Comoros Visa Requirements – Application, Documentation, and Types

If you plan to travel to Comoros, you need to know what documents you will bring along. The Comoros Visa requirements vary from country to country, and you must be familiar with the requirements and the processes before you apply for a Visa.

However, the Comoros Islands are located in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique. Also, they consist of four main islands and several smaller ones.

Generally, there are no specific requirements for visiting Comoros. However, if you want to travel to Comoros, you should apply for a visa at the French Embassy or Consulate nearest where you live. So, read this article for the details of Comoros Visa Requirements, Application, Documentation, and types.

About Comoros

Comoros is an archipelago nation made of nine islands in the Indian Ocean. The islands are located northeast of Madagascar and south of the island nation of Mauritius. The capital is Moroni. The population is approximately 374,000 people. The official languages are French and Comorian. Islam is the predominant religion. The economy is primarily based on tourism and agriculture.

What is a Comoros Visa?

A Comoros visa is a travel document allowing foreigners to visit the island. However, it is issued by the Comoros Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Moreover, the visa is necessary for all visitors, including citizens of countries that are not considered Schengen member states. However, the Comoros visa process is straightforward and typically takes less than a week to obtain.

Who can enter Comoros without a Visa?

According to the 2012 international travel report, nationals of Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo can visit Comoros visa-free for thirty days. Conversely, nationals of Cote d’Ivoire must obtain a visa before arrival.

Types of Comoros Visa

Comoros visa types include tourist, business, student, and other types of visas.

However, Tourist visas are valid for 180 days and allow visitors to stay in the country for tourism purposes only. Whereas, Business visas are valid for one year and allow visitors to conduct business in Comoros. Also, the Student visas are valid for up to one year and allow students to study in Comoros. Other types of visas include humanitarian visas, diplomatic visas, and different types of visas.

Tourist Visa: Besides tourist purposes, visiting, and not being for business purposes, you can obtain this on arrival for thirty euros. This can be used for 45 days.

Transit visa- This voucher is usually provided to foreign tourists before aquamarine islands. Meanwhile, it is valid for 24 hours.

Long stay visa- This is for a more extended stay of over 45 days in Comoros and will cost 255 euros.

General Requirements for a Comoros Visa

The General Requirements for a Comoros Visa are as follows:

  1.  A valid passport is at least six months beyond the date of intended travel. A return ticket.
  2. Proof of sufficient funds to cover the duration of stay in Comoros.
  3. A letter from the sponsor/employer is stating that you will be working for them and providing your salary, type of work, and expected duration of stay in Comoros.

Requirements for a Comoros Student Visa

Before you apply for or be eligible for a Comoros Visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A valid passport that is valid for six months a year is what is needed when you get to Comoros.
  • The passport must have two blank pages. Also, copies of International Yellow fever vaccination certificates should be available.
  • Proof that you want to gain admission into university in Comoros.
  • Photocopies of the passport.
  • Photocopies of the travel itinerary or a round-trip ticket.
  • I prioritized other travelers during the trip because of the proper visa fee payment.
  • Travel insurance was in effect throughout the trip.
  • I had priority over other travelers during the trip because of the proper visa fee payment.
  • Travel insurance was in effect throughout the trip.

Requirements For Comoros Tourist Visa

The Comoros visa requirements for a tourist visa tourist visas were:

  • A valid passport or national identification card
  • Entry visa
  • Quota stamp
  • Proof of funds (travel insurance, cash, or a hotel reservation confirmation)
  • Photographs (for visa application only; no need to take photos upon arrival in Comoros).

Tourist visas can be available at any Comoros embassy or consulate.

Requirements For Comoros Business Visa

Requirements for Comoros business visas are as follows:

  • The applicant must have a valid passport and visa from their country of residence.
  • The applicant must have an invitation letter from a Comoros business or government entity.
  • The applicant must have sufficient funds to cover the costs of the visa application process and stay in Comoros while in the country.
  • The applicant must provide evidence that they will not interfere with the normal functioning of the Comoros economy.

How to Apply for the Comoros Visa

There are a few things that you should do to prepare for applying for a visa to Comoros.

  1. Research the visa requirements and ensure you have all the required documents.
  2. Please make a list of the people who will be traveling with you and make sure that they have valid passports and visas.
  3. Make the Visa payment
  4. Arrange for an embassy or consulate appointment in advance if possible.
  5. Get ready to travel to Comoros as soon as they approve your visa.

What are the Visa Fees for Comoros Visa

Comoros Visa Fees are:

  • The visa fees for Comoros are $25 for a single entry and $40 for a multiple entry visa.
  • Also, you must pay an additional $5 per person if you travel with a child.
  • There is a processing fee of $30 payable at the time of application.
  • Then, you must have your passport valid for at least six months from your intended return date.

How long does it take to process a Comoros Visa?

Comoros Visa processing time can vary depending on your applying country. However, the average time to process a Comoros visa is around two weeks. Therefore, please get in touch with your embassy or consulate if you have any questions or concerns about your visa status.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Comoros require a visa?

Comoros is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. However, the country is made up of three islands. Visitors can obtain both types of visas at the embassy or consulate. Also, visitors must show proof of hotel reservations and sufficient funds to cover their stay.

Is Comoros visa-free for Nigerians? 

Nigerians have been able to travel to Comoros visa-free since May 1, 2017. This is because both countries are part of the African Union. Previously, Nigerians needed a visa to enter Comoros. However, the visa requirements may change shortly as relations between the two countries continue to improve.

What requirements do I need for a Comoros visa? 

A Comoros visa is a travel document that allows citizens of Comoros to enter and reside in countries that are part of the Schengen Area. Meanwhile, you must submit the visa application to the embassy or consulate of the country you intend to visit. In addition, you will need to provide proof of your identity, nationality, and travel plans.

However, the visa application process can be time-consuming, so have all the necessary documents ready when you apply.

How can I obtain a Comoros visa?

If you need to visit the Comoros Islands, you will first need to obtain a visa. However, visas are available from most countries, but you may need to apply in advance. Also, you can obtain a visa on arrival at some airports, but this is not always the easiest option. Finally, you should check with your local embassy or consulate for more information.

Is Comoros part of the United Arab Emirates? 

Comoros is an archipelago country consisting of nine islands in the Indian Ocean. However, the islands are officially part of the United Arab Emirates, but many Comorians disagree with this claim, believing that the archipelago should be its nation. Additionally, the UAE does not recognize Comoros’s independence from France, which has led to tensions between the two countries.

Is Comoros’s passport adequate?

Comoros’ passport is not adequate in many cases. For example, if you are traveling to a few countries in the African Union and travel lightly, then the Comoros passport may be adequate for you; however, if you are traveling to more than six countries in the African Union. Also, when you plan on staying in one country for a different period, a valid passport from a European Union or North American country is likely more effective.


In conclusion, the Comoros visa requirements are simple. Applicants must have a valid passport and visa application form. Also, they must provide documentation proving that they will not interfere with the peace and security of the country. Generally, there are no visa requirements for citizens of France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, or the United Kingdom.

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