Costa Rican Embassy in Canada – Citizen Services

Learn all about the Costa Rican Embassy in Canada in this prosé.

Interestingly, the Costa Rican Embassy in Canada has been dedicated to serving its citizens on permanent residency or temporary visits in Canada.

Owning to the cordial relationship between Costa Rica and Canada, their similar interest and profound respect for nature and wildlife has orchestrated peace and unity between the countries. Hence, there are quite a number of Costa Rica citizens in Canada.

We understand that it might be difficult for you to locate the addresses, contact details, as well as some other vital information about the Costa Rican Embassy in Canada. Hence, we have provided quality information in this article.

What is an embassy?

An embassy is an office or official residence of an ambassador, that is tasked with the responsibility of representing their government in another country.

In the same vein, Costa Rican Embassy in Canada is an embassy that is strategically situated in Canada to represent the government of Costa Rica and support its citizens in Canada.

Undoubtedly, Canada and Costa Rica share principles and values including commitment to defense, democracy, and promotion of human peace and right. Bilateral relations are focused on the empowering of such principles and values at the hemispheric and international levels.

Also, the trade relationship between Canada and Costa Rica is based on the free trade agreement in force since the year 2002 and has since been modernized to create mutual benefits and more opportunities.

About Costa Rican

Basically, Costa Rica is a rainforest and rugged central American country with coastlines on the Pacific and Caribbean. Its capital is San Jose, and it is home to cultural institutions like the pre-Columbian gold museum.

Without a doubt, almost a quarter of Costa Rica is teeming with wildlife like quetzal birds and spider monkeys, as well as the protected jungle.

Among the central American countries, Costa Rica is popular and generally known as having the most stable and democratic government. Its 1949 government constitution provides a fair judicial system, an independent electoral body, and a unicameral legislature.

Also, the constitution abolished the country’s army and provided other social, economic, and educational guarantees for its citizens. Costa Rica has managed to stay relatively peaceful throughout the 1970s and 1980s as compared with its neighbors.

In the Western hemisphere, Costa Rica has a high literacy rate and solid educational systems from the primary to university level. Without a doubt, the active network of bookstores, publishing houses, and several renowned universities has made San Jose the center of intellectual life in Central America.

Because of the commitment to human rights and peaceful reputation, the pro-democracy foundations and several non-governmental organization have their headquarters in San Jose.

Likewise, Costa Rica is popular for protecting its numerous national parks and its environment. In addition, the established ecotourism industry has attracted various foreign investment that has shifted the countries agricultural-based economy to one which is dominated by technology and services by the late 20th century.

Addresses of Costa Rican Embassy in Canada

Basically, the Costa Rica Embassy is in Ottawa, there is some other Costa Rican consulate in Toronto and Vancouver. Hence, if you’re looking to visit the Costa Rican Embassy in Canada, we have the address and the contact details listed here in this section.

#Costa Rica Embassy is in Ottawa, Canada

Address: 350 Sparks St. Suite 701 (Office Tower), Ottawa, ON, K1R 7S8

Tel: (613) 562-2855

Fax: (613) 562-2582

E-mail: [email protected]

#Consulate General of Costa Rica in Toronto

Address: 60 Bloor Street West, Suite 400, Toronto, ON, M4W 3B8

Tel: +1 (416) 901-5633 / +1 (416) 901-5733

Fax:+1 (416) 901-5833

Email: [email protected]

Jurisdiction: Toronto

#Honorary consulate of Costa Rica in Vancouver, British Columbia

Tel: (604) 983-2152

P.O.Box: 16076, North Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia, V7J-3S9

Jurisdiction: Province of British Columbia

Email: [email protected]

Addresses of Canadian Consular in Costa Rica

Likewise in Costa Rica, there is a Canadian Embassy or Consulate office. This is the address

#Canadian Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica

Address: Oficentro Ejecutivo La Sabana, Detras de la Contraloria, Sabana Sur, Building 5, Third Floor San José, Costa Rica. Apartado 351-1007 Centro Colon, San José. Costa Rica

Telephone: (+506) 2242 4400

Fax: (+506) 2242 4410

Email:[email protected]


Office hours: Monday- Thursday: 08:00 – 12:00 and 12: 40 – 16:00; Friday: 07:30 – 13:00

Top 7 Services Provided by Costa Rican Embassy in Canada

Unquestionably, the Costa Rican identity card is the major identification document for Costa Ricans in Canada. Hence, you will need it to apply for some procedures that you want to do in Canada as a Costa Rican citizen.

This is the list of the top 6 services that are provided by the Costa Rican Embassy in Canada

  • New identity card
  • New Passport
  • Passport for minors
  • Temporary travel document
  • Registration of the children born by Costa Rican citizens in Canada
  • Registration of marriage of Costa Rican citizen that marries in Canada

#New identity card

Without a doubt, you have to go to the Costa Rican Embassy in Canada to apply for a new identity card. Good news, it has no cost but you must make an appointment in advance.

However, to apply for a new identity card you must submit the following documents on the day of your appointment

  • Firstly, you must present a Minor identity card or current Costa Rica identity card that is issued by the Costa Rican birth certificate or civil registry of Costa Rica with no more than one year of insurance
  • Recent photographs (2 pieces), with a white background of size 4.0 cm wide x 4.5cm tall

However, if you are applying for an identity card for the first time or your current identification card expired, you will need to come with two witnesses on your appointment today that has a valid Costa Rican identification card to help confirm your identity.

Although, you can come with one witness if the person is your father, grandparents, mother, sister, or brother.

After your application is received, it will be sent to the civil registry of Costa Rica, but the processing time will take about 3 months or more.

#New passport

To obtain a new passport at the Costa Rican Embassy in Canada, you must meet the following requisites

  • Original and valid Costa Rican Identity Card
  • Original of the previous passport
  • If your previous passport was stolen, destroyed, or you lost it, you must submit the police report on the loss or retention, or declaration of theft form
  • Consular registration form
  • Evidence of a deposit of 117 US$ that was made at the bank of Montréal.

Therefore, having certified the stated requirements, your passport should be ready in about 2 weeks from the day of your request, after which you can claim it personally at the consulate or you send it via registered mail or courier.

#Passport for minors

To get a passport for minors at the Costa Rica Embassy in Canada, you must make an appointment. To request an appointment, you can send an email to [email protected]; or call 613-562-2855. However, the following are the requirement to get passports for minors.

  • Both parents must attend the appointment with the minor
  • Both parents must be present on the appointment date with the original and valid Costa Rica ID
  • Peradventure one of the parents is not in Canada, the absent parent must go to the immigration direction in Costa Rica or any other Costa Rican Consulate in any country. To give authorization for the issuance of the passport before the appointment at the Ottawa consulate.
  • Birth certificate of the minor or identity card
  • If applicable, the minor should provide the original of the previous passports
  • However, if the application for the new passport is due to destruction loss, or theft, you must tender a police complaint or loss or retention, or Declaration of theft form.
  • Consular registration form
  • Evidence of deposit of 117 US$ made at the bank of Monterey under the name of Embassy of Costa Rica, Consular Services”. Importantly, cash payments are not acceptable in the consulate.

#Temporary travel document

Importantly, a temporary travel document can be given out only in case of extreme emergency or urgency. To gain this document in the Costa Rican Embassy in Canada you have to fill these requirements

  • Two recent passport photos of size 4.0 cm x 4.5cm
  • A photocopy of your old passport personal information page, or ‘loss or retention’ or declaration of theft form.
  • Evidence of payment of $US32. However, the deposit should be at any branch of the bank of Montreal under the name “Embassy of Costa Rica, Consular Services”.
  • Travel itinerary
  • Medical reports: In case of a medical emergency.
  • Document to prove the need for the temporary travel document- this is for exceptional cases

#Registration of the children born by Costa Rican citizens in Canada

Perhaps, if you are a Costa Rican citizen and your children were born in Canada, you can register them as Costa Rican citizens at the Costa Rican Embassy in Canada. However, the process varies with age.

#Registration of marriage of Costa Rican citizen that marries in Canada

Most certainly, Costa Rican citizens who want to register their marriage celebrated in Canada has two options

Firstly, they can either process personally at the civil registry. However, the marriage certificate must be legalized by the Costa Rican consulate after which it will be authenticated at the ministry of foreign affairs of Costa Rica. Afterward, the documents will be translated into Spanish and submitted ar the civil registry

Secondly, the couple can request the process of the inscription at the consulate where they have to be present at the consulate to make a marriage declaration. Likewise, submit the Canadian marriage certificate, valid passport, and valid Costa Rica identity card.

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How to Apply for Passport at Costa Rican Embassy in Canada

Undoubtedly, if you want to apply for a passport at the Costa Rican Embassy in Canada, you will have to follow these steps.

  • Firstly, you must fill a form
  • Secondly, provide Evidence of Guinean Citizenship
  • Thirdly, present ID
  • Then, provide a photo
  • Afterward, calculate fees
  • Lastly, submit your completed application

Frequently Asked Question

How is Costa Rica similar to Canada?

Unquestionably, Costa Rica is similar to Canada with a mixture of their urban and rural areas also for their profound respect for nature and wildlife.

What do Canadian need for Costa Rica?

Basically, if you want to visit Costa Rica from Canada, you must have a valid passport and proof of your intent to leave the country before your visa expires


Summarily, there is a cordial relationship between Costa Rica and Canada. Also, the Costa Rican Embassy in Canada has been fully functioning to give Costa Rican citizens the best of all services in Canada