or skirt.

Does Colombia have private schools?

Yes, Colombia has private schools. Some of the most prestigious schools in the country are private, including Colegio San Bartolomé and Gimnasio Campestre. Private schools can be expensive, but they often offer better facilities and curriculums than public schools.


Getting a Colombia student visa is an excellent move to studying in the outstanding institutions in Colombia. There are bountiful learning opportunities, and you will gain knowledge from distinguished academic experts.

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