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Congo Visa Requirements – Application, Types and Documentation

The Congo Democratic Republic of Congo is a beautiful country where foreign nationals flock to Intervals for different reasons. The country offers additional visas, which are determined by the reason and duration of the visit to the country. If you are a foreign national planning a trip to Congo for whatsoever reason, you need to be familiar with Congo visa requirements. Satisfying all of the requirements increases your chance of obtaining a visa.

Thus, you must obtain the correct guide when choosing a Congo Visa. To help you make the right decision, we have written out the visa types, requirements, and how to apply. Others include application cost, processing time, and frequently asked questions about Congo visa requirements.

About Congo Visa

Most foreign nationals who want to visit the Democratic Republic of the Congo must apply for a DRC visa. In most cases, you must obtain a visa before traveling to Congo because the DRC does not issue visas on arrival. 

The DRC embassy or diplomatic mission controls the Congo visa requirements. The purpose and duration of your visit will determine the type of visa you should apply for and the requirements. You can get more information from the DRC’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, as conditions can change anytime.

Exemption from Congo Visa

All visitors to the Republic of Congo, except those from Burundi, Congo, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe, must apply for a Congo visa. However, citizens of these countries are allowed to enter the Republic of Congo without a visa for up to 90 days.

Holders of diplomatic passports from Angola (on duty), Iran, and South Africa do not need a visa for the Republic of the Congo.

Types of Congo Visas

The Republic of Congo issues four main visa types. They include:

Congo Tourist Visa

The Congolese tourist visa is issued to foreigners who wish to visit Congo solely for tourist purposes. The visa permits foreigners to enter the country through designated ports, including airports and harbor stations.

The tourist visa enables visitors from abroad to enter Congo and stay for up to three months ( 90 days). Either a single entry or multiple entry visa is available. 

Congo Business Visa

Those who can show a valid business reason for entering the nation are eligible for this visa. The document can be renewed for an additional six months, giving it a normal validity of six months.

Congo Official/Diplomatic Visa

This visa is a document that allows the holder to enter the Congo for a specific purpose, such as business or tourism. The Congo official diplomatic visa is valid for 90 days and can be extended for 90 days.

Congo Visa Requirements

There are requirements you must meet to apply for a Congo visa. They are:

#1. Completed visa application forms.

You’re to print two copies of the visa application form. Take care to fill out and sign the form before submitting it. Leaving any portions of the visa application blank will result in the delay of your visa approval process.

#2. Two passport photos.

  • Provide two passport pictures with white background.
  • Size: 2inches×2inches; (51 *51 mm in size).
  • The picture must capture a full front view of your face and be taken no later than six months.

#3. A valid passport. Your passport must be valid six months before your departure from Congo.

#4. A letter of invitation or hotel reservation. 

Send a typed, notarized invitation letter explaining the trip’s objectives and the name and contact information for reference in the Republic of Congo. In addition, you must notarize the invitation letter at the City Council or Prefecture/Mairie. Likewise, the invitation letter must be valid for at least three months (90 days) and addressed to the visa section of the Republic of Congo’s Embassy. It is critical to keep in mind

#5. Proof of yellow fever vaccinate

#6. For parents traveling to Congo with their children or legal guardians traveling with their dependents, they should:

  • Provide proof of parentage or legal custody.
  • Submit a photocopy of a valid passport.

#7. All visa applicants (including former Congolese citizens) must submit a letter of invitation from their host in the Republic of Congo. Or a hotel reservation as well as a form of identification from their host (passport, Congolese legal residence permit or visa, and Congolese national ID).

#8. The city of residency indicated in your visa application invitation letter must correspond with the city of residence mentioned on the Congolese visa application.

#9. Proof of family relationships, such as a birth certificate, adoption papers, or a legal marriage certificate, should be submitted with the visa application if you’re traveling to reunite with your family (regroupement familial).

#10. Those applying for visas to travel for funeral or wedding purposes must include a death certificate and an invitation card for the wedding ceremony with their visa application.

For those applying for a business visa

  • A business letter is required :
  • Copy of your airline tickets or flight itinerary.
  • A prepaid envelope
  • To return your passport, you must provide a prepaid envelope from UPS, USPS, or FedEx with a Tracking Number. Unfortunately, the embassy no longer accepts prepaid envelopes without a tracking number. So make sure you include a tracking number in your envelope.

Note: Prepaid postal envelopes from Canada or Mexico will not be accepted. Additionally, all the listed documents are necessary. 

Minors Traveling to Congo

If you are traveling to the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a minor, please keep the following documents in mind:

  • A completed visa application signed by a parent, a copy of both parents’ passports, and a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate is required.
  • If the child is only traveling with one parent, the other parent must sign a consent letter or an affidavit consenting to the trip.
  • Both parents must sign a letter of consent or an affidavit.

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Steps to apply for Congo Visa

There is no need for the Congo Visa application to be complicated. Here are some easy steps to get you going:

#1. Gather the required documents. You’ll need a valid passport, two passport photos, and a completed visa application form.

#2. Check with the Congolese Embassy or Consulate to find out the type of visa you need and the requirements.

#3. Submit your application form and required documents to the Congolese Embassy or Consulate

#4. Pay the visa application fee (if applicable). Fees vary depending on the type of visa and how many entries you’re requesting.

#5. Wait for your visa to be processed, which can take up to several weeks.

Congo Visa Processing Time

The Congo visa processing time can be lengthy, depending on where you apply.

The processing time for a Congo visa application can take up to seven days.

You should give yourself 30 days to apply for a visa. Specifically, 45 days prior to applying for your visa and no later than one month before the date you want to depart from Congo.

Congo Visa Fees

The cost of a Congo visa varies depending on the consulate/diplomatic mission and country from which you apply. You must first confirm the exact cost with them. Here is a list of the most recent fees, though. The following shows the costs:


  • Airport transit visa (One way) $45
  • Airport transit visa (Roundtrip transit) $75


  • Single entry (1-month validity visa) $100
  • Single entry (2 months validity visa) $135
  • Single entry (6 months validity visa) $400


  • Multiple entries (1-month validity visa) $120
  • Multiple entries (2 months validity visa) $150
  • Multiple entries (3 months validity visa) $160
  • Multiple entries (6 months validity visa) $450

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are all documents required for a visa application?

Generally, the documents required for a visa application vary depending on the country you are applying to and the type of visa you are applying for. However, some documents needed for a visa application include a passport, a completed visa application form, evidence of your financial stability, and a letter of invitation from a host in your home country.

How do I apply for a Congo visa?

The application process for a Congo visa varies depending on your country of origin and the reason for travel.

Please follow the above requirements or visit the Congolese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for more information.

How many documents are needed to obtain a visa?

The number of documents required for a visa varies by country and type of visa sought. However, some common documents for a visa application include a passport, birth certificate, proof of employment, and financial statements.

How do you get a DRC visa?

There are several options for obtaining a DRC visa. You can apply for one in person at a DRC embassy/consulate or online. If you apply for a visa online, you must complete an application and send it to the DRC embassy or consulate nearest you.


To sum up, the Congo visa requirements – application, types, and documentation – are straightforward. A valid passport, two passport-sized photographs, and a completed application form are all required. You can apply for a Congo visa with these documents at any Congolese embassy or consulate.

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