Common mistakes during Canada Express Entry application this year

Common mistakes during Canada Express Entry application this year. It is important to understand all the requirements and eligibility criteria before applying for immigration. With this, it will make the application process very smooth and successful. Incomplete application is one of the major reason for Express Entry Application Denial.

Most immigrant makes use of the Express Entry scheme. It is one of the most highly sought after scheme for hopeful immigrants. It is an application management system through which Immigrants, Refugees and Citizenship Canada manage the applications, by first issuing an application to the immigrants to apply before submission is allowed.

Wrong Language test results Can Lead To Express Entry Application Denial

Before embarking on a language test, first confirm if it is the right language test you are suppose to take or not, in other not to take the wrong language test as this may lead to your application to be denied. The test result must NOT be sent directly to the IRCC. Get the results yourself, and then send the duplicate copy to them although you will be asked to show the original one later on.

Wrong Or Invalid Job Offer/ Offer From Scam Employer In Canada And Same Being Used In Express Entry Profile

Endeavour to check whether the job offer you are submitting under the Express Entry system is eligible for it or not. Any job offer that does not meet the eligibility requirements must NOT be submitted. Job offers from certain organizations like British high commission or a Canadian consulate, embassy, employers belonging to Quebec, ineligible employers under IRCC’s list or an employer who has not even completed a year of his business are considered not qualified for the Express Entry system.

Avoid giving false information regarding your age, language ability or any other particular. The consequences for falsifying your profile is 5 years immediate ban from entering Canada.

Wrong Information Regarding Education In The Immigration Application

Your foreign degree is NOT of equal status to that of a similar Canadian degree. Never assume it is. Always undertake an Educational Credential Assessment from a certified organization so that the immigration officer who is interested in hiring you does not doubt your educational credentials. It is very important not to delay the ECA because, if you do not get the results in time, your Express Entry will automatically be cancelled as there will be no way to verify your foreign educational credentials. Always be honest in your application.

Not Signing the Application Forms Results To Express Entry Application Denial

It happens all the time. When a form is not signed where the applicant is suppose to sign. For instance, up to 3 signatures may be required on one page on the Additional Family Information form. Often people sign the bottom of this form and miss the fact that 2 other signatures are also required, depending on whether there is a spouse or children. Failing to sign this (or any other immigration form) properly means a returned file weeks (or even months!) after it has been filed.

Another example is a form that has a section that requires signatures only if a translator was used. If no translator is used and you mistakenly sign in this spot, your application will be rejected and sent back to you at some point in the future. It is always good to Double-check your immigration application forms and sign where required – with emphasis on “where required”.

Paying the Fee Incorrectly

Different immigration streams require different methods of payment. Your payment options will depend on where you are paying from, and what you are paying for. You may be able to pay online, through a bank draft, by certified cheque or money order.

For example, if you pay the Right of Permanent Residence fee by bank draft to the foreign visa office, it will likely be returned to you and delay your application as this fee is usually paid online in Canada. Many visa offices will accept the equivalent fee in your local currency, but you must check the specific website for that office to determine the amount of the fee in local currency – do not assume or simply use the current exchange rate – it won’t be the same.

Be sure to pay the correct amount. If not, your application will be delayed or will be sent back to you. Be very careful how you pay your fees and the amount you have to pay. Getting high point score can help your Express Entry application. You can also see the recruitment process in Canada.

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