Common Mistakes Made On Canadian Immigration Applications

There are many common mistakes applicants make when filing their immigration applications to the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Some mistakes are incapable of causing any serious danger while others can cause great damage to the applicant’s immigration future.

Though, some candidates genuinely fail to understand the questions while others try to answer the questions as they think is best to them. But, some others have deliberately lied and filled in the wrong information. These have led to many avoidable errors or irreversible damage to some immigration applications.

This article will highlight some mistakes made on Canadian immigration applications for permanent or temporary residence.

Mistakes Made On Canadian Immigration Applications

This mistakes or errors can be avoided when submitting your application.

1. Forgetting To Sign On the Application Forms

Some applicants make this plunder almost every time. An application form is not signed where the applicant is required to sign. For instance, the Additional Family Information form may require up to Three (3) signatures on one page.

Oftentimes, people just sign at the bottom of this form, forgetting that Two (2) other signatures are also required. This has contributed to many rejections. Always double check your immigration application form and sign where required.

2. Paying the Fee Incorrectly

There is various form of payments, depending on the immigration streams applied for. In other words, different streams required different payment methods.

Most Canadian immigration fees are usually paid online. If you pay the Right of Permanent Residence fee by bank draft to the foreign immigration office, it will likely be rejected and delay your application as usually this fee is paid online in Canada.

So, ensure you pay correctly and pay the correct amount, as incorrectly paid fee might delay or reject your application.

3. Providing Only Those Documents Listed on the IRCC Checklist

Providing only those information listed on the IRCC website, sometimes may not be enough to have your application approved, and IRCC will not approve your application.

So, we always recommend that you provide sufficient supporting documents to prove the authenticity of your status or identity IRCC. This can be very helpful in moving the application forward and getting approval.

4. Misinformation or Not Explaining Missing Information 

Providing wrong information on your application form to IRCC is a serious offence according to Canadian immigration law. The IRCC always rely on information provided by the applicants to make a decision on their file, and it expects that this information provided is genuine.

If you are caught, the consequences are grave. You may be blacklisted or face exclusion from Canada for at least 2 years or more.

5. Mailing the Application

IRCC always require that you mail your application form through the appropriate channel for processing. It is advisable to use registered mail or a courier service. This enables you to track the application form and have proof that it got to its destination.

Sometimes, mail can get lost and you may spend weeks wondering why IRCC has not acknowledged the receipt of your application, only to discover that it never got to its destination.