Concordia University of Edmonton, Canada

The Concordia University of Edmonton is a private publicly funded university located in the heart of Alberta in Canada. Concordia boasts of various certificate, undergraduate and graduate courses including degree programs in education, arts,  science and management.

Concordia University was founded in 1912 as Concordia College but was later renamed the Concordia University of Edmonton in 1967. Currently, the university offers undergraduate programs in the fields of arts, science, and management, along with after degrees in environmental health and education, diplomas, and graduate certificates, and masters’ degrees.

Concordia University is primarily funded by tuition and contributions from private donors, but also receives some limited funding from the Government of Alberta for essential and large student programs.

Prior to its secularization in 2016, the higher institution of Edmonton was affiliated with the Lutheran Church–Canada. While the institution primarily consists of students from the local community of Alberta, including Canadian students from other provinces, it welcomes international students from more than 35 different countries from around the world.

This student diversity makes CUE a wonderful place for an outstanding university experience.

Concordia University of Edmonton Address

Concordia University is located in the city of Edmonton, second largest city in the province of Alberta. Edmonton is also the administrative capital of Alberta since the year 1905.

According to the Canada 2016 census, Edmonton has a population of  932,546. It is a cultural, governmental, and educational center. It hosts different festivals all year round. In 1892, Edmonton was incorporated as a town and as a city in 1904. It got a railway in the year 1905. Matthew McCauley established the first school board in the city. Edmonton has a humid continental climate.

Concordia University Degree Programs

The university currently has five faculties and two schools: Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Graduate Studies, School of Music, and School of Physical Education and Wellness.

The school offers 45 majors and minors in the fields of Science, Arts, and Management; three master’s degrees, two after-degree programs, and several graduate certificates and diplomas.

Program listing

COURSES                                                          AWARDS                       LENGTH                                STUDY TYPE

Accounting Emphasis                                          Bachelor of Management 4 Year                                        Undergraduate
Biochemistry Minor                                              Minor                                                                                      Undergraduate
Biology Concentration                                         Bachelor of Science          3 Year                                         Undergraduate
Biology Major                                                        Bachelor of Science          4 Year                                         Undergraduate
Biology Minor                                                        Minor                                                                                      Undergraduate
Business Minor                                                      Minors                                                                                      Undergraduate
Canadian Studies Minor                                      Minor                                   —                                                Undergraduate
Chemistry Concentration                                    Bachelor of Science           3 Year                                        Undergraduate
Chemistry Major                                                   Bachelor of Science           4 Year                                        Undergraduate
Chemistry Minor                                                   Minor                                                                                      Undergraduate
Conflict Management Emphasis                       Bachelor of Management 4 Year                                        Undergraduate
Data Management Emphasis                             Bachelor of Management 4 Year                                        Undergraduate
Drama Concentration                                          Bachelor of Arts                 3 Year                                        Undergraduate
Drama Minor                                                         Minor                                   —                                                Undergraduate
Early Childhood Education Minor                    Minor                                   —                                                Undergraduate
Economics Minor                                                  Minor                                                                                      Undergraduate
Education                                                               Bachelor of Education      2 Year                                        After-Degree
Education Minor                                                   Minor                                   —                                                Undergraduate
Educational Leadership                                       Master of Education         2 Year                                        Graduate
English Concentration                                         Bachelor of Arts                 3 Year                                        Undergraduate
English Major                                                        Bachelor of Arts                 4 Year                                        Undergraduate
English Minor                                                        Minor                                   —                                                Undergraduate
Environmental Health                                         Bachelor of Environmental Health 15 Months               After-Degree
Environmental Public Health Practice             Graduate Diploma             1 Year                                        Graduate
Environmental Science                                        Minor                                                                                      Undergraduate
Environmental Science Concentration             Bachelor of Science           3 Year                                       Undergraduate
Environmental Science Major                            Bachelor of Science           4 Year                                       Undergraduate
Finance Emphasis                                                 Bachelor of Mgmt              4 Year                                       Undergraduate
Forensic Studies Minor                                        Minor                                  —                                                 Undergraduate
French Concentration                                          Bachelor of Arts                 3 Year                                        Undergraduate
French Minor                                                         Minor                                   —                                                Undergraduate
History Concentration                                          Bachelor of Arts                 3 Year                                       Undergraduate
History Minor                                                         Minor                                 —                                                 Undergraduate
Human Resource Management Emphasis       Bachelor of Mgmt             4 Year                                       Undergraduate
Information Assurance                                         Graduate Diploma           —                                                            Graduate
Information Security                                             Graduate Diploma           —                                                            Graduate
Information Systems Assurance Mgmt           Master of Information Systems Assurance Mgmt                     Graduate
Information Systems Security Mgmt               Master of Information Systems Security Mgmt                         Graduate
Information Technology & Computing Sc. Minor  Minor                                                                              Undergraduate
Information Technology Major                        Bachelor of Science            4 Year                                        Undergraduate
Leadership Emphasis                                          Bachelor of Mgmt              4 Year                                        Undergraduate
Marketing Emphasis                                           Bachelor of Mgmt              4 Year                                        Undergraduate
Mathematics Concentration                              Bachelor of Science            3 Year                                        Undergraduate
Mathematics Major                                             Bachelor of Science            4 Year                                        Undergraduate
Mathematics Minor                                             Minor                                                                                        Undergraduate
Music Concentration                                           Bachelor of Arts                 3 Year                                         Undergraduate
Music Major                                                          Bachelor of Arts                  4 Year                                        Undergraduate
Music Minor                                                          Minor                                    —                                                Undergraduate
Philosophy Concentration                                  Bachelor of Arts                  3 Year                                        Undergraduate
Philosophy Minor                                                 Minor                                     —                                               Undergraduate
Physical Education and Sport Studies Minor Minor                                     —                                               Undergraduate
Physics Minor                                                       Minor                                                                                        Undergraduate
Political Economy                                                Bachelor of Arts                   3 Year                                       Undergraduate
Political Science Minor                                       Minor                                                                                        Undergraduate
Psychological Assessment                                  Graduate Certificate            —                                                Graduate
Psychological Assessment                                  Graduate Diploma               —                                                Graduate
Psychology Concentration                                  Bachelor of Arts                    3 Year                                       Undergraduate
Psychology Major                                                 Bachelor of Arts                    4 Year                                        Undergraduate
Psychology Major – Applied Emphasis           Bachelor of Arts                    4 Year                                        Undergraduate
Psychology Minor                                                 Minor                                      —                                                Undergraduate
Public Health for Vulnerable Populations Distance Learning Available
                                                                                  Graduate Certificate            —                                                 Graduate
Public Health Leadership Distance Learning Available
                                                                                  Graduate Certificate             —                                                Graduate
Public Health Strategic Communication Distance Learning Available
                                                                                  Graduate Certificate             —                                                Graduate
Religious Studies Concentration                        Bachelor of Arts                    3 Year                                        Undergraduate
Religious Studies Major                                       Bachelor of Arts                    4 Year                                        Undergraduate
Religious Studies Minor                                       —                                                                                                  Undergraduate
Science & Management Dual Degree                Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) & Bachelor of Management
                                                                                                                                      5 Year                                      Undergraduate
Sociology Concentration                                      Bachelor of Arts                      3 Year                                      Undergraduate
Sociology Major                                                     Bachelor of Arts                      4 Year                                      Undergraduate
Sociology Minor                                                     Minor                                         —                                             Undergraduate

Concordia University of Edmonton Ranking

The University offers excellent university-level bachelor degree courses, after-degree courses, and unique multi-disciplinary majors; and is committed to providing the highest standards in education, professional conduct, and service.

Concordia University is large enough for a global outlook. This university is recognized globally and is ranked 77th in Canada and 5090 at world rank in Unibank.

Concordia University of Edmonton Jobs

All students are eligible to apply for a campus job. Concordia University of Edmonton’s Career Services provides both local and international students with opportunities to work on-campus. Students who work about Five (5) hours per week can earn about $750.00 per semester or $1500.00 per session.

However, additional consideration is given to those with financial needs. If you are interested in a student job on campus, you can visit the school website and locate the student’s employment section via the career resource session.

How to Apply Concordia University of Edmonton

Depending on your level of study you are applying for, there are different admission requirements that are needed for international students to make an application.

Concordia University International Application Process

Step 1. Get Ready to Apply

Before applying to the Concordia University of Edmonton, take your time to look over the programs available and check the admission deadlines for international student applications.

Make sure to apply early, as official transcript requests and study permit applications take time to process.

An application can be done online, simply visit Apply Alberta. While you apply, keep in mind that your application will not be sent to the Concordia University of Edmonton until the international student application fee is paid.

At ApplyAlberta you can also find instructional videos explaining how to complete the application.

Step 2. Check English Language Requirements

For the very fact that the English language is the principal language of instruction at the Concordia University of Edmonton, all international students applying to any program or course of study and whose first language is not English must fulfill the English Language Requirement regardless of citizenship or country of origin.

Please check the English Language Requirements and be sure you fulfill all the necessary steps:

Step 3. Submit Your Documents

As an intending International student to Concordia University of Edmonton you are required to submit the following documents in order to complete your application process:

  1. Proof of English proficiency results as evidence that you can fulfill the English Language Requirements.
  2. Provide your official transcripts from any high school and post-secondary institutions you attended to CUE
  3. Any other supporting documentation that your program of choice might require.

All hard copy documents are to be sent to the mailing address below:

Concordia University of Edmonton
Attention: Office of Admissions
7128 Ada Boulevard
Edmonton, Alberta T5B 4E4

Step 4. Accept Your Offer of Admission

Once all documents have been submitted and evaluated, Concordia University of Edmonton notifies you electronically via email of your admission status.

To confirm your offer of admission and ensure that you do not lose your acceptance, you will need to accept your admission offer by the deadline indicated in your Offer of Acceptance by paying the required registration deposit.

Step 5. Apply for a Study Permit

As an eligible international student, you will be issued an Offer of Admission and Letter of Acceptance for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

These letters are normally submitted to the Canadian Consulate in your home country so you can obtain a study permit.

Step 6. Set up Medical Insurance

As an international student, you will be required to have medical insurance coverage that will be effective throughout your time in Canada.

Note, that all international students are automatically included in the Students’ Association Health & Dental Plan. This plan provides insurance for Prescription Drugs, Dental, Vision, and much more.

Students can, however, opt-out of this plan after providing proof that they have coverage from another insurance provider.

Step 7. Plan Your Finances

The cost of your education in Canada will normally vary depending on your program of study and your choice of living arrangements.

You, therefore, should ensure that you have adequate savings for your tuition and fees, books and supplies, living costs, and miscellaneous expenses, for the duration of your stay.

Step 8. Housing

There is always a welcoming atmosphere and support for your housing or accommodation needs at Concordia University, whatever, your options may be whether on-campus or off-campus, you are certainly covered.

  1. On-campus residence (Residence information)
  2. Off-campus housing (Current web site listings)
  3. Housing Registry (Online registration for listing rentals to Off-campus housing site)
  4. Canada Homestay Network

Concordia University of Edmonton Tuition Fees

Note that the fees outlined below are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), and are basic estimates for the 2020-2021 academic year. These estimated fees do not include extra fees for some courses.

You might be required to meet other additional fees depending on the requirements of your intended course of study. The table below shows details of the tuition fees by international students at the university. 

Open Concordia University tuition table
1.5cr 3cr 6cr
Tuition $513.50 $1,026.00 $2,052.00
Mandatory Fees $35.48 $70.95 $141.90
Total $548.48 $1,096.95 $2,193.90
per credit per term
International Fee $305 per credit $2,745 per term
Repatriation Fee $25.00 per term $50.00 per year
Student Benefit Plan $300.00 per year
International Insurance* $250.00 per term or $450.00 two terms
per term
Tuition & Fees $4,505.00 per term
International Insurance $250.00 per term or $450.00 two terms

Concordia University of Edmonton Library

CUE library is well equipped with up-to-date materials, books, and various collections. Concordia University of Edmonton’s collection totals over 70,000 items.

Many resources are available in the areas of Arts and music, and efforts are underway to increase library collections in other program areas such as peace and conflict studies, international development, sociology, psychology, International relations, political studies, and business and organizational administration. Concordia University Scholarships