Columbia College Calgary, Canada

Columbia College Calgary, is a vocational education institution located in, Canada. Columbia College was established in the late 1980s. The college was originally known as “Columbia Institute of Canada”. Founded by Tom and Nola Snell the school opened with a small range of programs primarily aimed at helping local disabled individuals sustain employment and upgrade their existing education. The institution offers certificate and diploma qualifications in a range of subjects. Government-funded scholarships are offered to students without the means to pay the fees. Over the years the College has expanded its programs to include a variety of professional programs in addition to its roots in Academic Upgrading and English as a second language.

Columbia College provides accelerated adult education programs. Students can complete up to one academic year of post-secondary education during every six months they attend Columbia College.

The Columbia Learning Society was created in 1998 with the aim to raise money in order to provide scholarships to learners in financial difficultybwho wish to attend the College. The society also offers educational scholarships for free weekend tutoring sessions to young children.

Programs Offered At Columbia College, Calgary

University Transfer Program-

This program allows students to take their first and second year university-level studies in the more personal atmosphere of a smaller college before transferring to second or third year at a university.

Associate Degrees Program

The institution is authorized to offer two-year Associate Degrees. These degrees, awarded upon completion of at least 20 courses (and the fulfillment of specific requirements) are useful both as a stand-alone qualification and also as a basis of admission to third year at university.

High School Programs

Columbia College’s High School programs are certified by the Province of British Columbia. Students aspiring to gain admission to a Canadian university will be well-equipped academically when they graduate from one of the College’s High School programs. The College offers four distinct High School program options. Note that only completion of the Senior Secondary Program will allow a student to be eligible for direct entry to a university, while successful completion of the other programs will allow a student to enter the University Transfer Program at Columbia College.

There are four programs available:

  • Senior Secondary
  • Accelerated Secondary
  • Adult Secondary
  • University Preparatory

Academic ESL Program

The Academic Preparatory English Program provides English instruction for two types of students:

  • Students who have been accepted into an Academic Program but whose English skills are deemed insufficient
  • Students wanting an academic environment in which to learn English

There are five levels in which students may be placed based on their performance on assessment or placement tests. Students may begin their program at the beginning of any semester or at any mid-semester entry point if they are taking full time English.

Tuition Fees At Columbia College


  • Full-time | $19,500
  • Part-time | $650 per semester hour

Housing and Meal Plan | Annual First-Year

  • On-Campus Housing | $3,900
  • Meal Plan | $4,000

Housing and Meal Plan | Annual

  • On-Campus Housing | $3,900 – $4,900
  • Meal Plan | $1460 – $4,000

Tuition | Online

  • Undergraduate tuition is $395 per semester hour which includes e-books. There are no extra fees and technology is included.

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