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Colombia Visa Requirements: How to apply, Fees and Validity

Are you thinking of visiting Colombia to see the sunny beaches? Then you need to know everything about Colombia visa requirements. Colombia is a beautiful country to visit, especially if you love seeing nature. It’s a South American country famous for being the second-most bio-diverse country globally. You’ll enjoy staying in Colombia due to the country’s friendly people, beautiful architecture, and delicious food.

The Colombia visa policy is different for different nationalities. Thus, you need to know which procedure applies to you. If you are considering traveling to Colombia, you must know the visa requirements. This article will provide an overview of the visa application process, fees, and Validity.

Colombia Visa Policies

Colombia’s visa policy allows nearly one hundred nationals to request permission to stay in Colombia for over 90 days without a visa. These citizens can last up to 180 days but can’t ask for a second extension. It means they can enter Colombia with a valid passport. Examples of these citizens are all European nationals, Albania, Japan, New Zealand, and so on.

However, citizens of countries without a visa-free exemption from Colombia must apply for a visa to gain entry into the country.

Who can enter Colombia with only an ID card?

Furthermore, nationals from some South American countries can also enter Colombia visa-free solely with their ID cards. These include:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Ecuador
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

Types of Colombia visa

As a foreign national, the type of Colombia visa you’ll need depends on the purpose of the visit and the length of time you plan to use in the country. Similarly, you must get the necessary documents in the Colombia visa requirements for the type of Colombia visa you need. Here are the three main types of permits for Colombia.

♯1. Colombia Visitor Visa (V)

It’s also known as a tourist visa, and it’s for foreign nationals that’ll stay in Colombia for a short period. Colombia tourist visa covers purposes such as Tourism and leisure activities, Airport transit, Business, Medical treatment, Journalism, and so on. Holders of this type of visa can stay in the country for ninety days, valid for up to two years for single and multiple entries. The consular or immigration authorities handling your visa application have the power to approve. You can apply for a different type of visa online if you’re from over 140 other countries and territories that need to obtain a permit to enter the country for any reason.

♯2. Colombia Migrant Visa (M)

With this visa, you can live in Colombia for a more extended period or set up a temporary or permanent residence. It allows foreign nationals to stay for three years before renewing it. It covers categories like Columbia Marriage visa, Colombia Work visa, Colombia Student visa, Colombia Investment visa, Colombia Religious visa, etc.

♯3. Colombia Resident Visa (R)

The Colombia Resident visa is perfect for foreign nationals that have had a Migrant visa for four years consecutively. Additionally, you can have a Colombian child or invest a considerable sum of money in Colombia. Another requirement is if you’re reclaiming your Colombian nationality after renouncing it. The visa works for five years at a time, and you can renew it.

General Colombia Visa requirements

It’s vital to submit several required documents while applying for a Colombia visa. The following are the general Colombia visa requirements for all types of access.

#1. Valid Passport Photocopy

First, you’ll need to get a photocopy of the main page of your passport. It must clearly show your biographical information. Furthermore, as the case may be, you can provide your previous Colombian visas or your last stamp of entry or departure from Colombia. Lastly, your passport must have a minimum of two blank pages for the visa stamp and be valid for more than six months.

#2. Application form

An application form for the different visa types you want to obtain is one of the Colombia visa requirements for Indian citizens. You should fill out the application online, and all documents you upload should not exceed 8 MB.

#3. Photo

Your passport photo is part of the Colombia visa requirements for Chinese citizens that doesn’t possess a Schengen visa. It must be in line with the following provision;

  • Taken in the last three months
  • Your whole face must be visible
  • On a white background
  • Not more prominent than 300 KB
  • Must be in JPG format for online application
  • 3 cm × 4 cm in size

#4. Flight itinerary

Proof of your travel is also one of the visa requirements in Colombia. It shouldn’t necessarily be a flight ticket, but a travel reservation will suffice. Furthermore, it can be your return ticket.

#5. Proof of accommodation

Another critical document of the Colombia visa requirements for Indian citizens is proof of accommodation. It can be a letter from your host showing that you can stay while visiting Colombia. Meanwhile, you can also present your hotel reservation.

#6. Proof of financial means

Another Colombia visa requirement for Cuban citizens is evidence indicating you can financially sustain yourself while in Colombia. Again, your bank statements from the previous six months will do the work.

#7. Cover letter

A cover letter by the host company’s legal representative about why you’re traveling and who will bear the expenses is vital. It should also state your personal information in detail.

#8. Letter of invitation

If you’re going to Colombia for business purposes, a letter of invitation is one of the visa requirements in Colombia. It’s a letter detailing the purpose and the duration of your stay and a summary of the activities you’ll do. Additionally, it should also include the company’s registration documents.

#9. Travel Insurance

Another Colombia visa requirement for Indian citizens is travel insurance. It should cover your health for the entire duration of your visit to Colombia. Applicants should get travel insurance from a Colombian insurance company.

#10. Medical Certificate

A medical certificate is also part of the Colombia visa requirements for Indian citizens. Therefore, it would be best to get an Original YFC (Yellow Fever Certificate) at travel time.

Steps to apply for a Colombia Visa

Before applying for a Colombia visa, you should research the location of the nearest Colombian consulate in your country. You can follow the steps below to apply for all types of Colombia visas if you meet the visa requirements for Colombia. Please note that you must finish the application within thirty minutes, or the session will expire. The steps include;

#1. Fill out the online Colombia visa application form

You must fill out your application and answer the questions carefully online. The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides the website. Start by inputting your name, nationality, and passport number. You’ll also answer questions about your purpose of visit.

#2. Choose the type of visa you need.

#3. Attach an electronic copy of the permit.

#4. Attach PDF files of all the necessary documents.

Since you have known the entire document you need to submit, you should submit it in a PDF format.

#5. Choose the Colombian Embassy/Consulate where you want to submit your application.

You must choose the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) office in Bogota as your visa application location while applying from within Colombia.

#6. Select the method of payment for the visa fee.

Make use of the four available payment methods for the Colombia visa fee. These include Online via the PSE Electronic Service Provider, the Colombia consulate, a Servibanca ATM (if you’re within Colombia), and Banco GNB Sudameris in Bogota.

When applying for a Colombia visa, you must pay two fees; the visa processing fee and another fee when the application is successful. If you’re processing the application from Cuba or a European country, you’ll pay a processing fee of €40. Meanwhile, you’ll have to pay a processing fee of €52 if you’re applying from within Colombia or a non-European country.

#7. You will get a notification through email about the status of your visa application.

#8. Lastly, if you have received a positive notification, visit the Colombian Consulate or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Bogotá to obtain your visa.

Please note that you must visit the local immigration authorities (migracion Colombia) to register your stay after you reach Colombia. Applicants must do it within fifteen days of entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a foreigner stay in Colombia?

A foreigner can stay in Colombia for up to 90 days and can extend it for another 90 days making 180 days.

Is it safe to travel to Colombia now?

Yes, it’s safe if you stay away from remote areas. It is due to an increase in crime in remote areas.


In conclusion, you’ll need a Colombia visa to travel to Colombia. The Colombia visa requirements are different for each nationality, so it’s essential to check the specific requirements for your country. Generally, you will need to provide a valid passport, proof of onward travel, and proof of sufficient funds. Applicants may also need to get a letter of invitation from someone in Colombia.

Applicants must append their signatures to the application and include a passport-style photograph. The visa application process can be online or at a Colombian embassy or consulate. The visa fee varies depending on your nationality, and the visa is valid for up to 180 days.

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