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Common Doubts Canadian Visa Applicants Have

Canada is one of the most visited countries globally by different nationals for different purposes. This could be as a result of it quality of life, education, job opportunities, diplomatic missions amongst others

Yearly, Canada immigration receives more than 500,000 visa applications for either temporary or permanent resident from applicants globally.

Undoubtedly not all these applications scale through mostly due to common doubts Canadian visa applicants have during application process.

Canada immigration service continue to improve on it efficiency especially on visa application processing time. Considering the six million visas and electronic travel issued to visitors, international students and temporary workers in 2018 by Canada.

This shows that Canada is friendly to international communities and recognizes the potentials in immigrants towards boosting their economy

It is evident that once the common doubts Canadian visa applicants have during application are properly fixed immigration becomes easier.

Most importantly, understanding the different categories of Canadian visa and their application requirements gives you an edge.

So the Canadian visa types are as listed below:

  • Visitor visas.
  • Student visas.
  • Work visas.
  • Permanent Residence visas.
  • Business Immigrant visas.
  • Express Entry Program visas.
  • Canada temporary Visa

Also the types of Visa are further divided into different categories.

However, contacting Canadian immigration or it embassy in your country could help solve most common doubts visa applicants have.

Common doubts Canadian visa applicants have 

Below are some of doubts some canadian visa applicants have:

If application requirements for all types of Visa are the same

Significantly, Canadian visa applicants focus more on the general visa application requirements rather than identifying specific requirements for their visa types.

These are more peculiar to people applying for temporary resident visa in Canada. Note, Temporary resident visa is categorized into:

  • Canada Tourist visa
  • Canada super visa
  • Diplomatic and official visa
  • Courtesy visa
  • Canada business Visa
  • Maternal Visa
  • Working holiday visa

So while applying for any of the above visa, you check both the general and specific eligibility requirements to avoid doubts.

The need to hire a consultant

This question pops up mostly to first time Canadian visa applicants who aren’t familiar with the procedures, terminologies and technicalities.

Preferably, hiring a consultant to assist in applying Canadian visa could help eliminate Common doubts Canadian visa applicants have.

This is because the consulting firms are more familiar with the application process for the different categories and types of Visa applications. They are also well updated about new policies and technicalities around visa application so they know how to present information.

Visa type suitable for immigration purpose      

Certainly people visits Canada for different reasons but not many are confident of type of Visa suitable for their visits. So to avoid common doubts Canadian visa applicants have during application process, check through the brief description of visa types and categories below:

Visitor Visa in Canada: It is a document issued by the Canadian immigration to visitors to travel and enter Canada for a specific duration. It is also called temporary resident visa.

Students Visa in Canada: It is a document issued to foreign students that gained admission to Canadian academic institutions. Students on short time courses of less than six months get temporary resident visa while above get student visa.

Work visa: This is also called work permit, it is issued to foreigners who have secured job offer in Canada to work for certain period. Basically you need to apply for it as soon as you get a job offer in Canada.

Permanent resident visa (PR): It is an official document issued by Canadian immigration to foreigners to enable them settles permanently and enjoy benefit of Canada citizens. This is the target most immigrants set while applying for Canadian visa due to its enormous benefits. Fortunately most applicants of PR don’t experience common doubts Canadian visa applicants have because their familiarity with Canadian immigration practices.

Business Immigrant visa: It is an official document issued by Canadian immigration to foreigners coming to Canada for business purposes.

Express Entry Program visa: It is a form visa that is open to everyone who has unique and highly demanding skills in Canada.

Maternal Visa: This category of visa is given to foreign pregnant women who intend to give birth in Canada. The advantage in this type of Visa is that child given to in Canada automatically become a Canadian citizen.

Courtesy visa: This category of visa is given to influential people who are visiting Canada but neither on official nor diplomatic missions. These categories of people are mostly on trade missions or with touristic intention.

Canada Super Visa: This category of visa is issue to parents and grandparents to visit their children who are Canadian permanent residents.

Diplomatic and official visa: This category of Visa is issued to government officials and diplomats from foreign countries to enter Canada for official duties and purposes

Working holiday visa: This category of visa is issued to Young men from 30 countries to work for stipulated time in Canada. The selection is done randomly from the applications submitted to Canadian immigration.

Canada Tourist visa: This category of visa is issued by Canadian immigration to foreigners intending to immigrate to Canada for tourism purpose.

Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP): This category of visa is given to caregivers who are qualified to take care for elderly, adult and children with disabilities living in their homes in Canada.

Startup Program Visa: This category of permanent visa is issued to foreigners with intention to grow Canada’s economy. Conditions attached to this category of visa are:

  • Immigrant must have minimum of $300,000 CAD
  • Commit his or her wealth into managing and employ within three years of stay in Canada.

Note, the Express Entry Visa which is solely on skills can be categorized into 4 types which are:

What method of visa application is the best?

The method of Visa application is another common doubts Canadian visa applicants have during application process. Generally there are two methods of visa application to Canada which are paper based and online based application.

Paper based application: This method of application require you to go the nearby Canadian Embassy or consulate to get the visa application form. The form is filled manually and every required document attached then submitted for processing and assessment.

Online base application: This method involves you applying for the Canadian visa online through the immigration official site and uploads all relevant documents.

To clear your doubt on the best method to apply for Canadian visa application, online method remains the best. This is because it is pretty easy for the immigration office to sort, assess and process online application compared to paper base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)              

What are the documents required for Canadian Visa application?

Important documents required for Canadian visa application are listed below to avoid common doubt Canadian Visa applicants have.

  • Your passport
  • Canada visa application form
  • Proof of paid Canada visa fees
  • Proof of clean criminal record.
  • Proof of being medically fit and adaptability
  • Photographs in accordance with the photo requirements for Canada visa.
  • Proof of financial strength
  • Identity and Civil Status Documents
  • A cover letter( this should clearly state your aims and objectives to visit Canada)
  • Letter of support/invitation to Canada.

How long does it take to process a Canadian visa?

Most Canadian visas are processed within two weeks minimum however it could take longer time depending on the information available. The visa processing time could take longer especially if vital documents like Proof of criminal, financial and medical records are missing.

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