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Colombia Volunteering Visa – Eligibility and Application

The Colombia volunteering visa is a temporary visa permit. It is a visa type that gives opportunities to individuals who want to make a difference and give back to the community in Colombia. It is an unpaid job opportunity specifically for people interested in charity.

Colombia is great for volunteering! There are many opportunities to get involved in the community and assist the less privileged. In addition, many organizations are on the lookout for new volunteers. So, you will surely get a chance at Colombia.

Here in this article, we have an explanation of the Colombia volunteering visa, the volunteering opportunities, eligibility criteria, the best time to volunteer, documents needed, and how to apply for the Colombia voluntary visa.

About Colombia volunteering visa

The Colombia volunteering visa is a program that allows people from around the world to volunteer in Colombia. Volunteers are placed in schools, hospitals, and other community organizations throughout the country. The visa is valid for up to 12 months, and volunteers must work at least 20 hours per week.

In addition to carrying out volunteering activities, you will get to know about Colombian architecture and the rich cultural heritage of the country. Also, its landscape offers the alluring trifecta of the Amazonian rainforest, Andean mountains, and Caribbean beaches.

Eligibility criteria for the Colombia volunteering visa

Colombia offers a visa for volunteers who want to come and help with various projects in the country. This visa is valid for up to one year. It allows volunteers to stay in Colombia for the duration of their project. To be eligible for the visa, applicants must be 18 years or older and have a valid passport. In addition, they must demonstrate that they have the financial resources to support themselves while in Colombia. Also, they must prove that they have the skills and experience necessary to complete the project you have chosen.

Volunteering opportunities in Columbia

Generally, Colombia offers a meaningful and memorable volunteering experience. However, suppose you want to join the volunteer project in Colombia. In that case, you will have the opportunity to work in programs focusing on environmental issues, animal rescue, etc.

These are some of the many opportunities to volunteer at Colombia

  • Enciende El Fuego
  • Fundación Vivatma
  • Fundación Organizmo
  • Cultivarte
  • Minga House
  • Centro Mundial de la Felicidad
  • Tinguacó Foundation
  • Fundación Talento Colectivo

Best time to volunteer in Colombia

Colombia does not experience temperature changes because it is close to the equatorial line. However, the country experiences two rainy seasons and two dry seasons. The dry seasons in Colombia are July to August and December to March. However, December to February is famous for tourism in the country. Hence, accommodation and transportation are often high.

Documents needed for the application for the Colombia volunteering visa

According to the Colombian embassy or consulate, here are the crucial requirement to apply for a volunteering visa.

#1. Passport pictures

Without a doubt, you need about 2 to 3 passport size pictures for your application. It must be of 3 by three dimensions, recently taken and clear.

#2. Copy of passport

You need to provide a copy of the front page of your passport (showing your details) and the page of your last Colombian visa (if any).

#3. Official letter

Assuredly, you must provide a letter signed by the legal representative of the private organization you are going to in Colombia. In the letter, you must make a succinct description of the volunteering activities, the length, agenda of the program, assumption of all cost responsibilities, the expenses of the flight ticket, and the work program.

#4. Certificate from the non-government organization

Since you will be obtaining the Colombia visa for volunteering, provide a signed certificate from the legal representative of the NGO you plan to visit in Columbia. They must certify your competence and experience related to the activities to carry out in the country.

#5. Identity of the NGO

Importantly, you must include a valid document that testifies to the existence of the organization you plan to work with. This may include pages that contain the social object, identity, stock composition, capital, and function of the legal entity. These documents must be issued by the proper Colombian authority or from other countries that differ from Colombia issued in the last 90 days.

It is noteworthy that this requirement can be substituted by evidence that the organization has a known status as the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC).

#6. Application form

You should sign ad complete The form “DP-FO-67 and not by any intermediary.

#7. Request letter from the NGO

The private organization you wish to volunteer for should request a visa. Stating responsibilities of your expenses during your stay in Colombia and that of your dependent (if applicable). Also, they must stress their intentions of terminating all activities after completing the exercise.

In case of expulsion, death, or expiration of the period to be used, they must agree to the cancellation of the visa.

How to apply for the Colombia volunteering visa

After collating all documents for the visa, you can proceed to apply. Here, we have the step-wise guide to make your application process easy.

Step one: Visit the online visa application system

Firstly, you must obtain the online visa application form for the Colombia volunteering visa. You can get this from the website of the ministry of foreign affairs. Then, you should fill in your details and upload your documents (in electronic format).

Once you complete the application form, you will receive a mail confirming your application’s recipients. You receive a mail saying Solicitud Visa inadmitida if you do not complete your documentation or if you add incorrect information.

Step two: Pay the visa application fee

You can either pay for the Colombia volunteering visa online or in person. If you make a payment online, the receipt of your payment must be generated the same day you paid. If not, you may have to request a new receipt a maximum of two days after your payment. However, if you wish to pay in person, you can visit the embassy to pay the visa fee. The cost of applying for the Colombia volunteering visa is about 154 euros, $205.

Step three: Contact the primary secretary for an appointment

You have to contact the primary secretary of the consulate or embassy you want to visit to set up an appointment for your visa.

Step four: Attend the appointment for your visa

On the stipulated day of your appointment, visit the embassy or consulate. Be aware that you need to answer a few questions. These questions may be why you need to volunteer and choose Colombia.

Having satisfied the requirements and answered all questions correctly, the Colombia volunteer visa will be fixed to your passport (if your application is successful). Then, you can get set to travel down to the country.

Hint: It will be profitable to do some research and know some things about Colombia before attending the appointment. Also, it would be best to cultivate the habit of saying nice things about the country since Colombians are proud people and always interested in individuals who show interest in their country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I volunteer in Colombia?

There are many ways to volunteer in Colombia. You can find opportunities on websites like VolunteerMatch.org or Idealist.org. You can also check with local organizations or churches to see if they have any volunteer opportunities.

Do you need a visa for volunteer work?

You will need a visa for volunteer work. The type of visa you need will depend on the country you are volunteering in and the nature of the work. For example, you may need a medical visa if you volunteer in a hospital. On the other hand, if you are volunteering with an NGO, you may need a tourist visa with volunteer status.

Can I volunteer on a visitor visa?

It depends. However, you must be sure to comply with the terms of your visa. For example, you may only volunteer for a certain number of hours per week or month.

How can I volunteer abroad?

There are a few different ways to volunteer abroad: One way is to find a program that a reputable organization runs. These programs usually have a fee, but they also provide volunteer support and training.

Another option is to find a project or organization and contact them directly. This can be a cheaper option, but finding a good fit can also be more challenging.

Can I volunteer abroad for free?

Yes, you can volunteer abroad for free, but you should keep a few things in mind:

  1. You’ll need to cover your costs for travel and accommodation.
  2. You’ll need to find a volunteer opportunity that doesn’t require a fee.
  3. Many reputable organizations offer volunteer opportunities worldwide, so do your research to find the best fit for you.


Undoubtedly, aside from volunteering being a rewarding exercise, it allows you to give back to the world and assist the vulnerable. We have provided a guide on how to apply for the Columbia volunteering visa. Given the different volunteering opportunities you can find in the country. You can check back if not clear.

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