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Congolese Embassy in Canada – Top 5 Services

The Congolese Embassy in Canada offers a range of benefits that Congo citizens living in Canada can benefit from. If you have moved to Canada from Congo as a student, worker, businessman, visitor, be rest assured that you can get quality travel-related services in Canada from the Congolese Embassy.

On this page, you will learn more about the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Canada, its services, location, and opening days. Citizens of Canada living in Congo will also get to know about the consular services of the Canada High Commission in the Democratic Republic of Congo and how they can benefit from these services.

Most times, people living abroad know so little about the activities of their embassy in that country and how much they can harness most of the services as a citizen. To begin, we will be explaining what an embassy is, so you can better understand the essence of such establishments.

What is an Embassy?

An embassy could mean many things in different situations, but these meanings are usually related. For example, an embassy could simply mean the official residence or office of an ambassador in a foreign country. But in the context of our discussion here, an embassy means much more.

Essentially, an embassy is a diplomatic mission the government in one country or state deploys to reside in a foreign country. The essence is usually to maintain a positive relationship with such a country and ensure the welfare of citizens living in the foreign country.

Notably, the head of an embassy is the ambassador who serves as the spokesman and representative of his country in a strange land. The embassy is a strong representation of a country in another country and depicts close diplomatic relations.

In addition, an embassy stands for the citizens of the country it represents, especially the citizens who live in the country the embassy is located in. To illustrate, the Congolese Embassy in Canada is a strong representation of the Democratic Republic of Congo in faraway Canada.

The Congolese Embassy will uphold the welfare of Congolese living in Canada. It will particularly offer services related to travels, citizen’s security, issuance of travel documents, and other diplomatic relations between Congo and Canada.

About Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the largest sub-Saharan African country and the second-largest in Africa. Located specifically in Central Africa’s Congo Basin, the country hosts about 105 million people. DRC is chiefly Francophone and has been touted as the most populous officially Francophone country globally. It is the fourth most populous country in Africa after Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Egypt.

Although formerly known as Zaire, the Democratic Republic of Congo still goes by many names. In French, Congo is known as the Republique democratique du Congo (RDC). Because DRC has a neighbouring namesake, it is referred to as Congo-Kinshasa to differentiate it from the other Congo as Kinshasa is the country’s capital city. The country also goes by other names such as DRC, DROC, DR Congo, and the Congo.

Citizens of Congo are called Congolese. Their official language is French, while recognized local languages are Kikongo, Lingala, Swahili, and Tshiluba. Congo gained independence from Belgium on 30th June 1960 and was admitted into the United Nations on 20th September 1960.

Diplomatic Relations Between Canada and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Interestingly, Canada and the Democratic Republic of Congo have initiated a relationship since 1962. The first diplomatic relations were created under the oversight of the High Commissioner for Canada in Cameroon. This was not long after DRC’s independence in 1960. In 1968, Canada initiated its embassy to the Republic of Congo in Kinshasa, which has remained since then.

Canada and Congo share an engaging relationship through diplomacy, international assistance, and trade. Currently, Canada contributes actively to DRC’s development through its International Assistance Program. Also, there is close collaboration between the Congolese Civil Society and Canada’s international partners.

As of 2016, the estimated population of Congolese in Canada is a total of 2,765 persons. Because of the French background of Congolese, a good number of them are concentrated in Canada’s French Province of Quebec and other regions where French speakers are predominant.

Address of the Congolese Embassy in Canada

Embassy of the Republic of Congo in Canada

The Congolese Embassy in Canada is the only Congolese representation available in Canada at the moment. However, it is one of the 647 foreign representations in Canada. It is part of the 139 such representations whose offices are in Ottawa. On the other hand, it is one of the 85 diplomatic and consular representations of Congo in countries abroad.

Notably, the office of the Congolese Embassy in Canada may be closed on Canadian and Congolese public holidays. You can always call the embassy on such days before visiting to confirm if it is open or not.

The Congolese Consular in Canada also shares the same location and contact address with the embassy.

Currently, the Congolese Embassy in Canada is located at:

18 Range Road,

Ottawa, Ontario,

K1N 8J3, Canada

Opening Days: Monday to Friday (10 am to 2 pm) (Office may be closed on Canadian and Congolese public holidays.)

Congolese Embassy in Canada Contact Details

Embassy of the Republic of Congo in Canada

Telephone: +1 613 230 6391, +1 613 230 6582

Fax: +1 613 230 1945

Email: [email protected]


Address of Canadian Consular in Congo

Embassy of Canada in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Canadian Embassy in the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the 88 foreign representations in the country. Also, the embassy is one of the 252 Canadian diplomatic and consular representations in other countries.

The Canadian embassy and Consular in the Democratic Republic of Congo are in the same office. However, they have different opening times as the consular closes earlier than the embassy.

Street address

17, Pumbu Avenue

Gombe Commune,

P.O. Box 8341,

Kinshasa 1,

Congo (Democratic Republic)

Telephone: (+243) 99 60 21 500

Fax: (+243) 99 60 21 510, (+243) 99 60 21 511

Email: [email protected]


Social Media



Opening Days

Mondays to Thursdays (07:30 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm)

Fridays (07:30 am to 1:00 pm)

Head of Mission: Mr. Nicolas Simbad (Ambassador)

Consular Section of the Canadian Embassy in Canada

Address and Other Contact Details: Same as above

Opening Days: Mondays to Fridays (09:00 am to 12:00 pm)

Note that the consular and embassy office may be closed on Congolese and Canadian public holidays. If you want to visit the office on such days, you should contact the embassy beforehand to confirm opening hours.

Top 5 Services Provided by Congolese Embassy in Canada

Generally, the Congolese Embassy in Canada offers a wide range of services to Congolese citizens working, studying or residing in Canada for any other purpose. You should always contact the office directly whenever you need any embassy or consular services. This is important for confirming if you will be attended to or if they are in the capacity to provide such service.

Since the Congolese Embassy and Consular share the same office, you can expect to obtain both travel and consular-related services when you visit the office. However, different personnel may attend you depending on the kind of services you want. Also, note that the consular closes earlier than the embassy.

Some of the services rendered by the embassy have been highlighted below:

  • Processing of passport and visa applications
  • Notarizing or legalization of documents as the case may be
  • They also issue emergency travel documents to Congolese citizens in Canada
  • Registration of marriages, birth, and death of Congolese citizens in Canada.
  • Issuance of Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Of course, you must apply by yourself to the embassy if you need a visa or passport. No third party will be able to do that on your behalf.

Canadian Consular Services in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Embassy of Canada in Kinshasa, DRC, offers the following consular services to Canadian citizens:

  • Processing of passport and visa applications
  • Notarizing and/or legalization of certain documents
  • Issuance of emergency travel documents if the need arises
  • Also, the Canadian consular in DRC conducts registration of marriages, births, and deaths.
  • They provide services on authentication of travel documents
  • In addition, you may replace a lost, stolen, or damaged passport from the consular
  • Lastly, the embassy provides emergency consular services and assistance to Canadians living in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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How to Apply for Passport at Congolese Embassy in Canada

To apply for a passport from the Congolese Embassy in Canada, you must follow the guidelines the embassy has provided. Essentially, these are the documents you will need to apply for one:

  • A completed passport application form
  • Copy of your current (or expired) Congolese passport
  • A valid copy of your Canada residential permit. This could be your PR card, work or study permit, or any other applicable document.
  • Also, you will need two recent passport-sized photographs
  • Lastly, you will provide the stipulated application fee.

Children would need:

  • A completed application form filled and signed by one of the parents
  • A copy of birth certificate
  • A copy of parent’s passport, and
  • Parental authorization

To begin, you should submit an application for your passport online using the application form. Next, you will visit the embassy physically based on appointment and provide other necessary documents. Of course, the embassy will always notify you of every step you need to take next until you complete the process.


In conclusion, the Government of The Democratic Republic of Congo makes consular services available for its citizens in Canada through the Congolese Embassy there. Suppose you need further clarification about what services you can obtain from the consular or embassy. In that case, you can visit the website at

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